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World Series and White Supremists

Nobody Wins


I’m watching Game 7 of the World Series, and boy, there’s a lot of White Supremists on those teams. Yeah, ‘White Supremist” is the new go word.

Finally, the blacks and liberals have found a word to describe those bibles loving, gun loving, historical statue loving, American loving, patriots.

White Supremists. They are still everywhere. They haven’t been outnumbered yet, but you wouldn’t know it, would you?

I’d be listening to the radio minding my own business, and I would hear “The White Supremists are having a rally tonight! Horror! Hide your kids!

Wow. I’ve never met one, have you? They must be out there. 

Is there a group of registered White Supremists? Can you actually join their club? Do they meet once a week?

All of a sudden, the whole nation is full of White Supremists, and our leaders have been warning us with every chance.

These White Supremists are driving cars, playing golf, going to ball games, NOT going to football games, and there’s one sitting in the White House.

Will the country survive? Who will make Apple designs if we get rid of them all?

Here’s the idiotic meaning to this: Not all whites are putting on Nazi’s uniforms and marching in the cities. In fact, the closest thing I can think of maybe labeling a White Supremists protest was the woman’s march in Washington D.C.. Lots of white women mouthing off at that rally.

Well, evidently Snoop Dog is taking this horrible matter into his own hands. Ever since he did the commercial with that White Supremist Warren Buffet, his career had gone downhill.

In order to sell some records to some druggies in the hood, he has come out with what he deems to be the solution to the White Supremist problem. Cut the head off the snake is his motto, and he isn’t shy about saying it.

The blacks and Latino’s in Congress just want to impeach the White Supremist in the White House, and put Obama back in, but Snoop Dog wants him…well, see for yourself.

(The Dodgers FINLLY put one of the score board. All the stoners woke up! That’s what happens when you change pitchers in the 6th, let the guys go to the 7th I say, but what do I know.)

Anyway, you can see how serious I am about this White Supremist stuff. Especially when X Presidents and House majority leader’s start complaining about all the White Supremists in the country.

Well, here’s the problem: You don’t have to be White Supremist to be a major asshole Snoop Dog. You’re black and you’re doing a fine job.

With all the news coming out of tinsel town I’m wondering if Snoop Dog was a favorite in Spacey’s basement, because I can’t for the life of me figure out how a no-talent no-nothing got as far as you did.

The elites like to come up with all kinds of word play for social engineering. Don’t they?

I remember the first time I heard LGBT. I was like WTF is that? Some kind of new venereal diseases?

I was close.

It was Obama’s baby…to describe what was coming our way.

First White Supremists
All Democrats

I’m pretty sure gay people didn’t go around introducing themselves as LGBT…and 99% of white people don’t go around saying “I think we should have a White Supremist protest tonight.”
No, that’s the elites labeling and shaming you so as to control you. Look down at your skin: Is it white? Then you’re evil.

That’s how they want you to feel.

If the “Black Power” and the “White Supremists” ever get together, the real supreme tyrants would be in big trouble.

Snoop Dog might think that his little album cover will turn the blacks into wanting to get BACK IN THE CRIP gangs and go to the streets to get Trump.

(Hey, one of the Dodgers outfielder made a good catch, amazing.)


All it’s going to do is piss off the white people and make sure that our Supremely White President is reelected.

Nobody Wins when the elites try to control you with labels.

And right now, it looks Nobody in L.A. is going to be very happy tonight. I’m SURE they will blame it on all those White Supremists called the Astros.

Hey, if they keep calling us ‘Supremists’ then I guess we should just all admit:

Yes, we ARE great!

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