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Almost TOTAL Blackout on President Trump’s Speech in St. Charles

Nobody Wins

President Trump gave a really uplifting speech today not far from my home, in St. Charles, Mo. He even mentioned the downtown area that my husband and I like to visit during the holidays. It’s an old street, with some of the original cobblestone that was probably there when Lewis and Clark made their final stock for their trip across the West.

Now, it’s all decked out in Christmas lights. Little shops selling cheeses, antiques, and fudge. Horse drawn carriages all decked out in lights go up and down the street, giving rides to kids and just about everyone. Actors line the streets acting out Charles Dickens characters, young men selling chestnuts, truly a wonderful time. And the President gave it a shout-out, which to this simple Nobody, was  a thrill.

Sure, the room was only about a 1,000 strong supporters, and sure…he said the same things he said before during the campaign, but just to hear a President with such optimism, such hope, such leadership, such humor…it was…inspiring.

If this had been Obama, ALL the news outlets would be praising and leading off with repeated video’s of the day.

Instead, we got…nothing. More sex scandals and North Korea.

I was just watching my local news, and all THEY could show was some black protesters outside stomping on the American flag in protest of his visit. Not one excerpt from his speech, until the end of the newscast.

No, all the talk today was about Matt Lauer being fired and how disgusting men are. And almost every pundit puts Trump in that ‘sexual’ abuse category.

What I’m TRYING to say, and not doing a very good job at it is: All the media (Except Limbaugh) did nothing but report the hatred and mistakes of our President today.

He made a great speech today…and basically, everybody ignored it.

At least FOX showed it in its entirety, I’ll give them credit for that.

Nobody Wins when the ‘deep state’ controls what you see: Taxes are important. The President gave a great speech giving the reasons for giving everyone a break.

It SHOULD have been at the top of the news. But it wasn’t.

Still, I watched it….President Trump just gets better and better at his speeches.

So, if you missed today, here it is again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nobody Presents;

The President of the United States: President Donald J. Trump. (Drum roll!) 


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