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Feinstein’s Hebetudinous Harping

Nobody Wins

The White House has put out the message that Obama will be coming for our guns…and sooner rather than later. In the meantime, the propaganda is strong. Movie stars, who make their living off of shooting and killing onscreen, are the ones carrying the message.

But…let’s remember back: Bill and Hillary tried their best to disarm America. Waco, Oklahoma…they tried to use both those disasters to get gun control…even though Janet Reno killed 75 people in Waco,  25 of whom were children. During Waco, we saw the democratic mindset on steroids.

Oh…but those people were terrorits…right?

The truth is: Crime has come down in America. According to our own FBI reports:gun reports

Fact, the United States violent crime rate is down 50% in the past 25 years. Fact, the United States murder rate is down 50%. Fact, the United States has 3.5 less times violent crime rate than the disarmed United Kingdom. Fact, rifles deemed by gun grabbers as “assault weapons” are used in a very small minority of murders that occur annually in the United States.

How about that murder rate? Same thing. It dropped nearly fifty percent as well to 4.7 per 100,000. If you will notice, in metropolitan areas, where the population is greater than 250,000 the violent crime rate is double that of the national average that we looked at in Table 1 above. The murder rate is more than double the rate of the national average.

So, the crime rate has come down, but in the cities were Hispanics and blacks gangs have control over the poor citizens who live under strict gun control laws, it’s double.

There is absolutely no reason why good decent law-abiding gun owners should give up their guns to the criminals.

Nobody Thinks, when Obama passes Feinstein’s dream of disarming America, we will see another “WACO.” But THIS time, Obama has drones. Not to mention, last year the government literally stockpiled millions of hallow point bullets to all the government agencies…as if they are going to need them.

Michael the Moore says the white people are just being silly…they want a gun because they are scared of black people and that’s just ridiculous.

Well, he can come to my neighborhood….In fact, I wish he would. 50 cents

Nobody Wins when a country is disarmed. Last week, an article in Russia’s Pravda warned us NOT to give up our guns. Nobody Thinks, they ought to know…

We should never give them up. Never. Every communist in the world took over after he disarmed his people…and tell me, who scares you more?

50 cents, or Obama?

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