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Sarkozy and Merkel–Who Knew?

Nobody Knows–

What Sarkozy and Merkel were saying to each other…so let’s guess.

Sarkozy: Ooooweee madame! We are just about to make our dreams come true! I will get Sardina, and I will get to build my dream house…and you..YOU my dear woman, can have all of Italy!

Merkel: I know! I know! It is wondurful! Timmy has promised to give us all that money that hisss Fed put into the IMF last year! Billions of American Dollars! And the EURO…will survive, and America will fall!  He just told the Americans that they don’t have to bail us out! Can you BELVIE it?!

Sarkozy: Can yu belieeeve how stuuuupid he is? Oh my Good. Heee is the most simply men I have ever seen. But…ieeets okay. Nobody believes him anymore. Now, we will never have to worry ever again my dear, you are such a wonder. I could NEVER have done this without yu. France will love you forever…

Merkal: Noooo…noooo

Sarkozy: Kiss me…come on…

Merkal: NO…no….(heh,heh) I mussst not.

Sarkozy: Will you com to my leeetttle island?

Merkal: Will YOU bring along a case of Condi’s Burgandy? I’ll will seeeeeeeeeeeee…..

Sarkozy…Ooooooo I will bring the finest Burgandy in all of France! I could KEESSS you!

Merkal: I know…I know…

(Nobody makes this stuff up)

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  2. Sarkozy: Allo ma leetle snookums,

    Merkel: Zo, ve meet infront of ze cameras again und you zink I vill not ….

    Sarkozy: will not what, ma petit chou?

    Merkel: Knee you in ze balls again. Keep smilink mien kliener tadpole.

    Sarkozy: But ma leetle flowere, zees time vous et moi can be togezzer, und zose Eeengleesh cannot make eeet a threesome.


    Comment by Amfortas | December 7, 2011 | Reply

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