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Do American Women REALLY Suffer? Try Asking the American Man

Nobody Wins—

When the Republicans are always on defense.  (I had a busy day…sorry I’m late.)

Ahhh…here we go again: Remember when Obama threatened that if we didn’t pass his stimulus plans or raise the debt limits, or pass his health care plans, then: (1)  No one would get any of their social security checks,(2) veterans would not get paid (3) women would die in the streets without birth control (4) Republicans would poison our water and air, and (6) American Idol would be canceled.

Okay, so he didn’t threaten to cancel American Idol. After all, they put pictures of him up there all the time….but he might have to shut down the internet if we keep complaining. The point is every time this man wants something, he threatens doomsday scenarios. The “war on women” that the Democrats launched, is a joke. Women aren’t dying, and they have it better now than they have ever had it. More women are graduating college, more women have more rights. Where in the world is Obama coming from?

He just makes this stuff up.

Today it was the single women he was trying to scare by sending out his attack dog Hilary. (Oh no, not another one.) He needs the black’s vote and the single women votes, and anyone else who is getting food stamps.  The rest of us are already sick of him.

He’s continuing his rich VS poor communist strategy  hoping to point out that Mitt Romney’s wife is a rich woman, who unlike all the rest of you poor single women who HAVE to work, is married to a rich man, and even though she has five sons (and had breast cancer and MS) somehow her life is really easy, unlike his wife Michelle who is having such a tough time taking vacations all over the world.

Obama wants you to be angry about her life being so easy. Presidents never say these things themselves, (Republican Presidents do the same thing.) so Obama brought out his advisor…Hilary Rosen…to inform everyone that Mitt’s wife is spoiled.


They want you to think Obama was not involved in this.  (Giveaway…It was the first thing Jay Carney said today:  “I don’t know what he thinks about this.” at the morning press conference.

Oh sure. Right.

Ahem: Like many “women” who are at home, for some odd reason, a reason that most feminists who either don’t have kids, or have nanny’s who watch their kids, can’t seem to fathom–and like Mitt’s wife— I had things to do today. I did not have a glorious government job to go to…no, I had other things to do that I didn’t get paid for.  Therefore I didn’t have the time either to “tweet” or “blog” a response to Hilary Rosen’s “tweet” attacks on Mitt’s Romney’s wife. The “She never worked in her life” subject was headline news on every radio station, every television station, and probably somewhere in another galaxy.

While the more important news of North Korea launching missiles at us!! Was…uh…not so important.

This was just another creative  democratic well-planned attack war to get us all talking about what Obama wants us to be talking about–women. And to a Democrat, all women should work and give their kids totally over to the government to raise. God forbid they stay at home and make cookies.

Michelle came out right away and tweeted an all women deserve respect,” and then we saw clips of Obama saying, “We didn’t have the luxury for Michelle to not work.” –showing you the well-coordinated machine in work. They make their point: hit hard below the belt than come out and say “Oh..that’s not what we meant…oh no.” And to prove it they send in the “good” cop.

Today it was Axelrod.

“I could not disagree with Hilary Rosen any more strongly, her comments were wrong and family should be off-limits. She should apologize.” Jim Messina, Obama Campaign Manager “Also disappointed in Hilary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney. They were inappropriate and offensive.” David Axelrod, Obama campaign advisor “families must be off-limits on campaigns.”

Obama repeated that message: “Family should be off limitsafter he makes the attack on Mitt’s wife.

Brilliant, you must admit.

Following the interview, Rosen herself tweeted, “I’ve nothing against @AnnRomney. I just don’t want Mitt using her as an expert on women struggling $ to support their family. She isn’t.”

Nasty. And tell me, what makes her such an expert? She’s rich and not struggling either, how does she know?

Now…while the conservatives think they won this argument today, they should think again. The Obama’s personally came out ”sympathetic” and then, like the idiots we have witnessed for too many years, FOX news put on Barbara Bush to defend her.

BIG Mistake.  Anyone would have been better than Barbara Bush.

Once again…Barbara came off as the “rich” person who instead of making sound remarks about the issue, was defending the “rich” habit of giving money away…and how much money she has given away, and how her husband always made a good living…and also Mitt’s wife has given away..yada yada,  yada..playing right into Obama’s hand the main points that, they ARE very rich snotty Republicans.  We’re very glad you’re nice, and sweet, and give to charities even though you’re rich Barbara, but that’s not the issue.

What she should have said was that since Obama has wreaked the economy so badly, teachers are being laid off. (A point Jay Carney kept bringing up). Teachers are being laid off because of the democratic unions. Mothers are suffering because they can’t pay the high inflationary cost of food and gas because of Obama tripling our deficits, and not producing a budget, and handing out money like a criminal who just stole an American Express card with no limit.

Is what he is doing criminal? You bet.  

You know, the more the Bush’s appear in public, the worse it’s going to be for Mitt. It’s bad enough that he is carrying the “Bush’s” mantle. Obama was voted in because of the unhappiness with the BUSH  dynasty…don’t they get that? Too many Americans, it’s not much different from the Russian people not wanting Putin back in office. The Bush Family, we found out, are the Rockefeller branch of the party that most of the conservative Americans don’t want to see again, and every time they pull out the Bush’s when Mitt’s in trouble, it’s going to hurt him.

Now, I know that it’s only human nature to want your children’s children to continue in the “public service” occupation of ruling the nation…but it’s NOT American. And like the Russian people, we are tired of dynasties. Even the nicer ones. Go home you guys. Let him win his own race.

In the meantime, the Democrats ran a black President (that you can’t criticize because of the color of his skin, and who just sent out a “gay” Democratic attack dog, who you can’t criticize because Hilary has a lover named Elizabeth, and two twins.

The democratic party is the party of threats…and if that doesn’t work, they use the children card, the race card, the gay card…the “pity the black, women, gay, underdog” ….whatever it takes to keep their power. They are now a Marxist/Socialist party trying to run as Jesus’s Christ’s party.

So, you want to know if the women really have it that bad in America like Obama is saying?

Just ask the American man…he’ll tell you the real truth.

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  1. Dating or being married to an American woman is like driving a beat-up Ford Escort. If you are only used to driving a beat-up Ford Escort, then you have no idea what it feels like when you drive a Bentley or Ferrari. You need to at least test-drive a Ferrari, so you’ll have a reference point on what a real car feels like. :

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    Comment by Michal Paparelli | February 26, 2013 | Reply

    • So, what you are saying is that you’d better be a rich man so you can aford a Ferrari? What’s Paris Hilton? A Limo? Or a Hearst? I think…I’m a …firebird. yep. Yellow, 1995.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | February 26, 2013 | Reply

  2. American Women are mostly pretty but they are usually plumper compared to Russian women. –

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    Comment by Karl Barries | November 28, 2012 | Reply

  3. You didn’t get the memo, Joy.

    Womyn are Oppressed by the Patriarchy.

    There are University courses devoted to the message.

    There are Laws, underpinned by BILLIONS of Dollars that repeat it.

    We chaps obviously have it real easy.


    Comment by Amfortas | April 12, 2012 | Reply

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