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Vote Yes! Vote No! And Dead Canaries.

Nobody Reports

“Take them DOWN!” shouted my husband on the phone. “The last thing we need is a brick through our window. This isn’t like the Trump sign, this is different.”

He remembers that we had the ONLY Trump sign with miles during the Presidential election.

My husband was at work, and I was telling him about how the lady from the Republican party had put up TWO big “VOTE YES” signs on our front lawn.

The signs were in support of letting people who are not in the union decide whether they WANT to be in the union and be forced to have no say in the fact that their dues go to democratic politicians. It doesn’t close unions, just takes away a lot of the dues. And they can’t MAKE you join. Our Governor passed a “right to work” law in Missouri, but the unions insisted on a vote. 

In the town where I live, UNIONS are a very big deal.

Missouri voters have two tasks Aug. 7. One is choosing their candidates for the general election. The other is deciding whether Missouri should become a right-to-work state, effectively banning unions from requiring that workers pay dues.

Right to work was supposed to have taken effect almost a year ago, as former Gov. Eric Greitens signed a bill from the Republican-majority Missouri General Assembly in February 2017. But pro-labor groups petitioned to put the law to a statewide vote.
A “yes” vote for Proposition A, as it will be called on the ballot, would enact a right-to-work law. A “no” vote would keep right to work from being adopted.

“Hey! I only need one sign, Cathy.” Actually two signs were like waving a red flag at a bull.

Cathy was across the street trying to talk my republican neighbors into putting up signs in their yards. She wasn’t having any luck. They were afraid what would happen to them. And they were big GOP supporters.

“I have fifty signs and nobody wants them!” Cathy said. She complained that all she saw everywhere were signs with the “VOTE NO” vote all over town. Well, that’s because this is a democratic district, ruled by democrats for years, and most everyone now who makes a living here, works for the government. They are all union.

But my husband was right. My neighbor, sadly, was right. What the HECK was I thinking?

Union men WILL destroy your property if they think they are protecting the benefits they get…and who can blame them? We can blame them for the thug-like tactics, but wanting to keep the high wages and pensions that they make?

We would ALL love to make that.

It’s taking a long time for us to come to this hasn’t it?

Once upon a time, the unions were a good thing. But like all bureaucratic monsters the leaders became corrupt. In fact, Las Vegas was built on the pensions from the Chicago mobs and the unions.

The unions got so big and demanded so much more than the average salary, that the manufacturers got together with the politicians and just decided they manufacture overseas. America would become: A SERVICE economy!

Hurray! NAFTA. CAFTA. We’ll just go to China. And they did.

The hell with the unions.

I watched all the union jobs here in St. Louis close during the last decades: Ford Plants, McDonnell Douglass, Chrysler plants and hundreds more. St. Louis used to be a major shoe manufacturing town.

The Unions broke that.

They broke the printing business. They broke a lot of manufacturing.

The CEO’s said, “Why should we just keep giving into these guys?”

Like the FBI, it wasn’t the guy who worked hard, it was their union leaders that helped destroy the country.

And now…I would have to check on this, but I think the biggest union left is the government.

The rebel in me wanted to go put those signs up. But…since the election, violence is now being promoted by most all the democrats on TV, and Hollywood. I’ve already have one lady who screams at me every time she passes the house in her car and I’m outside.

So, yes. I took the signs down.

Just yesterday I heard that somewhere in Illinois they had to lay off half of the town’s police force to meet obligations of government pensions.

The man said, “It’s just the beginning. It’s the canary in the coal mine.” So, I’m counting on the REST of the state to cancel out my district.

Only 8.7 percent of Missouri workers are unionized, so that means that nearly 90 percent of the people voting on right to work won’t be affiliated with a union. For these voters, Rosenfeld suggests framing the issue more simply.

Right now, I just want to keep that dead canary out of my front yard.

In fact, tell the Koch brothers if they are so worried about foreign workers being hurt by President Trump’s tariffs, maybe they should help those foreign Chinese workers form unions.

The Chinese CEO will send their manufacturing over HERE so fast, we will have canaries singing all over the place.

Until then, yes. You guessed it. I can’t wait until the voting is over.

Anybody need a sign?

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Miami Doesn’t NEED a Michael Brown…

Nobody Reports

Attention! All Ferguson shoppers! Miami has joined you!

What is really fun about this video is the look on the protester’s faces when the reporter asked them the simple question:

“How much money does one McDonald’s make in a day?”

They have no clue. And why would they? To them, everybody that buys a McDonald’s hamburger is rich.

On the other hand, I wonder if it was rush hour, don’t you?

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Where oh Where Have You Been Middle Class Joe? Say it isn’t so.

Nobody Flashes

Joe gave his usual speech about the greatness of Unions in Detroit today. Yes, bankrupt Detroit. That city run by Unions. The city run by Democrats. The beautiful shining city light on the hill. The city that everyone wants to live in, where the street lights are out, dogs roam the streets, and the people HAVE water, but either can’t afford to pay their water bills, or have decided free water is a union RIGHT.

But that didn’t stop Joe for claiming that the Unions built America. Joe is just a middle class guy.

Joe Biden went on to end this rousing speech about how they were going to get those guys! (The rich) And he ended it with this:

“Folks, the American people have not stopped dreaming! The American people have not walked away from what they believe they’re entitled to. Just give them a chance! No hand out, just give them a chance! (Applause) Because once you give them Americans a chance, they have never, never, never, never ever let their country down! Never! So folks, it’s time to take back America as we said. It’s time change the tax code! It’s time to make sure you get the equal share, because ladies and gentleman, if you don’t, if we don’t,  America is in trouble! And we’ve always done best when we act as one America. Everybody in the deal. Everybody. And as long as I’m around and as long as the guys behind me are around we’re going to fight with every breath in this to make sure we reestablish the bargain. God bless you! Don’t give up! Keep dreaming! We’re going to come back.”

“We’re going to TAKE BACK AMERICA?”

Uh…Aren’t you the Vice President Joe? Who are we taking it back from…Obama?Kris 18

I thought Obama and Joe have been in charge? Where IS Joe? Isn’t he in Washington? I mean—- why does he have to come back? Where did he go?

It could be Joe is telling you a little secret here. According to an FBI agent who knows, middle class Joe flies back on Air Force Two at least twice a week to his hometown (costing us billons) and he has given orders to the FBI, to keep the nuclear football at least an hour away from him, because he wants to KEEP looking like that middle class guy and not have all those limo’s following him. There are only two nuclear footballs. So, if something should happen to Obama, we could all be dead, because Joe Biden couldn’t get to the football in time to save us.

Yes, America would look like Detroit sooner rather than later.

Good to know Joe. You’re right. We’ve never let the country down, but you sure have.

Joe wants the corporations to give us all an equal share, he wants to tax those companies that are still left…MORE. He wants to bring back the unions, the unions who demanded so much from companies they all left.

Wow. Obama and Joe are campaigning as if they were not President and Vice President.

Well, bust my angry orchard and throw me an apple. This is a new level of hopeful audacity.


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Nobody’s Email: Another Stealth Appointment from Potus


Nobody’s Email

Because Obama is in the hot-seat right now with all the scandals, nobody is paying much attention to his pick for Labor Secretary. I can’t keep up with half the crimes being committed on a daily basis, but this one is going under the radar.

So, I’m passing it on.  This guy looks like a real dweeb. Contact your conservative senators, because we all know the democratic ones follow the head of the snake…

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Brave Teacher Quits on Youtube…and Nobody Salutes Him

Nobody Wins

God bless this man…He says exactly what I have been thinking for years.

I have witnessed in my lifetime, the horror of what passes as our school system. When my son was in school…time and time again, I was always up at his school, complaining about one thing or another. I truly believe that schools hold some of the stupidest people, who were being paid big salaries, to sit on their asses all day long and collect taxpayers money.

Too many of our schools have become prisons. Mere education camps for teaching kids to not think, behave, and be bored. Teachers are always complaining about the kids, but kids need to run, to jump, to laugh…we knock all that out of their system, and it’s why we have a nation of stupid people. tenure

I remember going back to my old high school when I was in my twenties. I walked the halls with my friend during classes, and we were both stunned— literally stunned. There was not a word coming out of any child. And this high school held THOUSANDS of kids. Not a sound. The teachers voices droned on in somberly monotone. Those poor kids, I thought to myself  I turned to my friend, who had been in the same grade as I, and our mouths dropped with shock…we started laughing it was almost too painful to witness.

When we went to school, everyone was talking, laughing, having fun. When the teacher talked you shut up, but there was always time to smile, to laugh…to see these kids in complete depression was a big awakening for me. As we passed and looked into every classroom, every head was down. All eyes were down. As if they were all frightened. My old high school..had become a prisons

As you can see, this man is furious. And I spent a good portion of my own life being furious at the schools that my son attended, which I myself had attended. I have never met so many stupid, and arrogant people in one place in my life, and our country’s schools are FILLED with idiots. The ones who could help the children, like this teacher said, are not allowed to. That’s not saying that here and there we don’t still have good schools, it s just that IF you live in a democratic district, your schools are almost federal prisons. And they are all starting to look like prisons. The newer ones have no windows at all.

And…while now they will fortress the school against criminals, the PARENTS are also kept out. This was happening when I was trying to visit my son. You would go to the office, and they would always say…even AFTER school was over. “If we let you into the school. ALL the parents will want to come in.” Nope. You could not monitor the class even though YOU paid their salaries. The system is so messed up. As a parent, you have to be careful, because the teachers let you know, THEY hold your child’s future in their hands. Too many of them will remind you of that if you even complain.

One can only surmise, that our government WANTS a stupid people. A smart and educated populace would never put up with them.

Kids learn better when they are having fun. Don’t listen to me, listen to the man whose inventions give you EVERYTHING you use everyday; Thomas Edison. Here’s some things he had to say about teaching children.

“I like the Montessori method. It teaches through play. It makes learning a pleasure. It follows the natural instincts of the human being. The trouble with our way of education as generally followed is that it does not give elasticity to the mind. It cast the brain into a mould. It insists that the child must accept. It does not encourage original thought or reasoning and it lays more stress on memory than on observation. It breeds fear and from fear comes ignorance.”Thomas Edison failed

Nothing is going to doom this nation more than raising generations of stupid kids. And that’s what we’ve done, and will continue to do. It’s one of the reasons we have Obama. He puts on his jet set cool leather jacket, and smiles, and half the people believe anything he says, because they went through the American school system.

The only place it seems we are excelling is computer technology, where Apple, Facebook, and all the others are execelling…ever ask yourself WHY?

Because they have FUN! They have gyms, and playgrounds, and swimming pools when you go to work there…, and then they work hard.

If we did this in our schools, no country in the world could match our kids. No country in the world runs their schools with the aim to take a mind and set it up for learning for life. This man to me, is a hero.

If only ALL the teachers were as smart as him.

Nobody Wins when we run our schools like concentration camps.Apple workplace

The problem with Newtown is a cultural one…not a gun problem. This kid, was raised in the finest schools, and probably felt like an outcast all through the school years. Mix in divorce with that, and you have a time bomb. They said he was extremely intelligent.

Well, it’s the intelligent ones who are destroyed in our schools. I don’t know how many really brillant kids I have seen been ostracized in school, simply because they were smart, and had energy. Instead of nurturing our own natural intelligent resources, we are destroying them.

It’s up to the parents to make sure your kids survive.

(Sorry about the rant…it’s just that I have SO many bad memories of the absolute horrors of our educational system.)

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Nobody Flashes Obama’s Union Thugs…Not Happy.

Nobody Flashes

Well hey, Greece is coming to America sooner than we thought! ! Some union thugs think that the “right to work” law is taking away his hard-earned pension and GIVING IT TO SOMEONE ELSE!

Uh..isn’t that the same thing as Obama taking hard-earned money from the people who ARE paying taxes and giving it the those who aren’t paying taxes, along with free housing, cell phones, health care, kidneys, food stamps and cars?

Tell me, where’s the difference?

“There will be blood,” State Representative Douglas Geissthreatened from the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives today as the body debated legislation that would make Michigan the nation’s 24th right to work state.

So, after the right to be able to choose whether you want to join a union was voted on…. instead of losing in good grace (as conservatives always do) the union is out for blood, and decided to start with the reporters in the tent, and the guy with the microphone, who did NOT hit the guy back after he attacked him.

Frankly, the guy who was doing the punching looks like he could use a few more beers.

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SEIU: In SHOCK! SHOCK! How Could the Mayor Do This to Them?

Nobody Cares

Obama PROMISED to save the middle class. All the unions voted for him. While this video is very sad, because these people were stupid enought to think that if they voted for Obama they’d never lose their jobs, you can’t help but feel hopeless about the fact that too many people are just like them. What’s even MORE amazing is they don’t blame Obama for the sudden loss of their jobs…because he PROMISED to save them! They blame Rahm Emanuel.

Go figure. He was, and still is…Obama’s mentor and right hand man.  He ran Obama’s Presidential campaign right out of Chicago.

Notice how shocked these people are? Nobody Thinks this is just the beginning.  These SEIU people are not rioting…yet. Just wait till the teachers start getting cuts in pay.

Is it any wonder that the rest of us are stocking up on guns?

Aren’t you GLAD you don’t live in Chicago? And tell me…when did doing janitorial work become any harder than running your own business, or working as a mechanic? The music alone is maudlin enough to want you to go to Chicago ad leave a few “tips about socialism”  in the bathroom tip jar.

Good Lord. Less money will be going to Mexico. What’s the world coming too?

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Hostess Obituary

Nobody Remembers

Every morning, I get up, take my pills, and then get a glass of milk and one Hostess Coffee Cake Cinnamon Streusel. I lost forty pounds by cutting out my usual breakfast of whatever cereal of the month was favored. Cinnamon…helps you lose weight.

Not only that—eating Hostess Ding Dongs or Cup Cakes for the occasional desert at my house is a regular enjoyment.  Why? BECAUSE THEY”RE CHEAP!

At least cheaper than Sara Lee’s Cherry-Covered Cheesecake. But today, Hostess died…murdered by it’s own cancerours tumor that was too big to cut out: unions.

So…in respect to the great American Company called “Hostess” I think, a fitting obituary is deserved, don’t you?

DIED: HOSTESS (1930-2012)

After a major greed infection, the much beloved American food staple of the American diet, has died, killing 18,900 jobs. During its long life…Hostess supplied cheap and much beloved deserts and breads to millions of people all over the world—Ding Dongs and Twinkies being the most popular. The brand of Hostess products were so popular, that it spawned many children, who went on to make their parents proud. Hostess will be sorely missed, as it was one of America’s most beloved food makers.

You can send all gifts, flowers, and hate mail to…the Ding Dong in the White House.

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Nobody Wins With Today’s Headlines

Nobody Wins

Here we are, just a week after the election, and if it was lawful to print out the bad news on the internet and burn them in some kind of puritanical ritual in my back yard…I would. But, that was outlawed years ago. Here’s a few headlines:

FREE SPEECH: The UK is arresting…Tweeters & FACEBOOK bullies! Yes. Now that they can see everything you are feeling, if you make a threat of ANY kind, whether joking or not, you will be arrested:

Figures obtained by The Associated Press through a freedom of information request show a steadily rising tally of prosecutions in Britain for electronic communications — phone calls, emails and social media posts — that are “grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character — from 1,263 in 2009 to 1,843 in 2011. The number of convictions grew from 873 in 2009 to 1,286 last year.

NO MORE TWINKIES:  When you can’t stop Americans from eating fatting sugary sweets because they are cheap and good, you simply make the employers pay heavy Obamacare fines. It seems, on top of its troubles, Hostess Brands’ Union workers are striking.

 Hostess Brands CEO said Wednesday the company will liquidate unless striking workers return to the job by the end of the day on Thursday. “We simply do not have the financial resources to survive an ongoing national strike,” Greg Rayburn said in a statement.

NUTTY CANADIAN MOTHERS: When one kid gets sneezy around nuts, what does a mother do? Go out and get her free government- paid- for allergy prescription for her son? NO! You cut down that dangerous forest!

Canadian mother Donna Giustizia, motivated by the danger surrounding childhood nut allergies, is on a mission to have the oak trees near her kid’s school removed. Her reasoning? She believes that the acorns that frequently drop from these trees put children with severe allergies at risk.

SOCIAL ENGINNERING SCIENTISTS HELPED OBAMA: When it comes to manipulating people, our social engineering scientists make Goebbels look like he’s still in Kindergarten. Obama won, with the help of our finest human behavior scientist!

This apparent reliance on a scientific model of human behavior was, apparently, unprecedented. The scientists who the Obama campaign informally consulted with on this approach had offered their services to the Kerry campaign in 2004 and were rebuffed. A few Senators had met with them about using their ideas, but nothing concrete had emerged. However, those involved told the Times that they did see traces of their own ideas reflected in the Obama campaign’s actual strategy:

MORE LAID OFF: Yes, YOU voted for it!

John Metz — who runs 40 Denny’s and Dairy Queens and owns the Hurricane Grill & Wings franchise — says his business will be hit hard by the January 2014 start of President Barack Obama’s healthcare mandate. Obamacare will make businesses or franchises with more than 50 workers to offer a government-approved insurance plan. Other restaurant chains including Papa John’s, Olive Garden and Red Lobsters have already announced that they will have to reduce employees’ hours. Either that or they will have to pay a penalty of $2,000 for each full-time worker in businesses with more than 30 workers.

PUTIN SIGNS NEW TREASON LAW! Which translate as “Stalin’s BACK!”

“It’s an attempt to return not just to Soviet times but to the Stalin era, when any conversation with a foreigner was seen as a potential threat to the state,” said Lyudmila Alexeyeva, 85, a former Soviet dissident and veteran human rights activist.

And if that isn’t enough to make you wonder…add to that list that Warren Buffet is already promoting Hillary Clinton for President, Obama has mandated police departments all over the country to let members of Mosques train at our local police stations, and the New World Order of human behavior has introduced “Meatless Mondays.” I don’t care if Paul McCartney is meatless…I will continue to eat meat on Mondays until they drag me away.

And NBC is going to do a TV series to trash the reputation of the best President we ever had: George Washington.

And THIS is just one day’s headlines…

Nobody can wait to hear tomorrow’s.

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Nobody’s Fool: Chris Christie

Chris Christie and Barack Obama in New Jersey

Nobody’s Fool

Everyone is screaming about the traitorous actions of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie–rolling out the red carpet for the President and pretty much proclaiming him a God. While everyone is afraid that Christie is handing vast amounts of votes to Obama…Nobody finds it too funny.

Has everyone forgotten that politicians…all politicians, use disasters for reelections? It’s the most golden opportunity that they can hope for.  Obama could have cared less about New Jersey, he wanted to set his presidential Commander-in-Chief podium down in the middle of the disaster  (by the way, some poor sop has to drag that stand and a generator everywhere and set it up) and get Christie’s endorsement.

Christie needed something from Obama, and for that–Obama got his endorsement. It’s that simple. Christie is up for election next year.

Christie is a funny fish…like the republican Mayor Bloomberg, he supports many issues that conservatives abhor…global warming, cap-and-trade, Muslim judges,…and yet, people like Ann Coulter were giddy over the man. Conservatives loved his stance against the teachers unions, but the union leaders themselves had already decided that they didn’t want to honor those big pensions promised. After all, their benefits won’t be touched.  Besides, those big pensions would take money away from the Democratic politicians…money sorely needed to keep them in power.

When you see Obama bowing to Chris Christie, certainly you know Christie was given him something pretty big.

While many believe that Christie’s actions of kissing the ring of the Potus just to save lives…you have to admit that his sorrow is real.  No doubt there was some of that in his head…but if you think Christie didn’t also do this for himself…think again.

He was the leading speaker at the Republican Convention, and nothing about his speech, until the last few sentences was about Mitt Romney. Nothing. Most everyone was going…”Huh?”

Christie is less a Rhino, then a future Donkey.

Did that photo-op help any of the people in New Jersey?

Nope.  Nobody Thinks the voters will just not bother to show up. Why in the world should they? They have much bigger concerns.

Nobody in the Government is coming to their recue..and they are about to find out just how broken everything really is.

On an ending note: Notice that it was the rich people’s houses that were totaled on the Jersey Shore, and was this also about Obama getting the taxpayers to rebuilt those houses? Was Christie lobbying a broke Federal Government for the rich? Nobody Knows.

And if that’s true, will YOU hear about it?


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Obama Honors TWO Chavez’ in One Week…

Nobody Reports

Last week, Obama shored up his Latino votes by honoring the Labor Leader Cesar Chavez.

Obama formally established the Cesar E. Chavez National Monument on a piece of property in Keene, east of Bakersfield. The property served as the national headquarters of the United Farm Workers.

Most people in the country, have little memory of this guy. BUT…if you listen to the media he was the Latino version of Mahatma Gandhi.

Uh…not really. Not many people know, that Cesar Chavez was trained by the communist ‘community organizer’ that wrote “Rules for Radicals” the Jewish agnostic, Saul Alinsky.

Alinsky personally trained community activists. The federal government spent more than $200 billion on War on Poverty programs in the first five years. Much of this money went to street radicals such as Alinsky.  It happens that Chavez was an Alinsky protégé.  Alinsky’s foundation had recruited him in 1952 and provided much of his early funding and training.. David Horowitz

But Chavez wasn’t so much the man working for the “little guy” in the field, in reality he basically was used by the unions to put more people on the union dues money-making train.

Chavez earned many titles in his life, but “champion of immigrants” was not one of them. He was primarily a labor leader who was concerned about illegal immigrants undercutting union members, either by accepting lower wages or crossing picket lines. He never pretended to be anything else, and he resisted attempts by others to widen his agenda. When he pulled workers out of the field during a strike, the last thing he wanted was to see a crew of illegal immigrant workers take away his leverage. Chavez ordered union members to call the Immigration and Naturalization Service and report illegal immigrants who were working in the fields so that they could be deported. Under the supervision of Chavez’s cousin, Manuel, UFW members tried at first to persuade Mexicans not to cross the border. One time when that didn’t work, they physically attacked and beat them up to scare them off, according to reports at the time.

Obama also called Hugo Chavez to congradulate him on his re-election. No small matter that Chavez had tanks in the streets.

It will be interesting to see in this election, if Obama will feel the need to call out tanks here in the United States…if the vote is close. I would not doubt if Hugo, who is rooting for his old community organizer pal Obama— calls him up, and tells him how to handle things.

Obama is very proud of having been a “community organizer” What we need to ask in this election is: Just WHOSE community is he organizing?

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Nobody’s Perfect: Rahm Emanuel VS The Sun

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we have two major orbs…not measuring up to perfection:

First: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Rahm, who by all measures of common sense is running a city with no money, was getting so impatient with the 25,000 union Chicago teachers not being able to agree to 4 raises, and jobs for life, so he went to court to force them to go back to work.

Nobody would have made them all lose weight before they came back to work, because of the sheer WEIGHT of these some of these people are causing a severe danger to our national security, but Michelle Obama so far, is silent.

These teachers are furious. Maybe it’s all that fat. It’s not about the money. They make more than any union teachers in the country. NO..they did NOT feel that any kid had to fault of theirs they claim, and they don’t  want to be held to any kind of standards…that’s for the EPA. They just wanted to wait another week to bully that Jew, Rahm into submission.

Those parents are going to start screaming for them.

The union immediately condemned Emanuel’s play in court, in which the city said “a vulnerable population has been cast adrift,” as an act of vindictiveness by a “bullying” mayor who was attempting to “thwart our democratic process.” “It’s another bullying tactic that, unfortunately, if he wants teachers back in the schools, he should have stayed away from that type of action,” said Jay Rehak, a longtime high school English teacher. “It only incites, rather than tones down the rhetoric.”

It’s great to see two bullies fighting isn’t it? IF the teachers get what they want, they will all be out of a job anyway in a few years because Chicago will become the next DETROIT and Obama will have to come and bail it out. That is, IF Obama stays in power. Rahm “the missing finger fish, man” has bought up his children so well.

He’s in…trouble.

Second: The Sun.

Ralm Emanuel is not the only great orb in the universe who is not perfect–it seem our sun is–(According to Al Gore) not perfect—it’s just too round.

A mystery surrounds the shape of the Sun – it is just too perfectly round, scientists have said. In fact the Sun turns out to be one of the roundest objects ever measured. Scaled down to the size of a beach ball, the difference between the Sun’s widest and narrowest diameters would be far less than the width of a human hair.

This, according to the scientists (who no doubt went to school in Chicago) is a horrible mistake. It doesn’t matter that it supports all life on earth and without it, we’d all be popsicles, no…it not suppose to be round!


Will the Chicago Teachers get humongous raises, health care benefits, yearly vacation to Hawaii, and continue to keep up their fine standards of teaching without being “punished” thereby leaving the 350,000 children of Chicago without a decent education and doomed to jail time or murder victims for the rest of their lives?

You bet. It’s an election year.

Will the Sun stop shining because some dimwit scientists are upset about the fact that it’s pretty perfect, and they think it should NOT be?


The good news is: We can pretty much count on the fact that the sun will be around longer than Ralm Emanuel. And that’s a good thing, because most of the kids in Chicago are going to have to learn to grow their own food.

Michelle Obama….is already on it.

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Corporations People VS Union People…or Elite CEO’s Vs Union Mob Bosses?

Nobody Knows

A few days ago I was listening to Neil Cavuto ending his hourly program, and he gave a lusty attack on those people who think that corporations are NOT people. He was no doubt arguing against the spirited rebuttal given at the Democratic Convention by Elizabeth Warren.

“No, Governor Romney, corporations are not people. People have hearts, they have kids, they get jobs, they get sick, they cry, they dance. They live, they love, and they die. And that matters. That matters because we don’t run this country for corporations, we run it for people. And that’s why we need Barack Obama. – “Elizabeth Warren

Okay…so far I’ve heard Mitt Romney, Neil Cavuto, and Karl Rove insist with all the confidence of a Mark McGuire telling a Congressional jury that he did NOT do steroids, that corporations are people.

What’s a poor Nobody to do? I don’t think corporations are people either. I mean, do they go get drunk? Do they get arrested? Can they reproduce and have babies? Just because they are made up of people– that doesn’t make then a “singular” human. Does the CEO of a company get all the employees together and say, “Hey, let’s take a vote on what politician to give some money too?”

I don’t think so.

But, the Supreme Court voted that corporations are people in the Citizens United case, and that Obamacare is legal, and that corporations can take your land if they like…and so Nobody Thinks the democrats make a good argument, the Republicans look like power-hungry idiots, and the Supreme Court with one or two exception…are on crack.

Nobody Thinks…that this is AaaaaaaaaaaaLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL….about the money.

The Democrats have had the Unions raising money for only one party forever now: THEM. With that endless cashflow, taken from the dues of their members, the Democrats have the private AND government Unions as their endless cash cow.

In order for the Republicans to compete, they needed some help. So, since the Union Bosses control the purse of the unions, the CEO’s can now contribute boatloads of money for their candidate. Bascially demanding an even playing field in the campaign finance departement.

The little common man..the union teacher OR the guy who works for GE, has not a damn thing to say about what candidate that CEO or Union Boss decides to give millions to. So really, the elections can be influeneced by a small portion of the population…a handful of CEO’s and UNION bosses. Or so the reasoning goes.

When Obama publically ostracized the Supreme Court for the Citizens United decision at his State of the Union address, he was just mad that the Republican elites were going to legally get more money to pour into ads on TV to help defeat him. How many times have you heard about those evil Koch Brothers? Geroge Soros on the other hand, is never mentioned. OR..GE.

Nobody Thinks, that words are funny things. And yes…corporations can now decide elections…but then Unions have been doing it for years. JFK was elected with the help of the Chicago Union. The Teachers Union pushed Bill Clinton ahead in 1994.

It’s all about the money. But come on…couldn’t they have thought of a better way to argue their case…like…Corporation can now contribute as Unions always have?

NO…they continue to try to copy the same corrupt antics of the democrats. “I Know! We’ll just tell everyone that corporations really are People!”

It sound JUST like a democratic spin.

You KNOW Bill Clinton would deem himself a corporation if he could.

Now, I think I’ll go sit in my hot tub…and be glad I don’t  work for anybody but myself.

If someone can tell me what corporation I work for…please let me know.

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Obama: Putting the Chinese BACK TO WORK…right here.

Nobody’s Perfect

Obama’s still talking about how his main preoccupation will be  “PUTTING AMERICA BACK TO WORK!”

But here we see, Obama’s putting Chinese workers to work…IN AMERICA.

Is he confused?

One thing is for sure, while too many dumb Americans are buying his big outright lies, Obama has the art of lying down almost to perfection.

Watch, and if you’re a union member…kick yourself for being so dumb.

You know if ABC is getting wise to him, his lying is slacking.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe)


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