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Chris Matthews Gives Away Election Secret…

Nobody Wins

It’s amazing to see how happy Chris Matthews is about hurricane Sandy..and who knew? Hurricane Sandy came just in time to help Obama get elected! Thank the Lord. Michael Moore thanks Global Warming and Mother Nature. Nothing like a good crisis to push a politician over the top I say. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, it’s official. There will be an earthquake near the next election for Obama’s third term. In 2016 they plan to test some of that wonderful new technology and get that stress off the New Madrid fault line. After all, it’s due. Better it happen in the midwest and Kentucky, because after all, that area voted for Mitt Romney.

Last time the New Madrid fault had a good blow was back when Mark Twain was floating down the Mississippi. In fact that quake was so strong, the Mississippi flowed backward causing us all a good laugh for decades every time we read about it….and it’s the reason Mark Twain got the Nobel Peace Prize.

By 2016, all disasters will have names. Many of the democrats are already deciding on one for the biggest earthquake in history. So far..the name RUSH has top billing.

That should help Obama get reelected for a third term! And by then, more than 60 percent of the white people will vote for him, because only 40 percent did this time. A good earthquake at JUST the right moment will come. You can be sure of it.

Mother Nature is going to help out with that statistic of low whites voting.   It’s so good to see what she can do for the right person.

So bring it on Mother Nature! We need more storms! More fires! More disasters! It’s a good thing, Chris Mathews says so.

Good to know. What a country! God Bless America, and Chris Matthews for caring so much.

(Nobody Makes This stuff up.)

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