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I have never seen one episode of Two and a Half Men. I once watched about three minutes of it, and Charlie Sheen said something very stupid, and that was about all I needed. Now— the young man who played the kid, Angus Jones, has grown up to become a Seventh Day Adventist, and is advising everyone not to watch it, because, it is crap.

So, why is EVERYONE attacking him now? He was making money off of crap.

How many people in Hollywood are making money off of crap? In that vein, how many ‘people’ in the world are making money off of selling crap? What did Jesus say? If you are guiltless…then who among you can cast the first stone?

Prostitutes of capitalism confess. You made money off of selling us Pamela Anderson running on the beach in a red bathing suit. You made money off of cotton candy. Let’s not forget the millions of people who bought cigarettes and died of cancer. I could argue my public education was so crappy, I to this day, have trouble with spelling. Crap. Crap. It’s everywhere.

But we are free to pick and choose…are we not? So far. They haven’t chipped Two and a Half Men to be downloaded into our brains…yet.

Frankly, Nobody Thinks if some of our politicians would come to a camera and say, “Hey, all these people up here are liars and they are ruining your life”…even though he was making millions, it would be a start. This Nobody would consider his worthiness for another term.

Good for Angus. Stating the obvious. Not too many do.

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  1. One can barely notice any difference between most sit-coms from the USA. Men are portrayed as dribbling idiots saved from themselves only by some empowered executive-type women with an IQ of 490 who had the poor taste to marry them.

    This young man who has seen a glimmer of light and condemned the program that made him famous, could and perhaps should be suing the Network for child abuse.

    Over here in the Land of Misogyny (decreed so by our all-powerful Ju-Liar, ‘She who must be believed or you are a misogynist ‘) the thrust of the criticism of “2.5 Men” (we use decimals) is that all the women in it are portrayed as evil.

    I am heartened Joyanna by your emphasis on ‘our own choice’. Yes, we can switch the crap off and look at the Hubble Site instead. And that young man can continue along his upward path, from the lower slopes of erzatz ‘religion’ to the sunnier heights of, say, Catholicism, where he might find solace in the Confessional (after suitable Penance)


    Comment by Amfortas | November 27, 2012 | Reply

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