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The IRS is Sending YOUR Money to Ilegals

Nobody Wins

This video was taken in 2012. The most shocking thing about illegals getting BIG tax returns is that if you or I claimed Nieces and Nephews in some other country as dependents on our tax returns, we’d be audited.

So, the orders to send hard-working tax-payer money to illegal children in Mexico, HAS to come from the very top. We SHOULD make this an issue in the elections, but nobody is talking about it, are they?

I can’t help it. This REALLY pisses me off.

It’s now 2014, and since the IRS is now running Obamacare, can you imagine the fraud that is going to go on?

Nobody Wins when a government hides its corruption and destroy its people. How can Americans get mad when their own government keeps it all a secret?

Until our leaders can be held accountable for their crimes, “We The People” are merely servants of the state.

Fair share


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The Pope Now Welcomes the Devils to the Church—he has SO much hope.

Nobody Wonders

How can you take the Catholic Church seriously when they still believe in the entity with horns and a tail called: The Devil?Pope and Obama

Okay. We all know the story of Jesus in the garden, and he wrestled with the Devil, but come on…let’s say for argument’s sake, that the “devil’ is real, and the Pope is weaponizing an army of priests to go out and do battle with them as in this report:

Pope Francis has told a convention of exorcists from around the world that they are doing sterling service in combating “the Devil’s works”, as the Catholic Church warned of a rise in Satanism and the occult.

The Pope, who frequently cites the fight against Satan in his sermons, said that exorcists needed to show “the love and welcome of the Church for those possessed by evil”. By treating people who were possessed, priests could demonstrate that “the Church welcomes those suffering from the Devil’s works,” he said in a message to a conference organized in Rome by the International Association of Exorcists.

So, is THAT why he can meet with Nancy Pelosi and NOT perform the exorcism required? Or Obama? Why is he sending out the priests to do exorcisms then? Shouldn’t all devils get the warmth and welcome of the Church?

Like I said, if the devil was real and the Pope believed it, he would personally go out an exorcise half the politicians in the world, but he welcomes them all with open arms.

While Nancy Pelosi pretends to Mary Madeline and acts like all illegal immigrants are actually …Jesus.Pelosi jesus

Nobody Wonders how, after all this time, people keep believing this stuff…or is it because, all our movie and TV programs are inundated by the occult?vampires

I think if I met the pope, I’d probably have to throw some salt on him just to make sure he was NOT possessed. 🙂



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NOBODY Wants To Know What Obama Will Do Next…..

 Nobody Knows

It’s been another strange week, hasn’t it? Politically, it’s been the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s, or likely, the Zombies VS the Fairies, the mentally challenged VS the mentally absent…Donald Duck VS Goofy…Venus VS Pluto…I can’t handle it. The political script writers are getting crazy. .Obama Zombie

That’s right…The democrats are threatening their base with a GOP Zombie threat:

Zombies have been a big deal in popular culture for a few years, and, according to a Sunday post on Daily Kos, in politics as well. Blogger JBtakenote declared that Republicans have morphed from a political party into a racist, plutocratic “zombie cult army” that Kossacks need to vote against in the midterms, even if they feel like sitting the election out to punish President Obama and other Democrats for being insufficiently liberal.

Nobody Knows if this tactic is going to work—call me a Zombie, but is Hillary becoming unhinged? First she was broke, and now, she is mentally challenged.  Everyone heard her big speech in which she said that businesses do not create jobs, only to come back a few days later and say…oh no… entrepreneurs create jobs—and what THAT means is only the entrepreneurs picked and backed by some politician like our fascist dictator Obama can create jobs, who as we all remember, picked Solyndra to create energy jobs, and by the way—

Hllary & bussiness

Where were all those shovel ready jobs he promised to create? (Laugh here, or not.)

And speaking of shovel ready….did you see what happened today?




Nobody Knows how many more things can go wrong on Obama’s watch, but since he IS responsible for shutting down NASA, the whole world today got this lovely success story….America can’t launch a simple rocket anymore. Putin fun

Yes, JFK sent us to the moon, and Obama can’t even get supplies to the space station. And WHY doesn’t RUSSIA get those supplies up there to the space station? Or–did Putin tell Obama: “Get your OWN supplies up there moron— or give me back my bank accounts.”

Nobody Knows if Putin has been playing that video on every Russian TV station, (I would) but hey— it’s just another one of Obama’s most embarrassing moments. Nobody Thinks that the Ebola Czar might have had a hand in that…after all, nobody can find him. Nobody Knows what happen to him. We are going to need him if the rumor is true…

What rumor?

A State Department memo confirms that the Obama administration is considering allowing non-U.S. citizens with Ebola to come into the country for treatment, Fox News reports. The internal memo is marked “Sensitive,” but unclassified and was written by a State Department official, reporter Mike Emanuel said Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report.”

There is also another ‘rumor’ to go along with that one:

Defense Secretary Hagel is considering a 21-day “quarantine-like” policy for all troops returning from West Africa, the Pentagon said Tuesday. The proposal was recommended to Hagel on Tuesday by the Joint Chiefs of Staff — which consists of its chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey and the chiefs of staff of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

So, let’s see if we got this straight: Doctors and nurses coming back to the Unites States do not have to be quarantined, they can bowl, eat at restaurants. (God forbid they have to use public restrooms) but our soldiers have to be quarantined.Obama ebola two

Why? Because they are not doing as Obama says, “God’s work?” like the doctors?

And why should the United States have to pay to haul all those people over here, and put them up in our hospitals exposing even more nurses and doctors to the disease? Why should WE pay for their health care? Most Americans can’t even afford a major surgery now with Obamacare. Many Americans will die because of Obamacare.

Does Obama care more about African than Americans? Is he really going to do this?

Nobody knows. But there will be a lot of pissed-off people here if he does.

And speaking of pissed-off people.


The Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page had this to say about Obama:

USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page offered some of the sharpest criticism yet of the Obama administration’s violation of the freedom of the press, saying Obama is “more restrictive” and “more dangerous” than any president in history. Page delivered these comments at a White House Correspondents’ Association.

And speaking of dangerous..

The White House leaked that Obama thinks Netanyahu is a…Net and Obama

Another administration official told Goldberg that he agreed the Israeli prime minister is a “chickens**t,” but went further, calling Netanyahu a “coward” in regards to the way he has dealt with the growing Iranian nuclear threat. According to the official, he no longer believes Netanyahu will preemptively strike Tehran to prevent the Middle Eastern country from attaining nuclear weapons.

WHAT? Obama is mad because Netanyahu won’t nuke Iran?

Nobody Knows why Obama keeps trying to pick fights with everybody in the world, but betting against Netanyahu and insulting him (come on…this would not have leaked if OBAMA didn’t want it to) only shows you why.. Susan Page was right: Obama IS a dangerous man. …and Nobody Knows how much more dangerous he is going to get.

In fact: I don’t WANNA know!

Wake me up when we reach the moon.

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