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Nobody’s Perfect: Barack Obama VS Clare Evans

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, AGAIN, Obama is showing his usual incompetence of NOT knowing what is going on around the world, or even caring about it. All he really knows, is the world is a mess, and it’s not his problem.obama does not care

The White House is facing sharp criticism over its previous actions in the outbreak, which aid workers have lamented as insufficient half-measures given rapidly deteriorating conditions on the ground.

He didn’t see ISIS coming…and he didn’t see the Ebola epidemic coming either. So when the first Ebola case came over and infected two nurses, he had to get dress, go to the mike, and explain that he had his ‘people’ on it. But …he didn’t. So, trying to show how Presidential he can be, (unlike Obama) Chris Christie put a mandatory isolation policy on a nurse coming back from Africa, where she treated Ebola cases. He was going to show the world, HE would protect New Jersey.

She threatened to sue…she was released—probably by Obama.

The real news here, and it’s not good, is that Obama has completely checked out on protecting the American people or doing his job. He had no clue about ISIS, or Ebola. His biggest concern at the moment is what golf course he can get on that day.

Which leads me to the second contestant of the week: Clare Evans, had NO clue she was pregnant. (By the look on the kids face, he didn’t know she was pregnant either.)

A woman who went to her GP for a suspected kidney infection ended up giving birth in the treatment room – and says she had no idea she was pregnant. 

Clare Evans, 24, from Newport, South Wales, visited an out-of-hours surgery complaining of pains in her abdomen.

Doctors had advised her over the phone that she might have a kidney infection, but when she arrived at the surgery her waters broke.Woman has baby

Surprise! Your kidney is really cute!

Okay, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect but we are ALWAYS clueless Award for the week?

Is it Clare, who, no doubt didn’t want to admit that her kidney had a foot that sometimes kicked her at night…she thought it was just bad indigestion…..

Or is it Obama, who knew about ISIS and Ebola, and the deaths that would come from both, here and abroad, but figured, why should HE worry about it? He’s not going to get it.

Obama wins…again. (And no, I refuse to congratulate him.)

Since I am considering awards to be rewarded for this contest, I’ve decided since Obama has been on this list more than any other person on the planet, he should receive a special meal by a special chef who will travel all the way from Beijing to serve Obama first prize: a most delicious meal fit for a……

President: Horse’s Dick.Horse penis

In the meantime, the regular nobodies of the world, figure with Obama in charge, they might as well have a great time before the final shoe drops.

And here’s how some of us are dealing with a President who seems determined to kill us all:


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Gene Simmons–Gives his Opinions to Women

Nobody Flashes

This is a fun watch, because Gene ALWAYS has opinions. What’s even funnier is that for years he didn’t marry his long time mate Shannon, so that he didn’t have to be faithful, and then, when he started hitting the old age, and the young girls didn’t find him appealing anymore, he decided to get married…on TV so that he would make some money.

The advice he gives, he gives from his own perspective that men just think about themselves, the point that feminists have been making for years. Hillary should JUMP on this.

The real problem with women, which Gene forgets, is while men’s hormones rage, so do women’s.  The urge to have a child is overbearing, and as a species, it really IS better and healthier to have children when the women is younger….life is just not that easily managed.

I don’t know what women he is talking to here, I am assuming white women, who are already doing just that: NOT having mates and children, and when they do, the government is supporting them.

He seems to give the whole male race a pass on ever growing up.

What is pretty weird about Gene’s opinion’s, is that while it’s good advice and women at this point in time should always earn her own money, because our culture has pretty much thrown marriage as an institution out the window (Unless of course, you are gay)—–Gene is actually suggesting, in his own way to women: use men like men use you.

Realistic? Or just plan stupid? Or is that exactly what’s happening?

What do YOU think?


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