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Nobody’s Perfect: Kirk Douglass

Nobody’s Perfect

Nobody interrupts her usual contest this week, because I found this letter from Kirk Douglas written to the ‘future’ presidents more than infuriating. Of course, it appeared in the Huffington Post because Kirk Douglas has been a lifelong democrat, even best buds with Jimmy Carter, even though he is a Jew, and that’s a contradiction in itself. Kirk Douglass

To which we all wonder: Why do the Jews support the democrats? (That’s another blog.)

Here is his letter to the 2016 future President:

Kirk: If you want my vote in November of 2016, I am asking you to do something right now.

America has never formally acknowledged and apologized for the unspeakable evil of slavery. So I am asking Republicans and Democrats alike to apologize to the American people. Our continued refusal to apologize for slavery still shames and divides our nation. It is past the time to heal.

Nobody: What do you MEAN America had never formally acknowledge and apologized for the unspeakable evil of slavery? Are you nuts? Our ancestors fought the civil war to give them freedom, and to end slavery.

When an American gives his life for a cause, that IS his apology. There IS no bigger apology than that. My ancestral family alone lost 257 men in the cause of the Union.(And that’s only on my mother’s side of the family) weren’t around to get those apologizes from them? That’s not THEIR fault.


Kirk: I have lived a long time — 98 years — and I have seen many incredible things.

Nobody: Yes, and how many nights were you sober when you saw these incredible things?

Kirk: I remember the days when the Ku Klux Klan was very powerful. They burned crosses on lawns.

Nobody: What did you do ? Did you burn crosses on your lawn? Are you saying your guilty for not speaking up at the time? Why wait until your 98? Why didn’t you do something about it?

Kirk: I remember when there were segregated drinking fountains and bathrooms.

Nobody: And what did you do sir? Did you lead a national protest to stop it? Did you speak out daily until it was stopped?Kirk douglass

Kirk: I’ve even lived long enough to see a black man elected president — twice. Incredibly, he now lives in a house that was built by slaves.

Nobody: And yet, you STILL want an apology? All you can complain about is that the White House was built by slaves. And by the way, if you had read history, Abigail Adams was PAYING those slaves, and she couldn’t get them to do a lick of work, she said they were “slow and lazy” it was taking them forever, and so she hired Irishmen to get the job done. Those slaves got PAID. What’s slave labor nowadays Kirk? How many Mexican slaves do you have working on your garden and in your house?

Oh, you gave to charity? That doesn’t excuse your ignorance of history.

Kirk: I hope to live long enough to see one of the candidates promise an apology for slavery. We cannot erase our history, but we can pledge that hatred will be banished from our great land.

Nobody: Why should ANY candidate apologize for a crime he or she did NOT commit? Since when does any individual have to pay for a crime he or she DID’T commit? Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, saved your slaves for you, my dear. No future President needs to apologize for past crimes committed by his nation. He is only responsible for what HE does in his terms, and by the way, when are the American people going to get an apology from Barack Hussein Obama for destroying what’s left of the country?

You want to talk about hatred? How about Obama’s hatred for us all. And besides, it wouldn’t stop with an apology, it would only start there and go into reparations. Isn’t what this letter is really all about?

What? Did Obama call you up?

Kirk: I look forward to your reply.

Nobody: I bet you do. Be glad the nobodies like me, aren’t writing you.angry bird

What an idiot. I’ll be nice and say that his stroke left him deranged. This is just another lame propaganda attempt for the democratic party to keep the blacks hating the conservatives, and getting them out to vote. I expect we will be seeing the usual flock of movie stars this next years pleading for the ‘progressives’ causes of abortions, illegals, gun control, and Hillary.

And you can’t convince me they don’t all get paid to do it, in one way or another.

Thank GOD my mother preferred Cary Grant.



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