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My Day at the Zoo: Polar Bears, Elephants, and Mexicans Pulling Suitcases

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Once a year, I usually make a visit to the St. Louis Zoo, so that’s where I was most of the day. It’s one of the best zoo’s in the country, and it’s still free. Well, free if you don’t park in the $15 dollar parking lots.

What was different about this year? They had a new polar bear exhibit, which was nice, but also, something I had never seen before: Mexicans right off the border!

I counted THREE Mexican family’s walking around pulling all their families belonging behind them in suitcases. Tell me, who carries their suitcases through a zoo?

They were all well dressed, looked very well fed, and very excited.

So what? Does the border patrol fly them to St. Louis, ask them were they want to be dropped off and they say the Zoo?

They go to the Zoo before they go to whatever house or hotel or apartment? Or do they have to waste a few hours while the border patrol finds them a nice place to stay?

They really ARE suffering.Immigrants-Crossing-in-South-Texas-3-640x515

From Breitbart:

In an area south of Mission, Texas, known as Rincon Village, border crossers are smuggled across the narrow Rio Grande River on small rafts. Once on this narrow peninsula, the illegal border crossers have nowhere to go but right into the hands of waiting Border Patrol Agents. This is by design. They want to be captured as quickly as possible because they know they will be sent on to their destination at taxpayers’ expense. They also know they do not have to fear deportation.

Evidently, not only do they have to fear deportation, they have a visit to the zoo so the kids can have some fun after the long plane ride!

Amazing. No wonder they want to come here.

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