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The United Nations—2030—Utopia!

Nobody Cares

For those of you, who do not think that OUR Presidents, have at the core of their every action, the goal of the “one world government,” here’s more proof that they mean to take over the world, and control every single little nit and cranny. Soon, you will be seeing the new global flag unfurling in every country.

Daddy Bush got on board with this, and every President since him, has put in place, slowly, the pieces to make this happen.

Global Goals is just another name for Global communism. The point of this video is to make YOU think that’s it you the people that are pushing for this agenda, not them.

They want…more Money, Money, Money and MORE control.

Amfortas posted an excellent article on the 2030 United Nations agenda…it’s world wide communism, made with the usual American lies and smiley face.

It’s a great piece, read it here.



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  1. It does bare repeating; the “unglued nations” is worthless, they do not live up to their own charter. They have not kept peace anywhere, nor have they rescued, affirmed, nor promoted human rights. They are destined to take the same failed path their predecessors took; you do remember the “League of Nations”?


    Comment by madmemere | October 5, 2015 | Reply

    •  The whole mess is a sham. If they can’t dismantled it, then move it to Dubai.


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | October 5, 2015 | Reply

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