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Ted Cruz: NOT the Outsider that You Think.


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I’m having a hard time keeping my ‘opinions’ to myself, since I stopped blogging. And the last few weeks, I realized I have gotten just as emotional as Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney about who is best to lead the country. (Yep…here I am again—sigh)

Trump is my pick STILL…and I’m sticking to it. I’m sure NO man in election history has been prosecuted more by their own party than Donald Trump. It’s to the point of absurdity.

The people have so far, wanted Trump, and for good reason. We simply do not trust the politicians. And, most of America now knows that the elites pretty much run the country, and really could care less about the people. America…is dying right before our eyes…we are drowning in debt, and becoming a third world country fast. The American people have been treated pretty much like trash, and so has the future of our kids, but they have kept their own stocks market roaring.

A lot of good that does the millions who can’t even afford to buy stock.

Did you ever wonder WHY the GOP ran so many candidates in 2016? Sure, there is the ridiculous money-making machine of making everyone tune in to the ‘contest’ —and that brings money to the cable shows, but why else? Why the big “all out fight”  staged production?Ted CRuz funny

If there is one thing that this election has shown, it’s who works for the entrenched GOP establishment. Anybody who attacks Donald Trump is working for the “man” and their own wealth. They LIKE the way the system is now, and they will fight to the end to keep it in place. Donald Trump is not the boogie man. He’s not Hitler. He’s not stupid. He’s not ‘dangerous.” Good god.

The real enemy is in the White House, but let’s not talk about that.

Why did Lindsey Graham run? Come on. He did it for the “party.” He was there to promote Jeb Bush. And I think John Kasich is there to promote whatever candidate the GOP picks. He is there to take votes from Donald Trump.  He WANTS the brokered convention. That’s why he’s so “La la la la!” He is probably getting big bucks to do this.

By the way…whose running Ohio while he’s out consoling depressed young men?

And because Trump is so popular, every single conservative talk show host in America is supporting Cruz: and that is driving me crazy. I mean, here I am trying to “get” some relaxation and I turn on the radio, and start having to yell at them all…(and my dogs scatter, my birds freak out…it’s not good.)

Here’s what Rush said to Mike Wallace:

“I don’t mean this to be insulting to anybody; I’m just telling you what I saw — he was in a different league. (Cruz) He was in a different league on a different planet. Everybody says, “We need substance in these debates.” You got it. You got it from Cruz.”

NOBODY SAYS:  Substance? Cruz hasn’t said anything that anybody can not get off the internet, except that Donald Trump gave Hillary money 10 times. Ted only got it once. Let’s not forget to mention the democrats RUN New York. And yes, you are insulting us Rush.

Cruz’s forte has been the master of the debating clubs in every school he ever attended. He SHOULD be good. Donald Trump was out building skyscrapers. Two different talents. Trump can’t talk as well as Cruz, and he is still, I’m sure as he is running for office, trying to keep a watch on his empire dealings. Do we need another great talker?

Cruz was the head of the debate club of Princeton..he was at the world debate contest in Toronto in ..and let’s not forget…Cruz is from Harvard. Like Obama. Like Hillary and Bill. Like George W. Bush. Harvard and Yale. The incubator of presidents.

Just because you been born with a talent for giving speeches doesn’t mean you can run a country.

Can Ted get a skyscraper built under budget anywhere in the world? People don’t think about these things.

But…and this is important: Ted Cruz has a long record with the Bush family:

In Toronto at a debating contest.

In Toronto at a debating contest.

Between 1999 and 2003, Cruz was the director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission, an associate deputy attorney general at the United States Department of Justice, and as domestic policy advisor to U.S. President George W. Bush on the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign.

Rush went further:

“He’s just in a different league. He understands conservatism ’cause he is. And he is a nice guy. He’s a likable guy. He’s not crazy, he’s not nasty, and he certainly is not a liar. He’s a down-the-middle guy that anybody could trust. He has got plenty of integrity. This is what happens in politics.”

Nobody Says: Well gee Rush. He IS a liar. He sure screwed Ben Carson…. and that’s not integrity. That’s cheating. And he isn’t “nice.”

While everybody is trashing Trump on his business record, including Mitt…maybe we should be careful who the conservative radio hosts are trying to sell us. Because Rush Limbaugh has ALWAYS been the GOP’s main propaganda man.

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levine, all think if they just SHOW us how wonderful Ted Cruz is, we will forget about Donald Trump and the GOP will remain in intact with a TRUE conservative. And what good has ANY of the ‘conservatives” done the American people? Didn’t George W. Bush run as a ‘true’ conservative? They ALL sound great when they are running for office, but once they get there, they work for Wall Street. And Ted has a LOT of ties with Wall Street.

What’s sad, is that the average life of the American is so busy, they just ‘trust’ their talk show host, who wrap themselves in the Constitution.

Yes, EVERYBODY in the media is trying HARD to sell us…Ted Cruz. Mmmm…ever wonder about that?


“I think we’re gonna move forward, because I think at the end of all of this everybody’s gonna ultimately realize that it’s the Democrat Party that is the most destructive force in this country — it’s not one of these Republicans — and they have to be stopped. And they have to be stopped in this election if this country is to be restored to its founding principles and the ideals that a majority of Americans associate with this country. The Democrats have to be stopped, and that’s going to be what ultimately brings everybody back to sobriety.”

Rush hopes that will be Ted Cruz. They are already on the way to convincing the people that Cruz is one of us. I remember how Rush sold us George W. and Mitt Romney the VERY same way.

It’s the same old sell…again, and again, and again…just cleverly disguised as “We know, you don’t. ” BS.

Here is what they are NOT telling you about Ted Cruz.

In the end…they really don’t want Ted Cruz either…not because he won’t simply be the same old party of global elites, but because the rest of the world wants Hillary. That’s the truth. She is in…the global elite President’s club. Is Ted?

Rush might say he understands the people, but UNLESS he tells you the real truth about Ted Cruz, you are just being fooled again. Ted Cruz will be much the same as George W. Bush, who was a globalist.

And that’s my opinion…sad as it is.

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  1. A lot of people strongly dislike “The Donald” and it comes from both sides. Even members of my own family plainly detest the man, but someone asked a question, today, that makes a great amount of sense. That question was “If Trump is so awful, how come his kids are so great”?? Makes sense to me.


    Comment by madmemere | March 7, 2016 | Reply

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