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LAST Effort to Sink the Citizen’s Choice: Oligarchs Unite Against Trump

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Tonight at the CNN debate, they tried to put the blame on Trump for ‘violence’ at his rally.  Really…unbelievable.

White Americans, all OVER the country, for the last six years, have been attacked, beat up, kicked in the head, the face, and more often than not, killed by ‘gangs’ of black men. The crimes against White Americans has not even been MENTIONED by the media.

Obama, said nothing. (No, he promoted it.)

Ted Cruz, said nothing.

Marco Rubio, said nothing.

John (I’ll get you a good deal on this Pinto) said nothing.

And yet…when one white guy finally has enough of it, and punches a ‘protester’ at a Trump rally, than it becomes the talk of the day….and even at the debate tonight.

Yes, Trump is the cause of “violence.” It was pathetic the questions they ask Trump about ‘violence.”  Especially the “Hitler salute.”  Trump answered correctly: the people are angry.

To be fair, it was stupid of the guy. But then again…you can be sure that the democrats are sending these black guys into Trump’s rally to provoke this. Who knows what these black kids were yelling about…. ?

Having said that….the debates are getting really ridiculous.

Clearly the CNN debate tonight was set up, once again, to get Trump out of the lead. Rush Limbaugh could have been directing it was so close to the GOP attacks.  Cruz’s camera shots were all perfectly placed. Rubio had his mom and his whole neighborhood there, and the questions were framed to get people in Florida to go out and vote for both Rubio and Cruz.

South Florida, as we all know, is probably still run by Janet Reno. You might as well call it, little Cuba. Rubio is all about the young Hispanics that to the GOP will make up this country after the old white people die off, and he played to that Hispanic crowd tonight whenever he could. Alexis de

I don’t know about you, but at first, every one was sounding JUST LIKE TRUMP! Cruz,…”I will build a wall.” Okay. Are you saying that because Trump said it first and people loved it Ted?

What was the most noticeable thing tonight? Rubio, Cruz and Mr. Pinto all showed how LONG they have been in politics, and how MUCH they can promise that they will change the country. And how really typical of every politician we’ve had to listen to for the last decade they all were. I don’t trust any of them.

Donald stayed low-keyed, and for good reason.

The debate ARE boring. Every debate they ask the SAME questions, over and over and over.

I was ready to turn it off, but then Ted made his most obnoxious remark….I must paraphrase it…something like…”Only in America can a son of a bartender, a dock worker, a post man, and a rich man, run for President.”

In other words, hate Donald because he’s rich. People laughed.

It was nasty.  Ted is becoming more like Glenn Beck every day.

The questions my husband and I kept thinking about when they were discussing Social Security was: “Why don’t they give us back all the money they stole from it?”

Rubio wants everyone to work until they are 70 so that the poor Hispanic kids can get fed.

Kasich wants “the people” to solve all the problems, and let Washington keep having parties, because I don’t know about you, but that guy looks like he likes to drink.

Cruz wants to become President so that he can make a thousand political speeches to impress the world of how great a mind he really has. (His ego is actually bigger than Donald’s. Really.)

And Trump just wants to get to work.GW and constitution

Rush Limbaugh is now making radio spots for Cruz, and starting to talk glowingly about the Bush family again.

And then to show how much of a political hack Cruz is, he used the good old-fashioned  “scare” tactic.

Cruz was scaring people about how MUCH they were going to have to pay for everything should Donald use his trade deals.

Right. Because of the GOP and globalization there is basically only ONE store where you can shop now: Wal-Mart. All the other stores are closing down.

Thanks a lot Ted. I don’t know how many times I heard Rush Limbaugh lecture his audience on how GREAT Wal-Mart was. How globalization gave us low prices at Wal-Mart, and we should all get down on our knees and be thankful.

Rush gave us both Bushes, and Mitt and McCain.

Now he wants to give us “conservative” Cruz.

And THAT my friends, is the real con game being played.

I realize that Rush has been our guiding light all these years, but this time…

I think it’s time to let that light go out, and light a new one…

We owe it to ourselves.

This time, let’s give a regular citizen a stab at it…this time, let the POLITICIANS have to actually work for us.



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