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Nobody Remembers the Hatred Between Truman and Eisenhower

Nobody Remembers

As we witness the slow pounding of the next world war…I thought it was appropriate to remember….this video…and the fight between Truman and Eisenhower.

If you think Presidential candidates attacking each other with viciousness is new, then you haven’t read much history.

Nobody Remembers the Truman VS Eisenhower fight. They started out BEST of friends, while Truman was President. But…once Eisenhower decided to run for the Presidency, all gloves were off.

Once he declared his candidacy, Eisenhower started attacking the very politics that Ike had helped shaped.

From The President’s Club by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffey Eisenhower and Truman

Truman called Eisenhower a liar, a fool, a hypocrite, so ignorant of government after a life in the military that he was at the mercy of the party bosses, “a babe in the woods of Senator Taft…a military man who doesn’t know anything about civilian problems, in the hands of the reactionaries who speak and work for the banker, the power lobby, the real estate lobby, and all the other special privilege boys.”

But Eisenhower was as shrewd as he could be about reading public opinion and private motives, and understood that his political “inexperience” actually gave him an advantage. When Truman started accusing Eisenhower of “moral blindness” and anti-Semitism and anti -Catholicism, it backfired.

Eisenhower was a war hero. He won 38 of 49 states, including Truman’s home state…the most votes received by a candidate up to that point, AND carried the House and the Senate.

In other words…the people loved him.

I remember one of the ONLY times my own mother ever got really angry at me was when I accidentally broke her “I like Ike, and Ike is good with a Mike.” album.  My parents both loved Eisenhower, and I also remember my own father cussing out President Kennedy while he was digging a fallout shelter in our back yard.  

Eisenhower turned out to be a great President.  

So will, Donald Trump.

And to add  the famous phrase from Mel Gibson’s Patriot movie.”Stay the Course.”


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