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Independents CAN Rule! Or The Cast Against Ted Cruz and his Band of Merry Bubba Brothers


Nobody Wins

By now, I think we can all agree, that Washington D.C. is a cesspool of career criminals, who have entrenched themselves like cement…into their various positions of power. I expect to see statues of the Clinton’s and Bushes no less than a few years away…right after Obama gets his statue.Independents two

I can’t wait to throw pigeon poop at them.

“We the People” can’t even begin to dismantled the inflexible wall of deception and crime called the American government.

And then…Donald Trump came along. Maybe…we’d have a chance!

Trump demolished the Bush dynasty, and millions of Americans were more than grateful. So, the elites are now backing Ted Cruz, who Rush Limbaugh says is because they have no other choice. (Yes they do.)

Here’s the problem with Ted Cruz and all his merry band of holy disciples which now includes Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Mark Levine, Rush Limbaugh, and the ever-loving alcoholic (remember they are never an x) Glenn Beck…they all want Ted to win for the wrong reason. It’s all about THEM. They are, to their own self-image, the pillars of conservatism. Each one of these people have become VERY rich pontificating about America…its greatness, it’s Constitution, it’s Bill of Rights, and how if we just elect the RIGHT people, it could all change.

Yes…very, very, rich.

But it never does, does it? Which is ALWAYS good for them, because if things ever started going right…who would want to listen to them? (HINT…good time to turn them off.)

The problem is, “We the People” should not let the media, and those that CONTROL the media keep the subject on the really nebulous mantra of “The Constitution” and “The REAL Conservative.”

“They sell us our politicians like they sell us our cars.”   Jackson Brown

Frankly, Rush, Glenn, AND Mark, three men who have daily sworn their honesty and passion for the American people and acted like Superman going after the latest democratic fraud and corruption, turn a gigantic blind eye at all Ted Cruz’s dishonesty.

What has Cruz actually done with his life besides be such a good Master…debater (and worked tirelessly for the Bush family) that he got into the corrupt Congress?Cruz trio

Trump is right. Cruz can talk a good game all he wants, but when it comes down to it, all that these politicians promise will never come about if they don’t know how to manage and get along with people.

Ask anybody who has run a business…you HAVE to get along with everybody.  The Congress make their living off of the ‘fight’ so therefore, they can’t balance a budget.

And Ted Cruz…by his own historical record…cannot get along with anybody.

IF Cruz became President, and he wouldn’t, he has no chance against Hillary, we would have more of the same crap: Nothing.

A fine talker. Sure. the meantime, you and your children will see nothing change.

If Ted Cruz had gotten at least half of Congress to stand with him to oppose Obamacare, I would say he is a leader…but he stood there alone. Probably because he thought he was Jimmy Stewart. Nobody listened to him that night…we all heard him read “Green Eggs and Ham” which goes to show, he really didn’t have a lot to say now did he?Indenpendents

Wouldn’t it be great if the American people stopped repeating the same old comments they hear on their radios and TV’s and reject BOTH parties? There are, now more Independents in the country than either registered Democrats or Republicans.

Donald Trump…is the real American here. The rest are all just the same old thing.

It makes me sick to know, that the people who I have been listening too, and trusting all these years, are really all just looking out for themselves and SAYING they care about me.

In the end, it’s all about the money.

And MONEY is what America needs. All of Ted Cruz and his band of merry de–baters have money. But…WE don’t.

Do you want a debater for President, or a Master builder?

Maybe someday Trump can build Ted a state of himself to put in his Senate office.

As long as he becomes: President Trump…I think I could live with that.



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