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I’ve HAD it With Rush Limbaugh…

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I turned on Rush Limbaugh today…for my parakeets. They like to hear talk, it makes them sing more. Don’t ask me why…I turned on Rush Limbaugh, and then sure enough, the first sentences spilling out of his mouth was about how CLOSE Ted Cruz was to beating Trump according to all the polls. Rush L.

Now, I hate to make my little fellows suffer, but then again, why should I have to suffer listening to Rush using every single moment of his broadcast pushing Ted Cruz?

I turned him off. In fact, I think if all of the Trump fans in the country would do the same, things would not seem so gloomy, and maybe the advertising sponsors  of these Ted Cruz promoters would get the hint: They might lose their audiences forever.

Rush…it’s OUR turn to decided what’s good for US. Not your decision.

WE need hope, and Ted Cruz brings Trump supporters no hope whatsoever. We need jobs, not another sniveling, manipulating, religious fraud backed by powerful bankers.

Besides…I’m pretty bored with Rush. He KNOWS that the normal person who is struggling out in America prefers Trump, and he acts like he understands why…but he is no different from the elites that he claims to know now are not very popular. He is forcing his stance on Ted Cruz down our throats…he just couldn’t take it any longer.

So Dear Rush:

Why don’t YOU shop at Wal-Mart–since you’ve been pushing the glory of China’s goods at Wal-Mart for years— and leave the rest of the country alone? We are certainly glad that President George W. Bush bought you to the White House to give you a birthday cake, and how honored you were at that moment, to have a sitting President validate your existence but frankly, to be blunt, you are one too many mornings and a thousand miles behind what the country is really wanting at this moment…and guess what?

It’s not you. Rush L. 2

And it’s not Ted Cruz.

Millions of Americans have been persuaded by you all these years, and followed your lead, and voted for your Rino’s, and it’s one of the reason that the country is in such a mess.

What good did all your rants about the Clinton’s do us, huh? It made you richer, the Clinton’s were never hurt by you, and your opinions didn’t do a thing for us.

My birds are going to start listening to music.

You know, you are never too old to learn…and I’m learning, that Rush Limbaugh, once again, stands forever with the rich elites that run our lives. He thinks HE knows what’s best for us.

He doesn’t.

And I can say that with BOTH hands tied behind my back, and just my cerebral cortex.


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