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Mark Levine: Glenn Beck Copycat

Nobody’s Perfect

Okay. Forgive me. I HAD to post this, because I couldn’t believe how much Mark Levine stole Glenn Beck’s whole TV setup right off. The books, the fireplace, the screen, the symbols of America all around him…and the BLACK glasses. All he needs to do now is get himself a replica of the Oval Office.

For god’s sake, don’t forget the black glasses. Rick Perry rushed out and got some right after he made that big blunder during the debates, to make himself look smart. Then Glenn Beck got them, and now Mark. In the 50’s if you wore black glasses you were either Jerry Lewis or a dork.

But now, it give them gravitas: Look into our eyes: WE ARE SMART—YOU…are not.


I remember when Mark kept calling up Shawn Hannity, and then, before you know it, he had his own radio program. Now, he sucked up to Glenn Beck and I’m sure Glenn has helped him get his own little TV YouTube setup…

They all think they are teaching us about the Constitution. It gives them something to do I suppose.

Whenever I see Mark now, I think of that scene in Jurassic Park and the Lawyer’s fate.

Anyway, using the founders to back Ted Cruz is something that many people fall for.

So, what do you think? Is that a ‘set’ or his actual home?

Do we care? Notice, he doesn’t bring in Ted Cruz until the VERY end.

Like dangling a cookies in front of you and then putting them back and given you broccoli.

Good luck there Mark. I would have thought you’d come up with something a big more original.

But then again…you have NEVER been known to be an original thinker, have you?

Nobody’s Perfect.





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