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Oliver Stone Attacks Hillary Clinton…Cool.

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Oliver Stone wrote an interesting article in the Huffington Post today. He hates Hillary for all the right reasons: Hillary laugh 2

And so, he supports Bernie Sanders:

This is why I’m praying still for Bernie Sanders, because he’s the only one willing, at least in the name of fiscal sanity, to cut back on our foreign interventions, bring the troops home, and with these trillions of dollars no longer wasted on malice, try to protect the “homeland” by actually rebuilding it and putting money into its people, schools, and infrastructure.

Now, Donald Trump has said the very same thing…which goes to show, ALL the people of America are sick of our politicians spending billions of dollars on everybody in the friggin’ world, but their own country.

Stone of course, doesn’t mention that, while he thinks Clinton is a fascist, Bernie is a socialist, which isn’t much better. Donald Trump would actually get this stuff done, Bernie has no clue.

Anyway, amazing thinking for someone who spent most of his life on drugs.

Nobody Thinks Oliver WOULD vote for Trump over Hillary according to his thoughts on this. Nobody also thinks that Hollywood might be finally getting sick of the Clintons.

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