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Is Trump Going to “Punish” Women? NO: It’s Just Another False Flag

Nobody Wins

Like most people, my day was filled with other things besides politics, and so, when they showed Trump on CNN, saying that a woman should be ‘punished’ for having an abortion, I suddenly saw Hillary in the White House, waddling up the steps to the front door.Donal Trump and Chris

Oh no.

But tonight, I watched the absolutely sleazy interview by Chris Mathews on MSNBC, called “Trump TownHall” and watched what he said in context…and once again, they took a small thing and blew it all out of proportion all over the news.

If that statement upset you, like it did me, (as it was MEANT to by the press) go watch the whole thing on Youtube. (below starts at 9.41)

You’ll feel much better. He said that…but you had to see the context of it.

Chris Mathews basically got Trump tripped up in an esoterically, totally theosophical talk about religion and abortion, and very cleverly got Trump to say a statement which in the context of the argument, was a pro-life position. IF you are pro-life, than abortion is murder and the woman should be punished.

Trump was ‘tricked’ into presenting a pro-life position, which he did. BUT

It was mostly an esoterically presented argument.Chris Mathews retard

This is how *$&$& up liberals are: Chris is a Catholic and in the Catholic religion abortion is a sin, but Chris says he can still be a Catholic and just not adhere to that.

And he sees no problem with the hypocrisy. Because religion is not the law. That’s how he rationalizes it.

And Trump said, Well you can’t be a Catholic then, which it true. Murder is murder in logic, whether it’s a fetus or a person, and yet, liberals like Nancy Pelosi are all for abortion, and the Pope welcomes them with open arms.

Then how seriously show we take the Catholic Church? Hypocrites.

Remember—-the subject that is NEVER talked about in any political election is abortion, because it IS a vote killer, and it took Chris “feel my leg” Mathews to try to find a ‘women’s issue to put down the Trumpster.

I don’t remember Obama or Mitt Romney ever getting specific about abortion. They always used generic terms: I’m “pro-life” or I “believe in a woman’s right to choose.” The reporters never went any further, but all bets are off with Trump.

Here’s the bad part…if people don’t watch that interview in it’s entirely it might cost him democratic votes, and Independents.

Hillary is going to run with this.

The MSNBC Trump Townhall, was just another “Let’s damage Donald Trump” as best we can.

Nevertheless…the fact that Donald thinks a woman should be punished and not the man was very interesting, and won’t go over well with many women.

So, do yourself a favor…just watch it….especially you Wisconsin.


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