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What Would Eisenhower Say About Hillary and Obama? Answer…

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NOTE: I’m busy watching the incredible feats of Michael Phelps tonight, so instead of making up my own usual rant, I’m just going to reprint a few paragraphs from A History of the American People.

If you think that Hillary’s and Obama’s record on ISIS is meaningless, remember that we once had REALLY great Presidents…Eisenhower two

And Dwight D. Eisenhower was one of them. Read this, and tell me if Trump is not advocating the same principles of government of X President, Eisenhower:

Historians can trace the rise of huge executive power in the United States, accompanied by prodigious spending, through the Pre-World War One years of the Wilson administration, the vast expansion of federal and military power 1917-1918, the revival of large-scale federal industrial projects during the New Deal, their expansion during World War Two on a gigantic and unprecedented scale, and the way in which the onset of the Cold War made a large-scale, free spending federal government, linked to an enormous arms industry, and voracious armed forces, a permanent feature of the American system. Eisenhower’s third principle, reflected in his private diaries and papers was that the security of freedom through the world depended ultimately on the health and strength of the US economy. Given time, the strength  of that economy would duplicate itself in western Europe and Japan,—he could see it happening—thus spreading the burden. But the US economy itself could be destroyed by intemperate spending by a greedy, over-large state, generating profligacy and inflation. He said of the military: “They don’t know much about fighting inflation. This country could choke itself to death piling up military expenditures just as surely as it can defeat itself by not spending enough for protection.” Or again:

” There is no defense for any country which busts its own economy.”

(And what has Obama been doing to our deficit? Busting our economy at every chance.)Eisenhower three

Normally he ran balanced budgets. What he was most opposed to was a massive, permanent increase in federal commitments. He put holding down inflation before social security because he held that price stability was ultimately the only reliable form of social security. He loathed the idea of a welfare state. He was in fact, deeply conservative.

TELL me that doesn’t sound like Donald Trump.

If Ike was alive, he’d be out there calling for arrest of both Hillary and Obama, and he’d be campaigning for Donald Trump.

Eisenhower was not only one of the greatest generals of all time, he left America AND the world a much safer, and richer place.

Thank God he didn’t live to see what they’ve done to the country.






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