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Nobody’s Perfect: John Conyers VS Al Franken

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we compare the two latest progressive bunch-pumpers in the democratic party: Senator Al Franken, the Court Jester of boobies, and Senator John Conyers, a well-known Washington D.C., goozlam gooner.

Notice the word…” Senator” in front of the names. Most important.

In a war of Who would gross the young girls out the most? Who would YOU pick? Last week, women were confessing grossed out moments on both these ‘gentlemen’ and more are coming.

Let’s start with Al Franken. Most of America knew him as the ugly comedian who spend his life writing and performing jokes on SNL…but who knew that he had a degree in political science from Harvard?
Nobody Wonders: Did he ‘grope’ his way through college… inside the trailers of movie sets?

I can picture Al sniffing cocaine, sitting in some Hollywood hot tub, all the while knowing that his TRUE calling was what his mentor Paul Wellstone of Minnesota was doing: Being Senator of Minnesota.

No doubt, Bill Clinton suggested that Al should run for that seat at Paul’s VERY festive funeral.
Was that where he decided to run for Paul’s seat? Even though he had problems with tax evasion, and a failed attempt to oust Rush Limbaugh off the radio with his Air America radio program, somehow, he lost the election on the first count.

But, no worry! They recounted it and voila! Al won by 300 votes, some say from the found votes of convicted felons who loved watching him on SNL.

From radio host to Senator.

Last week, this picture came out…and now we know: Al LOVES to grab women’s butts, and stick his tongue down their throats, and who knows what else?

“But have you ever placed a hand on some woman’s butt?” asked the reporter.

“I can’t say that it hasn’t happened. In crowded chaotic situations, I can’t say I haven’t done that. I am very sorry if these women experienced that,” Franken admitted.

Today Al said he was sorry, and Universal Health Care is still on the table.

Then you have the oldest fossil walking the halls of Congress, and probably even walking there naked in the wee hours of the morning: John Conyers:

From Wikipedia:

In total, he has won re-election twenty-five times and is serving in his twenty-sixth term. He is the longest-serving current member of the House, the longest-serving current member of the entire Congress, the fourth longest-serving member of the House in history, and the seventh longest-serving member of Congress in history. 

Proving Detroit truly is dead.

(How come we can’t force Congress to retire at 65 like all the REST of us?)

John likes to invite over young women and walk around in his underwear, hoping that his magnificent body will turn on the women and they will instantly grab him and beg for …

For the nearest cop.

No, what’s bad about John is that he has women sign a “nondisclosure” form saying they will never tell how much money the taxpayers have paid them to keep quiet. So far, Paul Ryan is not going to go there. (Which tells you something doesn’t it?)

In 2015, a former employee of Conyers alleged that he had sexually harassed her. Her affidavit was filed with the Congressional Office of Compliance and she was, with public funds, allegedly paid a settlement of $27,000.[48] BuzzFeed reported on this settlement on November 20, 2017, including accounts of other ethical concerns associated with Conyers’s office such as sexual harassment of other female staffers.

Last Sunday, Nancy Pelosi came out and defended the lion of great causes who has promoted: Single payer healthcare, House Resolution 288 (protecting Islam from acts of intolerance), and getting reparations for Blacks. He was a founder of the Black Congressional Causes—the black version symbolically of the KKK.

Conyers said he would step down as ranking member of House Judiciary Committee during the House Ethics Committee investigation of his sexual misconduct.

No doubt they will reach a decision before Christmas that both men are “sorry” and by next year, they’ll be back in power.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for this week?

Al Franken, the man who acts like he is 11 going on 6?

Or John Conyers, the peckerhead who seems driven to waste his time looking for Al Franken leftovers in his underwear?


It’s Hillary Clinton.

Hillary spent more taxpayer money defending and going after Bill Clintons’ many women, so much in fact that when they left the White House, she had to whore him out to get her money back.

And I have only one thing to say about all this:

Pretty sad.

Wanna make a bet we never hear who Congress paid off?

The real problem here is the fact that neither Ryan OR Old McConnell will do a thing about the money that was spent to hush up scandals.

They will do what they have done for decades: Nothing.

The least they could do was create a “Congress Sexual Abuse Hotline.”

We could take bets on who gets the most calls.

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