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Nobody’s Perfect: Anne Coulter…Beelzebub’s Apprentice

Nobody’s Perfect

This guy in the video kills me. Typical democrat.

I don’t know WHAT happened to this lady, but today she was on C-Cpan showing how cool she could be when speaking with a real communist.  Sorry, I forgot his name and so its not important.  Anne of course, is the right’s most prolific novelist and has made her millions off of talking about the democrats.

I used to read every one of her books. I said USE to.

When it comes to ‘just politics’ she can write with great humor and sometimes even brilliance. But, when it comes to knowing the ‘REAL’ world, she just doesn’t have a clue. And she’s starting to contradict herself.

For instance: Today she was saying that Donald Trump has kept NONE of his promises, which makes you wonder just how many Martha Vineyards parties did she attend and get so drunk at that she doesn’t remember who she was talking to.

I’m starting to wonder if she’s just a closet drunk. President Trump has kept all his promises and even more; Let’s list a few Anne: go here.  

He got rid of that terrible ‘tax’ on Obamacare. He improved the economy, with historic records on both employment AND WALL STREET. He promised to do the pipeline, it got done. Put the embassy in Jerusalem. He got rid of all the horrible government regulations that were like chains arounds small business. He got rid of ISIS. And now, their leader…and everyday he does something new to impress us all, despite…and get this Anne…”ALL THE MEDIA BUT A FEW TRYING TO GET RID OF HIM.” And he is the first President in history that had the FBI, the CIA, and a President trying to take him out.

President Trump gets more stuff done even dealing with this before lunch, while you are having your hair curled.

I went through a lot of Anne’s video’s on youtube and her main complaint is that Trump has NOT build that wall. He has the authority she says. He can get the money.

I don’t know what planet she’s on, but it’s almost like she doesn’t even read her own books OR know a thing about how the real world works. Just because the Constitution gives the President the power to prevent an invasion, doesn’t mean he can declare it like a King and it will get done.

But Anne, seems to think it can.

Despite the fact that President Trump could build the wall, declare it his right…everybody in the U.S. will just…now pay attention Anne...I don’t want to rake your pretty head too hard, but they would, AND HAVE …and will….

Just ignore him. Stop him. Wake up Anne…half the politician ignore the laws. Where have YOU been?

In case you haven’t notice, there IS a deep world state running things now, and it seems you are a part of it. I cannot for the life of me figure out what you just do NOT get about the way the country works in 2019.

And that’s because, you’ve never run a business Anne. You are an elite. For goodness’s sake, you don’t even HAVE to shop at Wal-mart. Even Michelle Obama at least pretended. (She was on the board so she was getting paid.)

You claim, Anne, to be alarmed that you know the country will disappear with illegal immigration, then get off your butt, and go down to the border, and give some money to the citizens who are trying to get it accomplished. I haven’t seen you do ANY interviews at the border Anne. Why not? You care don’t you? Not enough money in it for you?

What? You might not get your hair styled? (By the way, love the hair.)

You only appear on the paid cable? You STILL love Mitt Romney?

Congress, and big business simply have too much control. And you, my sweet lady, are making sure the democrats win because you kept saying Trump has kept none of his promises.

Well, that’s a lie, and a rather big one.

So, Congratulations Anne! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for being such an attack dog. And for harping on something that Trump actaully is trying to get done, no thanks to you.

Every time you attack President Trump, you show just how much you DON’T know about really anything.

Once again, President Trump exposing the Washington Elite…and YOU are part of it.

In your case, I could lead you to the common American, but I can’t make you understand, how really ignorant you are.

You know, lots of people can be great authors. But very few can be Shakespeare. Lots of politicians can be great speakers, but very few can be great leaders.

Nobody thinks you suffer from Beelzebub’s main sin: The sins of pride. I suggest you watch a few of your own video’s.

You’re slipping into Trump derangement Anne, it’s clear. And by the looks of your recent hair color….there’s no cure.

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