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Eric Clapton…Thank You for Sharing Your Pain.

Eric Clapton Slams COVID Response & Warns About Vaccine Reactions (

Nobody Flashes

Now that I’m back on, I’m still testing the ‘waters’ so to speak. Many of you have offered help and I truly appreciated it. The ‘intruders’ are trying very hard to get back on, and this must be happening to a lot of people because the credit card companies have been very helpful in taking off all charges.

Having said that, my husband is on vacation this week, and so, we are trying to get in some “rest” time…

I saw this video on Infowars, and you can’t even download it. The censorship in the tech world is getting worse.

I’ll write more about this later, but in this interview Eric pretty much describes what many of us have been feeling. I have written about my own son being affected by all the propaganda.

Eric Clapton is not only a master of guitar, it comes to find out, he is a kind, and very intelligent human being..

To suffer pain when you play guitar?

My heart goes out to him.

Anyway, watch it until the end. He really makes great points. And it’s no wonder his great spirit comes out through those magical fingers.

This Nobody would LOVE to hear him play live (which so very few musicians do nowadays) just one more time.

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