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It’s my birthday. Bunker Hill Day. I’m off to due the usual things that people do on their birthday. I will celebrate with just my husband and I. Probably buy myself something simple. Maybe have a cupcake. (Ha)

It’s hot here….and in St. Louis, Chicago…the usual black murders go on in the heat of the night. And to me, it feels like Bunker Hill Day is coming soon once again to America, it’s only at a matter of time.

At the pool yesterday, a lady told me she was going to a friend to visit Boston. I suggested she go on one of the many ‘red’ trail tours where the American experience is done with actors and you walk the city and see the places where the country began…So, in honor of all those men who gave their lives on that day…fighting the King’s men on Bunker Hill, here’s a rendition wrote by Abigail Adams to her husband John, who was away at Congress trying to convince the men that they should unit into one country…she could see Bunker Hill from Braintree where her home was:

“The day, perhaps the decisive day, is come, on which the fate of America depends. My bursting heart must find vent at my pen. I have just heard that our dear friend, Dr. Warren, is no more, but fell gloriously fighting for his country, saying:” Better to die honorably in the field than ignominiously hang upon the gallows.” Great is our loss! He has distinguished himself in every engagement, by his courage and fortitude, by animating the soldiers, and leading them on by his own example. A particular account of those dreadful, but, I hope, glorious days, will be transmitted you, no doubt in the exactest manner.

“The Race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong: but the God of Israel is he that giveth strength and power unto his people. Trust in him at all times, ye people, pour out your hearts before him. God is a refuge for us.”

“Charlestown is laid in ashes. The battle began upon our intrenchments upon Bunker’s Hill, Saturday morning, about three O’clock, and has not ceased yet: and it is now three O’clock, Sabbath afternoon. “

“It is expected they will come out over the neck tonight, and a dreadful battle must ensue. Almighty God, cover the heads of our countrymen, and be a shield to our dear friends! How many have fallen we know not. The constant roar of the cannon is so distressing that we cannot eat, drink, or sleep. May we be supported and sustained in the dreadful conflict. I shall tarry here till it is thought unsafe by my friend, and then I have secured myself a retreat at your brothers who has kindly offered me part of his house.

“I cannot compose myself to write any further at present. I will add more as I hear further.

Most people think the revolution began at Lexington, or Concord…but according to John Adams, the men in Congress and most of the country was still divided…the REAL turning point was the fight at Bunker Hill. In his mind, according to his grandson, “The event of the seventeenth of June dissipated the last shadow of doubt in Mr. Adam’s mind of the necessity of insisting for the future upon the impossibility with spirit, to the work of stimulating congress to take the most decisive measures of preparation for the inevitable conflict.”

Not many people think about Bunker Hill. But I do. Every single birthday I am reminded that long ago, brave men fought a tyrant to make sure that their lives remained…in freedom.  

Too bad none of the kids even know about it.

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  1. Thanks Mrs. O.! Yes, I had a wonderful day.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | June 17, 2021 | Reply

  2. Happy [Belated] Birthday, Joyanna! (I didn’t see this until today.) Hope you had a great day. 🙂

    Mrs. O


    Comment by Mrs. O | June 17, 2021 | Reply

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