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George H.W.’ was NOT Born on Bunker Hill Day: Sorry Today Show.

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I was taking a shower this morning, getting ready to go out on my birthday, when I happened to turn on Channel 5 news here while I was getting ready. It was on the Today Show. And there she was…Jenna Bush…getting ready to jump out of an airplane on Bunker Hill Day like her “papa” or “Kumpa”, “Gampy” or whatever she happened to call her grandfather President George H.W. Bush. It was to be in HIS honor, and they were making the BIGGEST deal out of it.

Along with celebrating her grandfather’s birthday, Bush also honored the Army’s 246th birthday on by landing on the historic grounds of the National Museum of the United States Army.

NOTE: George H.W. birthday was June 12th. NOT June 17th. Guess it really didn’t matter though.

Instantly I thought, “Oh gee. Nothing like spoiling MY birthday. A big promotion on one of the most memorable battles fought at the start of the revolution, and the BUSH family wants to take this most important day in American History to PROMOTE the Bush family, which of course wants their people (ALL THE GLOBALIST RINOS) BACK in the White House.

But Jenna wasn’t going to go alone, which she SHOULD have done, to show GOP American women how brave she was. She was certainly young enough to jump alone. NOOOOOOO…like her ‘Gampy’ she needed the whole ARMY platoon to guide her down and all she had to do was talk to the camera.

It was embarrassing to watch. The today show cohosts were all there cheering her on and talking about how brave her “Gampy” was to jump out of a plane at 90.

EXCUSE ME, but how are we, suppose to be impressed by either Gampy OR his granddaughter, when the have the BEST experts in the world guiding them down. It’s un-American. It’s a photo op. If they had jumped themselves, taking a few lessons and been brave, maybe yes, we are impressed. But is it me? Even at my age I would have done it myself. Maybe ‘Gampy’ at 90, but come on. What did he do for the country? Jump out of a plane. Gee. Thanks.

They talked about Gampy’s plane being shot down, (which according to many, wasn’t very suspicious) and certainly, the Bush’s have ruled America, for WAY too many years. Secrets galore. And as I have always said, they claim to love the military, and will do photo ops with them, and not blink an eye as to how many are killed in their many wars.

But Jenna, Her hands were shaking, and they practically had to PUSH her out. (They left a lot of hand shaking out of the video below.) The guy who she was strapped to kept telling her to lift her legs, but she really had trouble doing that. She was scared to death.

Even I, at MY age would not have been as frightened as she was. If Jenna was being represented as the GOP woman to admire in the Bush family, it was…embarrassing to watch. I sort of even felt sorry for her. But this was a BUSH family promotion P.R. B.S. Pretty obvious.

But what this really means is the Bush family desperately wants the OLD GOP establishment to be admired by the American people again.

Even Mitch O’Connell has sworn to block Trump from running and finding someone to beat him. Maybe Jeb can jump out next time.

Right now, Jeb’s kid is running for Governor of Texas CLAIMING he is a Trump supporter.

Less than a year after being elected to lead the oldest state agency in Texas, Land Commissioner George P. Bush has dramatically remade the General Land Office by ousting most of its longtime leaders and replacing many with people with ties to his campaign and family.

And if Texas hasn’t learned by now that ALL of the Bush’s lie to get into office, then I suggest they go visit the border.


They SAY Trump supports George P. Bush. So…Nobody Wonders: When will Trump learn that the RINO”s hate him JUST As much?

Nobody Knows. But I’ve had enough of the BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA American global enterprise, how About you? I don’t care HOW much the Bush family tries to keep their faces in public and HOW much they put down Trump.

As they say, “I’m done with them.”

Here’s some real info on Bunker Hill Day.

Sorry GAMPY…Patriots are NOT King George. That title, belonged to you.

Breitbart News Network

Enjoy the screams.

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