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Oscar Needs a Booster Shot

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s 2022, and the world has already been ‘transformed.’ And Hollywood was one of the first alarms to go off to prove it. Every year, it has gotten worse.

I’m watching the Oscars right now, trying to figure out what to write about. I’ve got it on in the background next to my computer.  The only interesting thing I could find to write about was Bill Gates saying that everybody in rich countries should eat plastic meat.

Sure Bill, you start, and PROVE YOU eat it every day.

That’s for tomorrow.

Right now, some actor just won for best supporting actor, who is deaf, and it’s another politically correct speech for the deaf getting a reward. I’m not even sure the guy is deaf, and it’s presented by a Chinese woman who won last year. (WOKE) Being disabled is a sure winner this year, no matter how many limbs you have that are metal. In fact, the more disabled you are the better. Makes me want to put a patch on my eye and talk about my dear mother who was blinded by the pictures on Hunter Biden’s laptop.  

Right into an add for Buzz Lightyear movie where we can expect Buzz to give a big gay kiss for all the little kids to want to emulate. (WOKE) (The Oscars are on ABC)

Next speaker: Black woman, with Chinese actor. Not sure, but he says he’s from Canada and seems gay. Presenting Oscar for “Drive my Car”: Japan. Actor thanked everyone in Japanese. Makes me wonder if the electric cars are already making the drivers in Japan go back to riding bikes.

WAIT! After Reba sang, a notice came up for a moment of silence for Ukraine, followed by how they need essentials, DONATE—(woke) What? Where’s that famous President of Ukraine? We were PROMISED!

Somebody making a speech about What? “There is no more of them, just us?” Okay. (WOKE)

Reminder that Pfizer is sponsoring the Oscars. Lots of “GET THAT BOOSTER” ads.

WOW, first black woman to win an Oscar for her designs in Black Panthers. Who knew? Mentioned Diversity. Disney woman from England won for Cruella. Emma Thomson…Harry Potter. VERY British. (Half WOKE)

FACT: Oscar was fashioned after a Mexican. So says some famous Mexican actor. Sorry, I could care less about the actor’s name.  He was in the Disney cartoon hit, and now a performance of Spanish and rap:
“We don’t talk about Bruno.” With Rap and Shiela E? Who by the looks of it, hasn’t played timbales in quite a while.  Okay. Lots of colorful costumes. In fact, lots of the men are wearing suits with beautifies, and various feminine designs on them. Weird.

Themes: Mexicans, GAYS, blacks, and disabled people should get top billing over every one else. Got it.

Lots of commercial telling you to stream Disney on IPADs.

Hey, there’s those little boy Asian singing group boys talking about how much they love DISNEY. Have I mentioned this is on ABC? (MAJOR WOKE) Sorry, I don’t know the name of their group and don’t care to know.

The three women comedian Oscar hosts came out dressed in drag, (Playing Dad) and a black woman playing Tammy Fay–white woman, and not even funny, Spider Woman. (WOKE WOKE)

You’d have to see the skit, or better yet, be glad you didn’t.

Best script went to Northern Ireland…we can only guess what that’s about. Belfast war. The Irish win. (Hillary should be happy.)

Okay, I’m getting bored watching all these narcissistic liberals. Some ladies in a silver glitter dress just thanked about 300 people in two minutes. And clearly, they want America going BACK to the movies.

How much will that cost with gas prices? Most of us are streaming on Prime, or Netflix, Ruku, or the many apps with thousands of movies. Besides, we now get seconds. China gets first showing. Why fork out all that money for these people? They no longer make us want to emulate any of them in any way.

At least, not the patriots.

It’s 20 minutes later: Lots of black rewards and comments about how blacks are mistreated STILL, and the Godfather is honored. A black rapper honoring the FIRST crime family.

Oh wait! Al Pacino, Robert Dinero, and Francis Ford Coppola appear! Lots of pictures of Spielberg taking pictures of them. Pacino looks terrible. Luckily, they didn’t give any ridiculous speeches.

Fast-forward: Will Smith won best actor and cried and cried and thanked the family of tennis stars for giving him an Oscar. Most nebulous speech of the night. Nobody knew what the hell he was talking about.

Some woman, won best actress AND best movie for playing a gay woman, and made a big speech about how gays are being killed I guess all over the world. News to most of us, but what do you expect from Hollywood? How many are killed in Muslim countries? Uh….

Lady Gaga, appeared with Liza Minelli, wearing a bad tux, Liza being a good date for Joe Biden. I don’t think too many in the audience liked her much.

Good thing I wasn’t paying too much attention.

Hollywood we can honestly say, has…left the building, in fact, they’ve left most of the planet. Hollywood should book that Mars shuttle. Let them eat fake meat.

Did my brain survive? Can I forget what I just watched?

I’ll let you know tomorrow.

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  1. But did you see Will Smith slug Chris Rock over a joke he made? Tact joke I’m sure but he was yelling keep my wife’s name out of your effing mouth. The whole place was quiet! I wasn’t watching but my son send me video.


    Comment by Debbie Pow | March 27, 2022 | Reply

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