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Nobody’s Fool: Insurance Agent Tells the Truth And Update on Will Smith

Nobody’s Fool

Bravo to this man who is telling what many of us beleive. This vaccine is a mass genocide by the elites. It’s meant to destory our immune systems, so that more of us get sick and die. Especially the men in our military.

My brother, whose never been sick in his life, now has ‘bronchitis.” He doesn’t smoke or drink, BUT, he’s had all the vaccines so I’m just hoping his wife can keep him OUT of the hospital.

The horror is: Nobody will say the word ‘genocide’.

And what a way for China to get rid of our military. Right?


UPDATE on Will Smith’s great slap: They are calling it the “slap heard around the world” can you beleive it?

All day long, every channel had the exciting news that last night at the Oscars’s Will Smith slaped Chris Rock for telling a joke about his wife’s bald head. When I first saw the video, mainly because of the ‘sound’ of the slap, I thought the whole thing was staged. Notice, how loud that slap was, and the pitch. It was done somewhere in the sound room. (Yeah, I’ve worked with P.A. systems.)

Also, notice the coolness of Chris Rock AND that his face didn’t even look red right after the slap.

After all, the joke was anything but insulting. And let’s face it, do you really think Will Smith would do that, or even that Chris Rock would be so calm after it happened?

Notice it was a slap. If he was that mad, he would have punched him. And he walked away with a smirk on his face. Chris did NOT look shocked, and he also didn’t even protect himself.

Every time I see it, I think it very well could have been staged. Good for ratings.

If you listened to the media, then Chris and his wife have an ‘open’ marriage, so, what? I tend to follow the money, sorry I’m cynical. Hollywood is not doing that well. The whole night was a political correct bullying to promote GAYS.

Sure, those DID look like real tears that Will Smith was sheading, and we don’t know what else is going on in their lives, but the way they are putting this at the top of the news when there is SO much going on seems a bit suspicious. He lost his speech, and the tears were a bit too much. He’d still be mad.

Also, the Oscars have been losing ratings for almost a decade, people aren’t going to the movies, and no doubt China is going to put a damper on all the Hollywood blockbusters. So, as I recall Will Smiths’ last four movies have bombed. His wife isn’t working much. And they just HAVE to keep their faces on the TV, and trash magazines to make money elsewear.

Look, if Jesse Smolet can get sympathy out of a fake Trump attack, don’t you think those two guys, who are REAL actors could have rehearsed this? And remember, Alex Baldwin got by with MURDER.

Will’s acceptance speech was all about violence and he kept saying he wanted to protect his family, and THEN it comes out on the news today that he had watched his own father beat up on his mother…and HEY! It’s Celebrate Woman’s Month and watch: domestic violence will now be open discussion. They even said that’s why he snapped: His father was a wife beater and he felt helpless growing up.

THIS of course takes the news off of Biden, who is trying to piss off Putin, and is really becoming a loose cannon, because…he can. Hey! I think he’s just getting into the power. He LOVES it! But, he’s losing respect in Europe. Something HAD to be done to get him off the news.

So, I don’t know. I still think it could have been staged. Covid has kept everyone away from the theatres, for two years, and even Hollywood needs to pay it’s people.

The more I watch this, the more convinced I am.

I was once told by a rich man that the rich worry just as much about money as the poor: Their bills are MUCH bigger.

And I’m sure Will has BIG bills to pay. I’m thinking millions for his next interview.


(Thanks to Debbie for her comment.)

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