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Trudy BUSCH: RICH, ELITE…Hillary Supporter


Just announced: Trudy Busch is running against Trump Supporter Eric Greiten for Senator in Missouri.

I hope the people of Missouri have learned by now, the lies, the corruption, and the insidious propaganda act put on by so many ‘globalists’ running for election. And how they are now out to grab power from Trump supporters. I hope people from Missouri don’t fall for this fake, and sickening video. (See first video)

The vast number of Missourians, the small towns, which make most of it Missouri, are VERY conservative. Trump won Missouri twice. The cities, are democratic due to the number of blacks and Muslims. Add in the fact that George Soros has spent billions to take over Kansas City and St. Louis and get Marxists elected, is not a good thing for us.

Cori Bush, a Soros Congresswoman from Missouri, HATES white people, she’s a communist and has ruined St. Louis. Which by the way, didn’t have far to go to be ruined.

But– our Congress is all red. I’ve often wondered how the state can be mostly red and yet somehow, the highest offices go to RINO’s (BLUNT) and Democrats? How DOES that happen? Well, it has happened in politics for years and the nation is suffering for it. It’s almost as if, they can just PLACE their men and women at the top, and know, they will be covered for whatever they plan.

But, hey, who cares, right? And now we have a lot of money put behind Trudy the rich lady of Anheuser, to win against Eric Grietens. They are both running for the Senate seat.

Notice how one of the richest woman in the world tries to put on a “compassionate conservative” face.

Notice she walks among the farm…just a small farm girl. (SUCKERS)

Notice how she is now single, playing on your heart strings after losing her husband, left with six kids. Who will never starve or have to go to public schools because she is the grandaughter of Auggie Busch the beer king.

But forget that...she’s just like YOU!

Notice she doesn’t tell you she supports Hilllary Clinton. Like our other senator Clarie McCaskill, who was voted out of office (FINALLY) who lost to Eric Greiten, Claire was a democrat who voted with Hillary 99 percent of the time. But she talked just like Trudy. Oh…she was a conservative, an independent, all you hicks out there in Missouri could TRUST Claire. (NOT)

Roy Blunt, was George Bush’s man. They needed a yes man in Missouri. Roy was an expert at hiding who he REALLY was. In fact, I was shocked when he was one of the first guys to go after Trump. If you EVER had heard him on any newscast he was all for the conservatives in Missouri. Not a RINO bone in his body. UNTIL, he had to finally show himself.

Now, notice Trudy said she was a nurse. Why become a nurse when you have six kids and all the money in the world you might ask?

BECAUSE…the biggest employer in Missouri is…wait for it....the health care industry.

They already have the teacher’s vote. All they need is enough of the White population woman vote to put her in office.

I bet they’ve been grooming her for this for quite some time.


A poll just two weeks ago showed me dead even with Republican front-runner Eric Greitens,” Sifton said.

“And that was all before the outrageous and sickening new revelations concerning Greitens came to light early last week. But as Democrats, we need to be united. Eric Greitens simply cannot be our next senator, and I know that Trudy Busch Valentine gives us the best chance to win in November.”


In a court filing in a child custody case, Sheena Greitens, who divorced Eric Greitens in 2020, accused him of being physically and emotionally abusive to her and their children.

Gee, they mention that just now? Rudy Giuliani supports Greitens, and the fact that he came out and admitted an affair, UNLIKE Bill Clinton, shows honesty.

Eric Greitens, was the best governor that Missouri ever had. When he was governor, we recieved well over a $1,000 dollar back in state tax refunds. This year…we were lucky to get $200. And our property taxes skyrocketed.

Crime was down, and he really took care of our farmers.

Notice how TRUDY wants us all to just “get along” ? DANGER WILL ROGERS. DANGER!

It’s been proven that Karl Rove, got together with Eric’s wife to spread the rumor that he abused his children. This is a take down of a Trump supporter, and to get Missouri back into the control of the globalists. Here Eric explains it.

I’m hoping Americans in other states pay attention to the manipulation and lies coming at them in the 2024 elections and do their own research.

It’s hard to fight the rich, and the connected globalists, but we simply: MUST.

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