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Mark Kelly & Kathy Giffords VS Sandy Hook Dad

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Mark Kelly, the husband of Gabrielle Giffords, former Congresswomen from Arizona (D) who was shot in the head on January 8,2011, was on a Sunday morning talk show, where he said the most ridiculous thing. The subject was gun control, and since the shooting, Mark and his wife have become front and center advocates to fight for gun control. They formed a C-Pac and already have a commercial out. (See video below)  Of course, you could understand why…she was shot in a public place by a liberal loony.Mark Kelly

Loonies are everywhere, as we know.

Mark argued that there should be background checks, and that background checks do NOT mean that the government will be registering every gun. He tried to assure everyone, that they were very wrong in thinking that the government wants to come and take your guns.

Oh sure Mark. Why should we believe that?

And then he said something I couldn’t believe came out of an astronaut’s mouth. Nobody thought that astronauts had to be highly educated, especially in math. But Mark said, when he was in the Chamber during Obama’s State of the Union address, the most support any comment Obama got, was on gun control.Mark Kelly two

Cleary, he said—-He knew by the overwhelming support in the chamber that night, that the people are ready and want gun control

Here’s the problem I have with that.  Most of the people in that Chamber were houses of Congress…and knowing the politico of Washington, the peanut gallery was FULL of democrats family members and friends of the party. The people in the chamber that night were not exactly representatives of the American people. We had one: Ted Nugent…but he was outshouted.

As I watched the man say this, I was sure that the shuttle had a great autopilot program.

Nobody must remember that the Obama administration has found gold in this couple. Gabby was a democrat, and before she was shot, she was on board with all of Obama’s great fundamental changes for America.

She worked with Janet Napolitano to promote all-day kindergarten. Gifford’s supported raising more money for schools “through sponsorship of supplemental state aid through bonds and tax credits that could be used for school supplies.” In her first month in office, Gifford’s voted in favor of increased federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research, endorsing the 9/11 Commission recommendations; new rules for the House of Representatives targeting ethical issues; and the repeal of $14 billion of subsidies to big oil companies, in favor of renewable energy subsidies and the founding of the Strategic Renewable Energy Reserve.

So, Gabby and more importantly her husband Mark, have a new job, which to them, is probably the surest way to get new jobs…since the astronaut program was shut down, and she is no longer in Congress…working for Obama as top propaganda ministers.

Mark will be campaigning full time for the Obama administration, using Gabby as the sympathy card for gun control, mandatory pre-school, solar energy, and all his other Marxist dreams.

Mark said this:

“We have a political class that is afraid to do something as simple as have a meaningful debate about our gun laws and how they are being enforced … As a nation we have repeatedly passed up the opportunity to address this issue. After Columbine; after Virginia Tech; after Tucson and after Aurora we have done nothing.”

And there is a reason our schools are “gun free zones” They WANT these things to happen so they can disarm the American public. Instead of tackling the tough issues happening in our country, Obama was shutting down guitar factories, and Twinkie makers.Mark Kelly three

While the debate is: if your only reason for having all those guns is that you are afraid of your government, then having guns won’t save you. The American citizen could never stand up against 30,000  armed drones. You people dream.

And that is right.

Nevertheless. it’s a matter of freedom…we have a Constitutional right to protect ourselves, however we deem necessary. Bruce Willis was right when he said; If they take away one freedom, then they can take away all the rest.

Gabby Giffords was called a “blue dog democrat.” She is no longer in office, but she is more powerful now than she ever was before.

Compare both video’s…The father of the Sandy Hook Child is very factural—The Giffords add is very nebulous. Which one would YOU trust? Do we have a right to protect ourselves, even with ten clip magazines…or not?


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Harry Reid: Never Met a Bunny Branch Prostitute He Really Liked

Nobody Wins: Harry Reid came out today and announced that he wants to outlaw prostitution in Nevada. When he said, “the time has come for us to outlaw prostitution,” the crowd in the Assembly chambers was silent. Not only were they silent, but in the front row, sitting with about 8 other prostitutes, was a big beautiful blond, who started crying.
You can just imagine what she was thinking. Would she then have to go out on the strip and join all the other prostitutes lined up on every corner, with Jose standing right behind her telling her to hustle? Standing there with all her calling cards. No one to watch her back. Thinking of endless nights in jail..paying fines. No more protection. No more steady clients.
“Here honey, call me!”
I don’t know about you…but if you’ve ever been to Vegas you can’t walk far without some pretty young thing soliciting you with “call me” cards. Most of them can’t speak English. All I kept thinking when I walked pass them was, “My god..what if there is some kind of Ebola on these things, and I catch it?” They practically stuff them in your hand, and those girls are everywhere.
Why…is he doing this? So that all the illegal prostitutes will support him when he gets rid of term limits? Are the illegals crying because too many Mexican maids have been laid off? Or is this just a ploy to GET them all to unionize?
Cocaine, is against the law, marijuana is against the law, murder is against the law, being illegal and in this country is against the law—and YET…there is an over abundance of them all.
Yeah, that ought to work there Harry. That’s using your pea brain.
Harry said, “Let’s have an adult conversation about an adult subject.”
Finally. Let’s. Okay Harry…If you are going to outlaw prostitutes in Nevada, then it’s only fair that all the prostitutes in our Congress (and that includes our executive branch) should be fined and put in jail for the obvious prostitutes that they are. Clean up all the prostitutes in Washington D.C, Harry, first.
Trying to clean up prostitution in Nevada, is like trying to ban sea gulls from the San Francisco Bay, or seeing Harry Reid quit his job after shamefully admitting what a pea brain he is. Won’t happen in my lifetime.
So, what is this really about? Maybe he just wanted to get in the news, and be popular again. Wait…that won’t happen in my lifetime either. That blond can stop crying now.

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