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What Else Was Faked On the Mall?

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Sure, it was fabulous, but it wasn’t live. Sounded to me that she just sang along with her tape…like Karoke. So, BeyoncĂ© faked her singing….and so did the Marine Band who faked playing it.

You have to wonder…did they ‘fake’ that crowd too? Why would I even suggest it? Because by all reports the crowds were smaller than four years ago, almost by half. But on TV, especially CNN, the crowd seem to stretch all the way to Oklahoma.Obama's Crowd

And since nothing is done by these people unless it’s to get a reaction: the fact that the President turned around to take “One more look” at the crowd, he is trying to tell all the rednecks out there, that he only intends to stay four more years.

Don’t believe it.

There were, by all reports 800,000 people there. But if you go by that picture…it was much more. Would they doctor a picture to convince the conservatives in the United States that they are in the minority?Ask yourself: Did Obama win the top advertizing award for the year from the advertizing business because he has no clue how to promote himself?

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