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Nobody’s Fool: Paul Joseph Watson Gives His Opinion of Beyoncé


Nobody’s Fool

Paul Joseph Watson just keeps getting better and better. Nobody points out the hypocrisy of the left as well as Paul does.

I was going to post something else today, but when you get stuff THIS good, you just HAVE to spread it around.

By the way, I love the picture he keeps flashing…almost looks like Michelle.

To me, Beyoncé proves that she works in step with the President to further the race riots that Obama has been trying to flame since he got in office. What else explains that anti-cop show she put on at the Super Bowl and her album?

I don’t believe that any of it was a coincidence…but that’s me.



(Much thanks to Paul’s parents for having such a brilliant kid.)


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Nobody Knows: Boeing 777, GM CEO, Clooney, Beyonce, NSA— Puppies!

Nobody Knows

It’s the Wednesday addition of Nobody Knows anything…good luck trying to find out!Malaysia plane

Nobody Knows: It’s been almost two weeks, and nobody knows where the Boeing 777 went, but what we DO know, is that the cable stations have MILKED this story for all it’s worth. Did the pilot kill the passengers by going up to 45,000 feet? (And do oxygen masks stop working at that altitude?)  Did he just kill the oxygen? Did he program the plane to turn left? Was it an electrical short? Was there another person on that plane that helped hide Obama’s birth certificate in Hawaii? Was this a radical Muslim working with Obama on a secret mission to hide out in an undisclosed bunker, until the day it would be released only to drop a nuke on Washington D.C. while Obama (and his buddies) were out-of-town? Hey…that’s at least as feasible as the Indian Triangle supernatural theory. Or aliens stealing it to study. And since two Iranians got on board illegally, will Israel be the target? Nobody Knows. Nobody knows what happened to Jimmy Hoffa, but then again, Nobody Cares.

Nobody Knows just when they are going to stop talking about it, but if you want to read ALL the theories, it’s all here.

Nobody Knows: Gee. When did GM get a woman CEO?  (just a few months ago) Was this done in order to ‘soften’ the blow that for 11 years GM knew about a hazard that killed people in their cars, but it was all about keeping your eye on that bailout money? You had more important things to do GM? Was that part made in China?  Anyway, the woman is now being hailed as great, (just watch this fantastic propaganda video below) because she came out and admitted it.  Mary looks like everybody’s sister…you wouldn’t want to hurt dear Mary by suing GM now would you? Evidently Mary just found out about I suggest Obama make her his new Auto Czar. Being good at denying knowledge of ANYTHING, is the progressive metal of honor. And speaking of Metals of honor–

Nobody Knows why Obama gave veterans Metals at the White House today. Everybody knows he hates the military. I think I would have suggested they send it to me in the mail. I don’t care how much I deserved that metal, to receive it from Obama would have been…more than a letdown. I would have HAD to say something like “I don’t LIKE what you are doing to our veterans Obama, and …just hand it to me. I want my fellow soldier to do the honors.” And then, I would have been escorted out of the room, and you would have never seen me again.

I don’t think I could have done it. But that’s me.

Nobody Knows—that I watched the movie, THE AMERICAN staring George Clooney last night, and unless you like an hour of sex scenes, with what is SURE to be a photoshoped Clooney, skip this one. On a scale of one to ten, I’d give it a .0005. There was only one scene that was worth watching, the evil sinister woman assassin gets a bullet to the head,–very rewarding, looked real. She deserved it. George had ONE expression throughout the whole movie, no doubt, from eating too many goats in  Somalia.  The American

Nobody Knows if Russia is going to invade all its old territories, since it has announced that it could make nuclear toast out of America. And Nobody Knows, if those elite rich snobs in the European Union still think the United States is going to come to their rescue. Would they give up their countries for Putin’s assurances that they would be allowed to keep their own fortunes?

EVERYBODY knows that answer.

Nobody Knows–It’s now being revealed that the NSA has recorded every single phone conversation ever held in probably every country. So, Nobody Knows why they haven’t used that to find out where that plane went….probably because they were listening to Mitt Romney’s phone conversations.

He has a really big family. So does Sarah Palin. I, on the other hand, am VERY boring. Absolutely. I swear on Justin Bieber’s left foot.

Nobody Knows—how hard it was to date Mick Jagger. (His girlfriend committed suicide) and Nobody Knows how Justin Beiber really hurt his foot. And Nobody Knows how many girls are going to complain to their boyfriends that they want to make love in the back of a limo because Beyoncé does it. And Nobody Knows if those girls will have to PAY for that limo. (See Beyoncé’s last video because Bill O’Reilly can’t stop talking about it.) Beyonce in limo

Nobody wonders if this is going to boost limousine company profits? Anyone with a limo service out there?

Nobody Knows what we found out that Obama did this week:

“In a move that went little noticed in 2009, the White House quietly amended portions of the Freedom of Information Act, making it more difficult for Americans to request public documents for review.”

Yes…the powerful don’t want you to know.

So, you won’t. Hey, we STILL don’t know who killed JFK, so we might as well get used to being ignorant.

And finally, Nobody Knows, I have no idea how to fly a plane, and Nobody Knows, that I thought this video was cute.

Next week, I’ll be sure to tell you more stuff…I don’t know.


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Nobody’s Pefect: Who Staged the Superbowl?

Nobody’s Perfect

This week the biggest $*%&up in Superbowl history, pretty much made the United States the laughing stock of the world.  By now, everyone knows that half the stadium’s lights went out in the middle of the game, the most watched game in Superbowl’s history.blackout

Ha, Ha…ha ha….

Nobody seems to know what caused the blackout…but anyone with common sense knows that the half-time shows keep getting bigger and more fantastic….and it seems to reason…Beyonce’s show blew more than a couple of generators.

After all, we don’t get to show off our stuff much to the world anymore. After London’s big Olympic festival, we’ve just been dying to show everyone how’s it’s done. …but….

“Beyoncé blew the electric in the Superdome twice, I’m told, during her rehearsals during the week. So they should have known that this might happen.” said Craig Carton. “I mean, it was embarrassing.”

I almost felt like Obama was directing it this year, because to start out with all the kids from Sandy Hook singing the National Anthem…come on. Really? This is a FOOTBALL game. Can’t we get away from politics for just a few minutes?

NO. Not only did we get Sandy Hook, we got Obama’s two favorite big fan supporters: Alicia Keys and Beyoncé. And even after poor Madonna went all over the world telling everyone to vote for Obama last year.

To save Obama’s face for his very best rich friend Beyoncé, the NFL spokesman came out and said there was no way it was Beyoncé’s fault. Everyone is all over the place saying “Oh…Beyonce is not at fault. oh nooooooooo.”

Okay…let’s blame it on Al Gore’s and Jeffery Immelt. You know…those two guys who took away our beloved light bulbs?  Beyonce superbowl

In this new ‘efficient” energy program  coming soon to your neighborhood, all lights will be turned off in every city after 10 pm…to save the planet.

What’s really embarrassing is that the whole world was watching. Here’s what Brazil had to say:

Brazil–Brazilians usually have little time for the U.S. version of football, but they can’t stop talking about this year’s Super Bowl. Subjected for years to questions about whether Brazil is prepared to effectively host the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, there was more than a little glee as the world’s richest country messed up its most important sporting event.

Yes, one disaster after another is happening in Obama’s Presidency. First time the United States was downgraded: First time our salaries were cut: First Time one President spent as much money as all the ones before him: First Time a President chewed gum throughout everything serious. First time we have a President who wants us all to disarm the whole country, lose weight, and not let our kids play football.First time illegals were given amnesty, First time a President can arrest anyone at anytime with no trial. First time a president arrested a man for making a video he didn’t like…(I could go on) Obama & football

And just to show you he’s a nice guy, and you can still have you be-be gun, and play touch, he has released two very fine examples of how it’s done.Obama and gun

So…congratulations NFL…

You won the “The NFL is too afraid to stand up to Beyoncé’s use of energy because she’s Obama’s best friend.” award.

Obviously, Obama had a say in the whole thing. If the NFL is willing to let a President change the rules of football, why bother with the ego of his favorite singer?

Next year…get it together..

Blame it on global warming

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What Else Was Faked On the Mall?

Nobody Reports

Sure, it was fabulous, but it wasn’t live. Sounded to me that she just sang along with her tape…like Karoke. So, Beyoncé faked her singing….and so did the Marine Band who faked playing it.

You have to wonder…did they ‘fake’ that crowd too? Why would I even suggest it? Because by all reports the crowds were smaller than four years ago, almost by half. But on TV, especially CNN, the crowd seem to stretch all the way to Oklahoma.Obama's Crowd

And since nothing is done by these people unless it’s to get a reaction: the fact that the President turned around to take “One more look” at the crowd, he is trying to tell all the rednecks out there, that he only intends to stay four more years.

Don’t believe it.

There were, by all reports 800,000 people there. But if you go by that picture…it was much more. Would they doctor a picture to convince the conservatives in the United States that they are in the minority?Ask yourself: Did Obama win the top advertizing award for the year from the advertizing business because he has no clue how to promote himself?

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Lucas, Beyonce, and the Commander- in- Chief

Nobody Notes

As you watch the trailer to Red Tails: is it me? Or is every white person in the movie racist? Just saying.

“Money gave me exactly what I wanted, power over others.”—Oscar Wilde

Today it was released on CNN that Obama is leading in campaign donations. He has about $220 million to spend as compared to that snobby, rich, job-busting, mean capitalist-leading Republican Romney, who has only $56 million.

It helps when you don’t have to pay for your own travel expenses.

While they say most of the donations are in small amounts, from all the millions who love him..Nobody Wonders if those ‘small’ amounts are coming from some Saudi King laundered into a “democratic NGO” of some kind.

Really, if it’s the poor minorities, who voted 95 percent for Obama in the last election where they claim he gets the bulk of it, somehow it’s hard to imagine 16 percent of the population donating even $50 dollars apiece. The math doesn’t add up. Besides, most of his following are in the unemployed 45 percent. So, the man who claims to be with the poor man is actually getting more cash from the rich, like his friends in Hollywood and Wall Street (as it is being reported) than the Republicans. But, he doesn’t want you to know that.

The man who hates the rich actually has some rich friends that he adores. Two of his favorite friends are —

George Lucas and Beyonce.

Beyonce not only sang at his inauguration ball, she is helping Michelle with her “move on” program. And to set a fine example for their “race,” Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z just spent $1.5 million dollars spoiling their new little baby, Blue Ivy. She has a $15,000 Swarovski high chair, a $22,000 crib, a $600,000 solid gold rocking horse, and a mini Bugatti Car.  

Remember it was Obama that once said: There comes a point when the rich have enough money.If he believed that, then he shouldn’t even be talking to Beyonce.  I’d say buying a solid- gold rocking horse for your baby would go well beyond Obama’s definition of ‘enough.’ 

George Lucas, is another great bud. He not only leant the furry Chewbacca to help the Obama’s out on their favorite holiday at the White house, he has made a film to help his old buddy out, called Red Tail. It’s a film to encourage the young black boys who are sitting around watching football to join the Air Force and military.

“I wanted to make it inspirational for teenaged boys. I wanted to show that they have heroes, they’re real American heroes, they’re patriots that helped to make the country what it is today. And it’s not Glory where you have a lot of white officers running these guys into cannon fodder. It’s like a real, they were real heroes.”

Unfortunately, Hollywood didn’t want to make it, because it would not make a profit…evidently the rest of the world is racist, not only America..or it’s because it’s jingoistic— as Lucas admits. Yes America, Lucas, who is a liberal, has made you a war movie.

Lucas continued, “It’s a reasonably expensive movie. Normally black movies, say Tyler Perry movies or something, you know, they’re very low budget, and, even they won’t release his movies. It goes to the lower, not major distributors. And they do well, but they do a certain amount of money, and they know what that is, and this cost more than those movies make.And they don’t believe there’s any foreign market for it. That’s 60 percent of their profit.”

He’s mad because those Jews that control Hollywood wouldn’t do a movie that would not make money.

Right. George Lucas, a man who made his billions off of that exact capitalistic concept; wants everyone else to be a socialist. Make the movie, even if it is a flop. We need to influence our black youth to join up, get a free education, and become Americans. Not a bad idea really. But, why should they? They can get a free education without joining the army. Obama really is a master. He got Lucas to make a film help him shore up his upcomng plans for a military of young black men, with his OWN money.  The “Jews” in Hollywood, that have always dropped their millions into democratic coffers are racists. That’s basically what Lucas is saying.

Well, then Mel Gibson can claim they hate Christians also, because they wouldn’t fund HIS movie “Passion” either.

Coming from a man who took a character named Jar -Jar Binks and put him in his Star Wars episode to be the most perfect modern “Negros” stereotype ever invented in the modern world…a character who you not only had trouble understanding when he talked, but acted stupid and dumb…well, that’s mighty white of him. I’m sure all the black children in the world understood Jar- Jar perfectly. The rest of us had trouble.

What Lucas doesn’t tell the black youth is that war makes cannon fodder out of everyone: the color of your skin really doesn’t matter. And uh…we have a black military general. And a BLACK commander-in-chief, who will think nothing of sending those black boys to Iran and cannon fodder.

Nobody Wonders: Who ARE these people?

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