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Nobody Remembers

“Isn’t America supposed to be the land of the free? Howcome if I’m free, I cant deprive a stupid fucking dumbshit from his possessions? If he leaves them sitting in the front seat of his fucking van out in plain sight and in the middle of fucking nowhere on a Frifucking day night. NATURAL SELECTION,fucker should be shot. Natural selection!!! God damn it the best thing that ever happened on the Earth.Getting rid of all the stupid and weak organism’s I wish the government would just take off every warning label then all the dumbasses would either severely hurt themselves or DIE. “

No, that’s not a statement from one of the Wall Street protesters, that a rant from Eric Harris’s journal’s right after he was arrested for breaking in a van and stealing what was on the front seat. Eric Harris will go down in history as the mastermind of the Columbine murderers, and he’d be proud of that.

I just got finished reading Columbine by Dave Cullen. Dave Cullen is considered the expert on Columbine, because he spent who knows how many decades interviewing, researching, and looking for the answers. Why? It’s a herculean effort and well reported. There is probably not one kid, parent, police, or official, that this man didn’t interview after the event.

It’s a good book, and he makes no judgments on anyone.

Still Nobody Wonders how Dave could spend so much time researching and never come up with somekind of opinion. But, maybe that’s the point. He wants the reader to form his own.(So Nobody has.)

Most of the people who read this blog, I’m sure, remember April 20, 1999, the day that we all watched kids being run out of the Columbine High School on our TV’s— hands on their heads while they stepped past the dead body lying on the sidewalk. It was being reported that “men” were inside the Columbine High School in the Colorado shooting.  

This Nobody was saying:.. So…we have..uh…450 SWATS, and hundreds of COPS, and Military, and NOBODY is going into the school to save those poor kids inside? What the hell good are they?!  Typical. Hurry up and wait for the orders.

But…who wasn’t giving the orders? After the second hour which seemed like an eternity, I was thinking, “I bet Bill Clinton is watching this and trying to figure out a way he can push for his anti-guns laws, so the more gruesome, the better for him.” That’s sounds crude, but it’s the truth.  Would a President send orders from the top to…milk the event?

Now, before you say I’ve gone too far– think of this. The FBI negotiator on the scene was none other than the last man to talk to Branch Davidian, David Koresh before he and his 80 or so people in Waco were burned to the ground on orders from (it was reported ) Janet Reno.

Janet Reno reported to Bill Clinton.

Dwayne Fuselier did a horrible job of “talking” down David, why in the world would they call him in to take care of this? He was the closest FBI person, it was said. But…this wasn’t a hostage situation. That’s what he was, a hostage negotiator. Nevertheless,he took over, although in the book its reported that he just “helped.”

The book goes into detail about many of the events that day–like a teacher who had been shot, but laid bleeding for four hours inside, waiting for help. He was near a window. He bled to death. No one was held accountable.  They kept telling the people who were begging for help: “They are on their way…ten minutes!”

Uh…why do we have SWAT teams again?

While the carnage inside was bad enough…one poor boy was left outside to lay on the sidewalk for 28 hours, all the time the camera’s were filming him.  This was even after all Eric and Dylan had been found dead in the library. I can only imagine the poor parents. Seeing their kid’s dead body all over the news…it started snowing. Nobody touched him. “He might be wired” was the police’s excuse.

Absurd. Really. He was wired all right–to a hungry adminstraton and media who wanted to sensationalize the crime of what guns can do. There was no reason not to move that body. There was over a hundred witnesses that saw him get shot.

I was furious that day, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I thought the government’s lame reaction to this was almost criminal.

After reading the book, I am now even more furious.

Okay— you have some really sick kids: one is a wannabee terrorist psychopath, (Eric Harris) and the other was a major manic depressive, (Dylan Klebold) and they have done just about everything to let everyone who was paying attention to them know that they are going to cause some real damage.

Eric had a website where he bragged about his bomb making for over a year, right after he ranted about how much he hated the human race and wanted to kill them all. Teachers reported scary English papers from both Dylan and Eric.

The police department, had a valid report on Eric making bombs long before the attack. One couple went to the police 18 times to get them to do something because Eric was threatening to kill their son. The threats were on Eric’s website.

They didn’t pull up the website until they got on the scene.

Was anyone fired?  No, the police did nothing about it, but what they did do, was shred all the reports and evidence.Okay, starting to sound like the Clintons?

The  poor families whose kids were shot, struggled with medical bills, and one woman committed suicide over her daughter’s paralysis, but it was the teachers who got the money because they suffered from “anxiety” afterwards.

God bless the union.

 Over 24 of the victims tried to sue. They lost. The most money came from the home insurance that Dylan’s parents had on their home. Tell me, millions of dollars were sent to Columbine…where did it go? The book doesn’t say.

The parents of the two murderers were clueless. Not different from many parents across the country, but the police blamed them. As did everyone else.  The mother of Dylan wrote every victim a letter to apologize, but the police never sent them.  

Clinton and Al Gore used Columbine to promote gun laws as he also did at Oklahoma city. He used the tragedy to promote gun control. He got it passed in Colorado, but it was stopped in the Congress.

The media went into a whole frenzy, making you feel sorry for Eric and Dylan—Why, they had been bullied! In actuality, Dylan and Eric were the bullies. The media got it backwards.

There is also some great insight into the minds of psychopaths, information everyone should have… what it doesn’t discuss is the serial behavior of  the established entrenched politicians protecting their own butts. And they are still doing it. (Penn State. )  Nobody Knows what causes kids to be psychopathic. Half of it is genetic. They don’t feel emotions like the rest of us. There are psychopaths walking all around us, and you would never know it, because a psychopath is usually charming. Eric was a psychopath.


Suicide among teenagers increased 300% from 1950 to 1990, and it’s the third leading cause of death among teens. Dylan, was so depressed before that day that he wrote this:

“Good god i HATE my life, i want to die really bad right now.”

After the book you feel sorry for the people who lost kids, who got no answers, who will never ever get over the insanity of the event, and the callousness of the authorities who made so many mistakes.

But something tells me, there is more to this story, and we will never know the whole puzzle of what happened that day. Why it was handled so poorly?

Why is there so much depression in our kids? It’s the land of the free, the home of the brave, isn’t it?

Well, two kids evidently didn’t think so.

The worst thing about that day? There were no hero’s allowed. No fathers allowed to go in to save their daughters. No SWAT teams allowed to storm the shooters.

Why?  Nobody Knows.

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Liberals Throwing Matches…

Nobody Reports:

This video was taken not far from my house. That is the Hazelwood Chief of Police, arresting a man who was trying to save a life. I know that highway, and nobody would have hit that fire engine, because it’s right before an exist where two lanes are sectioned off already, and the speed signs are reduced for ten miles before they get there.  I would have expected nothing less of the Chief of Hazelwood because I have seen him in action.

More of that in a second:

Right now in America, we have a first. We have a sitting President, a X-Vice President, a former Speaker of the House, and several prominent members of the black Congressional caucus daily encouraging all their people to riot. Revolution. Go ahead citizens and young kids…riot.

So far, not one of them have condone violence on the side of the rioters. MSNBC wants a KENT State moment. Can you even believe they said that? Kill some kids to get Obama’s Jobs Bill passed?

For that statement, Nobody suggest that those reporters volunteer their own kids..for the cause of course.

It’s only a matter of time, before one policeman, in fear for his life in the middle of a mob, loses it and hurts or kills someone.

I’ve seen it before.

Many of you know that I made my living as a drummer. Six nights a week, I would play till one in the morning, and then sometimes I had to load equipment. One night after work, my husband (who  had left me a year before to go “find himself”)  decided to follow me home from work. At the time, I think he was trying to get back with me.

So, it’s 3 in the morning.  No cars were seen within miles. I pulled out on a green light to make a left into a side street, but one car that I was waiting for slowed down, almost stopped. There I was left sitting in the middle of the yellow light, which turned red, because the guy who had been coming towards me at 40mph slowed down to almost…2. (no doubt he was stoned.)  I could have backed up. But the guy had almost stopped. So I turned on a red.

Of course, he saw the police car that I didn’t, and that’s why he slowed down.

I didn’t even go one block and got pulled over.

The guy was short, and looked mad. He came up to the car, and told me to get out. Now understand, I had a van.  Johnny (Not his real name.) was right behind me and saw what was going on and pulled up behind my car and parked.


“Officer, that’s my husband. It’s okay. He’s just making sure I get home okay.”

The cop instantly went into some kind of furious anger mode. I was beginning to wonder if he had just stopped me because I was a pretty blond, and he wanted to get a look. Why else make me get out of the car?

He yelled, “Sir, if you do not get back into your car I will arrest you.!”

Of course, we thought that was pretty silly. 

Now, imagine. I’ve never had a ticket, did not drink, did not do drugs, and we both looked at each other in disbelief and said “Can’t we just stand her while you write the ticket?, it’s his car too you know.”

Honestly. Since we had done nothing wrong, but went through a red light at 3 in the morning, and it was obvious we were sober, I couldn’t believe his anger. You might think it crazy, but we felt it was our right to be able to stand on the side of the road.

 He wanted ME to stand and Johnny to get back in his car. We were both about as threatening as cows chewing their cuds. Johnny was dressed in a shirt and tie.

Within second, the cop slammed him hard up against the car, and tried to handcuff him.

We were both like “WHAT?”

John, like any man surprised kept saying “What did I do?” and within minutes the officer got him on the ground.

Then he made a call in, and in less than 3 minutes five cop cars pulled up, sirens blazing, and Johnny was pinned down on the ground face first. It all happened so fast I really couldn’t believe it.

 At least twenty cops surrounded him, some with their guns drawn. They were waiting for someone. That someone came driving in, and hopped out of his car, RAN to Johnny who was lying face first on the ground, and when he got up to Johnny, he put the barrel of his gun to his head and said:

 “You ever do that again buddy, I’ll put a hole right through your head, you understand?.”

As soon as I saw this scene, (Everyone had forgotten completely about me.) I went running toward the scene…

 “Whoa–WAIT, hey, I know this guy, this is a traffic ticket guys..MY ticket…there is no crime here, he’s my husband…what are you doing?!”

I was NOT going to stand by and watch an innocent man die.  

 I yelled again… “HEY. Put those guns away, that’s my husband and this is just a traffic ticket…COME ON! YOU DO NOT NEED GUNS HERE, he didn’t do a thing!”

They all turned around and looked at me, and very quietly put their guns up.  

Of course, they realized —they had a witness.  

One guy as quick as an eye, grabbed me and pulled so far away,  so fast I was dizzy.

The good news: I probably saved his life. It was 3 in the morning and those guys were just freaking bananas ready to kill someone.  They had the wrong guy.

Something else had to have happened to those men that night, to get a whole gaggle of cops in a lynching tizzy, before my fabulous left-hand turn. I will never know, and cops won’t tell you.

Johnny got a fine of $800 for parking in a no- parking zone, and my ticket was…excused.

I have never forgotten my encounter with the Hazelwood police because I don’t want to believe that cops are that stupid, that trigger happy, and that dangerous, to point a gun at someone’s head who really did nothing but stand next to his wife on the curb.

It scared the crap out of me.

So, why are the police so…quick to draw first? I asked one once. He told me they are always scared. Their worst fear is that someone will pull their gun out of their own hands or holster and shot them.

Nobody thinks that they are scared. Period.  Not to mention, maybe they’ve seen too many cop movies.

And god love them, they have an awful job nowadays. We all know that.

So, for a President and all his friends and cronies to invite and promote the kinds of riots we are seeing, they are putting not only people but the police force in danger too.

That in itself is an unforgivable crime against the American people.

And they rule us. God help us all.

(Thanks to amfortas for the video)

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