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The Ying Thoughts of the Reincarnated Squirrel

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The concept of reincarnation has always been a hard one for me. So has the Big Bang. If we base observations of what we know to be true all around us, then the Big Bang had to have a mother. If reincarnation means the invisible soul is put back into embryo’s to further life’s lessons then at this very moment you are reading the words of the soul of a past squirrel.

Why do I think I was a squirrel? Because I spent my childhood at the top of trees. As soon as I learned how to climb I was up in a tree—sitting like an old Buddha. Soulfully content to feel the breeze at the top of my little world, and be happy to be alone.

Escaping from muttering parents and wacko brothers and sisters when you’re a kid gives— you power.  It’s one of the reasons Presidents do NOT want to give up Air Force One.

Anyway, the reason I’m talking about this, is that I was just reading about the art of past civilizations: the symbols always contains opposites…female vs. male, ying  vs. yang, good vs. evil. ( rich vs. poor) But, most importantly, almost every culture believed in an afterlife. The Pharaohs believed that dung beetles gave you eternal life, and filled their tombs with them.  If a beetle can live forever then so can a man..right?

So, what is it about humans that convince almost every single culture on the earth, that there is a life after death? Almost every animal on earth dies. Why does man think he’s so special?

I was thinking today about my childhood, and remembered something. I grew up in Florida, where the pine trees were perfect climbing apparatuses for small children. The limbs are placed steps apart all the way up to the top. And pine tress…never lose their leaves. To me, those trees were like me. All young. Living forever.  Only a fire, or a hurricane could destroy them.

When my parents moved the family to St. Louis, I was around seventeen. I had never seen a tree lose its leaves, nor had I ever been taught in my school in Naples, that trees lose their leaves. That’s how bad science was even then.

And when fall came and it started happening…the leaves starting turning colors and falling off. Due to the fact that I was the only one in the whole world who didn’t have clue about it, I said nothing. I knew just by the actions of those around me, it must have been normal. But…the event upset me deeply inside. By the time all the leaves were gone…I was devastated. Let’s just say, it left me with a sadness all winter. (Science will tell you I have an overactive amygdule, but I digress.)

I’m not saying there wasn’t a lot of sun depravation going on at the same time, effecting my serotonins levels, and my blossoming hormonal balance…estrogen flowing through my body…but…let’s just say, that after that first year, when I saw the trees come back in spring, I was overjoyed.

Okay Joyanna get to the point.

The cycles of life. We are so immersed in them, we don’t think about them. But…maybe those first humans witnessed the same things. Some things didn’t die! This theory is a bit flimsy in Egypt mind you..they just had beetles, but whenever something in nature seems to die and come back miraculously, why wouldn’t humans think that they would do the same?

Just like the tree…we can come back…live on…in some way. Grow new leaves. Live another day. Energy withstanding. I’m speaking from the minds of ignorance, mind you, but there might be something to it…more than just a wish not to die.

We got many of our “we will live on” from the nature around us.

Now…since this rant is absolutely idiotic, remember that today, Richard Hawkins, the famous man who worked out lots of that very confusing Big Bang theory has just announced he has no clue about the mystery of women. He might be wrong about the Big Bang theory, but I’m a woman, and I was thinking this just the last minute, and so…you might conclude with him at the end of this “maybe?” rant that he is perfectly right.

Women are not meant to be understood, and neither is life after death.

But, the yin and the yang will someday figure it out together. And if you go by the book The Bell Curve, they will both be Jewish.

I can’t wait.

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