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Americans Need Their Guns, AND their Horses: The Story of Sargent Reckless

Nobody Wonders

While Nobody was concerned about kids getting fried stealing copper wire, it seems Obama has put another “stealing” warning on our heads.

When Obama was in China, the conversations must have went something like this:

Obama: Uh..well, we haven’t got the farms quite up to shovel ready yet your honor, we still have lots of people to train to grow that food, but, uh…I can get you some meat..if you don’t mind horse. “

And so, Obama, while visiting the great Asian Kings, pulled out his trusty automated signature machine in Washington D.C. and signed very quietly into law, horse slaughter.

Not since Frank and Jesse James made horse stealing a lucretive way of life, has our great Grand Bubba of a leader put a mark on every live horse in the United States.

I get it. He doesn’t like old people. He doesn’t like horses. But Bo gets his own jet.

Let us remind the President that the horse, like the faithful dog, has historically been in synch with man, as a lasting, true, and loyal companion to the rich and the poor before Mary and Joseph rode into Bethlehem on his cousin the donkey.  

How callous, how cruel, how inhumane. It wasn’t enough that Americans have to pay for abortions all over the world, we now have condemned the noble horse to fodder food for peasants in Asia. 

What a President we have.

If not for the noble horse, in the scale of evolution, man wouldn’t even be using an IPHONE to make his Christmas list.

It was the horse that carried Marco Polo to China in the first place. It was the horse that hauled the wagons of American settlers out west. Without the horse, the dark ages would have lasted forever.

The horse has hauled, and plowed, and pulled, and ran, and carried men into battle, delivered the mail, with never a complaint, and THIS is how he is rewarded?

Think of all the famous horses in history: Man O’War, Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Mr. Ed, and Trigger. General Custer’s horse Comanche was the sole survivor of the Battle of the Bighorn.

Alexander the Great had a horse named Bucephalus. Only Alexander could mount this steed and Bucephalus would always kneel to allow him to do so. Passing at 30 years old, Alexander built a city in his favorite horses honor and called it Bucephalae.

Genghis Khan couldn’t have seeded half the earth’s population without his army of horses. Asia might not be here if not for his nighttime frolics.

The White House spin on this “we must slaughter our own horse again” is that since the ban, we are sending the horses to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered. Jobs of slaughtering horses are going overseas.

I suppose the “horse slaughtering union” is up in arms.

Here’s the problem: only the rich will be able to afford horses in the near future, the middle class will no longer have the money to afford to keep them.

Obama sees a win/win situation here.

Once again, Obama helps the rich, and condemns the poor in his own country.

It seems propitious that Steven Spielberg has just release a move about a famous horse. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence. Some would even say, that “cash for clunkers”, and slaughtering horses again, fit right up there wit the “if we are attacked with an EMP and you can’t start your car, there won’t be many horses around either. HA!” government conspiracy. (old cars can start up after an EMP)

I think we should all go see it Speilburg’s movie, and get this stupid “slaughtering horse” law banned…again.

Any man who thinks it’s okay to eat horse, is a monster.

If that’s the case, then dogs will be next. China LOVES dog meat.

And I’m going to shut up now before I say something really horsy about a man who sells our horses to China.

The Noble Black Beauty — he is not.

We should ban the law, and ban the export of horses.

Let the zoo animals eat steak. Let the White House animal ride off into the China sunset, and eat tofu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s the least we can do for the our best companions who have served us so well in history.

America…we not only need to keep our guns, we need to keep our horses.

We might need them some day. I’m just saying.

 (Yeah, I’m mad. I’m stopping.)

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  1. […] not sell horses for food here in the United States. I was so angry…that I wrote about it here. Horses are noble creatures. They have carried men through battle, plowed his fields, gave him […]


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  2. Hehehehehehe. I just HAVE to say this…. we beat you to it.

    In the battle at Gallipoli in WW1, the Oz troops has a donkey for rescuing the wounded. It too had no name but was for ever since referred to as ‘Simpson’s Donkey’ after Pvt Simpson who led it through the battle lines collecting and carrying.

    And Great Britain (as it used to be) struck a medal for pidgeons. Several became famous for their heroics.

    But, nationalistic glee notwithstanding, I am very pleased to hear this tale in the video. America has heart. Warrior Men have heart. It also has a President that just cannot keep his fingers out of even the most mundane of things. He will be personally signing into law documents about bandagees next like a good little EU bureaucrat.


    Comment by Amfortas | December 15, 2011 | Reply

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