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Nobody’s Perfect: High Fashion VS Wal-Mart Fashion

Nobody’s Perfect

I admit…I used to buy Vogue every month. And most of the time, you could picture yourself walking down the street in some dress or even some funky hat, because you’d be VOGUE.

And now, Vogue has come into men’s lives.

So, forgive me today for indulging in the wonderment of…I’m not sure you would call this “art” it’s just that, now we are all aware that the Republican race is again going into “Both men are evil” scenarios and by the time they get to debating Obama, he won’t have much left to do to defeat either Mitt or Gingrich. But then, we all knew this would happen, didn’t we? Having this stuff on day after day is going to stress us all out more than we care to think about. 

Much like the pictures of these men: Stressed out is not the word I would use. I’m not sure if it’s the swollen knee pads, or the little black bow tie that really turns me on..but if I had to pick, I’d go with the guy who says there’s plenty to go around.

Anyway, while we all knew our politics were going to get crazy, I had NO idea that men’s fashion was going to get..this bad. I refuse to judge this one. You decide.

Let’s compare: High Fashion VS Wal-Mart.


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