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The Impossible Pattern Has a Name

Nobody’s Opinion

In the movie Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman plays a autistic savant. In one scene, a box of toothpicks is spilled on the floor, and in just a few seconds, Ray (Dustin’s character) knows the exact amount that are on the floor. He see patterns where others do not.

A dear friend of mine got me to thinking about “patterns” ..and I was wondering: maybe we could try to apply this human ability of seeing patterns to why some people “see” a God, and others do not.

 Bear with me here:

There are patterns in nature, all around us. The embryo of a fetus, resembles the embryo of a star. Music is very mathematical. The spiral patterns of seashells resembles a hurricane.

So, Nobody Suggests that the people that recognize God, see the patterns. People that don’t…just don’t see it. They don’t see God anywhere, therefore, he doesn’t exist. They explain the resemblances to being an evolutionary process, without any cause. They see the patterns as merely coincidences.

But there are coincidences, and there are synchronicities. Synchronicities are not the same as coincidences. For instance, Nobody Thinks about the mathematical impossibilities of certain events, which are mistaken for coincidences.

Nothing can explain some things. Nothing. (Men having nipples for one.)

When I posted that video of the little bird falling down on Josh Williams guitar, (see a few posts back) most everyone who sees that  video..without giving it a second thought…just got a laugh. Well, that event happens all the time, right?

Nope. Ask anyone who has been around birds. Wild birds do NOT sit patiently on the back of guitars and get petted and even sing along. They fly away. You can train birds that have been born in captivity to stand on your hand, even give them commands, but it takes a long time.

Birds by nature, don’t sit and sing on guitars..I had this happen to me once:

One of my dearest friends in high school was a girl named Shelly. After high school, I lost all contact with everyone, but not Shelly. Her parents divorced and she moved with her mother to Los Angeles.

So we wrote letters. For years, and years I would go and visit her in California, and she would come back to St. Louis to see her dad. I could always count on her to be there for me. She was smart, and funny, and looked like a movie star at times.

Then…one very sunny summer day, I walked outside my house, and my beloved very healthy crabapple tree had split in two. There had been no storm. There was no reason at all for it, and since I’m a big tree lover I got very upset about it. An hour later, I got a call from Shelly’s brother in California telling me that a few hours ago, Shelly went into an epileptic fit, and they found a brain tumor…she had only months to live. Now…did these two very unrelated incidences have a connection? Many would say…nope.

The tree broke I had figured out, at probably the exact time that Shelly had been knocked into her coma. You got it. I watched that tree. It didn’t die, and neither did Shelly. She lived, for nine years more. In my mind the “coincidence” of the tree and Shelly being “harmed” at the same time was just too impossible to imagine.  Somehow, they seemed connected. 

Shelly didn’t exactly have the best life—she got into drugs, prostitution, and later married and divorced, so when she came down with a brain tumor in her late thirties, I was devastated.

She kept her usual sunny attitude throughout the whole thing.

When Shelly came back to St. Louis to die,  I got to spend some time with her…and when she was on her deathbed, I told her how beautiful she was, and I said, “Shelly…send me a sign, okay? Send me a sign.” She smiled, and looked at me..but I’m not sure that she heard me.

The day after her death I had gone to my local florist to send flowers to her funeral, and I was telling two shop ladies (who were mother an daughter) about my friend. “Can you make it a big bouquet of all red flowers?” I said. “You see, my friend Shelly was a diehard fan of the St. Louis Cardinals.  She lived her days by Cardinal Baseball.” 

The two ladies taking my orders were fascinated by the story of my friend, and then, one of them just started…screaming.

“Oh my god…it’s a bird!”

Sure enough, they had left the back door of the store open, and in flew a bird from all the way to the front of the store.

It wasn’t just any bird. It was a bright red Cardinal.

While these two women were panicking, I went over and saw the bird was on the floor. I put my hand down and it …hopped right up into my hand as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do–like I was its best friend.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I said..”Look! Isn’t he beautiful? It’s a cardinal!”

I held the bird in my open palm now…and the ladies gathered around me..believe it or not still scared of it. So, after about ten  minutes of talking to it, and trying to calm THEM down.. I said, ” Well, I’m going to take it out back.”

That bird stayed in my hand as I walked out the back door, which was not exactly a short walk.

Outside there was a huge lawn of grass with just one tree.  I didn’t want to put in down on the ground for fear of cats. So I went up to the lowest branch of the tree, and held it up trying to get it to hop off… and…the darn bird would not get off my hand.

I thought this was just too strange. I could tell it wasn’t “shocked.” I’ve had parakeets my whole life, so birds are no stranger to me. By this time I started talking to it.

“Oh…Shelly. Well, this is just like you. Now, that’s what I call a good sign! Really Shelly, you’re a pip! “
Call me crazy, but I thought that little bird was my “sign” from Shelly who was sending me a sign just like I asked.  How could I not recognize: A Cardinal, jumping on my hand in a flower shop while I was buying red flowers for her? When I saw that video of Josh Williams’, I saw the same pattern.
” Okay Shelly good one, but come on, I can’t take you home.”

I tried putting him on the grass. By this time, a good thirty minutes had passed and my mother was waiting for me in the car with the dogs. I pushed the bird onto the grass, and it was still standing there looking at me as I walked around the store to the parking lot. I must admit, I thought about taking it home.

I told my mother about the incident, and got worried. What if that bird did not fly away? So, I went back to the spot where I had left it…it was gone.

At Shelly funeral the next day, there, at her head was my big beautiful bouquet of red carnations.  In the mist of about fifty bouquets, the flower ladies had done me proud. It was perfect.

Now..I know this sounds simplistic. But the odds of a red bird flying into a store and getting on the palm of my hand and staying there, while I was ordering flowers for my friend, are about 10 trillion to one.

So, what in nature could there possible be that would prove to the living that some form of life goes on after death? Was that from a “God?” Or was that, which was too mathematically impossible— just a coincidence?

The question of a higher power that cannot be seen has been on the minds of philosophers since man began–still the earth is filled with more people that see the patterns of “god” then ones that do not.

You don’t have to be a savant to recognize the “patterns” of god. In fact, in “Philosophy for Dummies” the author Tom Morris, whose book proves to you that he knows just about as much as the search for god, through our brightest minds in history, makes up his own mind…

At the end of the book, he presents all the great mind’s contemplations, and comes to his own conclusion from a pattern he sees in his own daughter. A sign. And he presents this quote:

If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Evolution are patterns of God. Just a small part of God’s many trees…God’s tree fall in the forest every day…but some just don’t hear them.

Some of history’s most intelligent men believed in God:  Einstein, Edison…and even Darwin. Our eyes limit what we can see: Nobody can see God..but if no one is around to hear him, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist does it? 

Nobody Thinks he exists in the synchronicities all around us…all you have to do is…see the patterns…The Rain Man knows…they are there.

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  1. I am a pragmatic chap. m’self.

    I know why I like you so much.

    Pattern recognition is a sign of high intelligence. Just as seeing patterns where they don’t exist is typical of the superstitious.

    We humans are a curious mixture.

    ‘Made in the Image’. What does that tell us of God, I wonder.

    I like those who see wonder in the world and wonder about it.


    Comment by Amfortas | February 13, 2012 | Reply

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