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Nobody’s Fool: Senator James Inhofe

Nobody’s Fool

He’s not flashy. He’s not “cool.” What he is –is one hell of a Senator, and it’s about time he get more attention. And here’s some good news—there are a handful of good men (and women) in Washington, watching out for the American people, and Jim Inhofe is one of them.

He was this week’s hero.

Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) has launched an investigation into the Obama-EPA’s apparent “crucify them” and “incite fear” strategies targeted at American energy producers. This investigation will look into EPA’s actions towards domestic energy production specifically in light of the agency’s recent efforts relating to hydraulic fracturing.

In his letter to Lisa Jackson, Sen. Inhofe asks the EPA chief:“Do you believe it is appropriate for the Regional Administrator to make statements in which the Agency has ‘determined’ that due to a company’s actions, “houses could explode’ despite evidence known to Agency staff which would reasonably preclude such an outcome?”

Of course, like the weasels they are, the White House backed off, why Obama doesn’t do that…that guy was saying it all wrong…

Senator James Inhole used to work in the field of aviation, and had been a pilot in the Navy. He was a real estate developer, and was the President of the Quaker Life Insurance Company. He was the mayor of Tulsa at one time.  He has support from the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, United Parcel Service, National Association of Realtors, NRA, and the American Medical Association. He gets money from oil, and electric companies, and from that hated nemesis of every liberal that breathes: the Koch brothers.

He serves as a watchdog on the EPA…and as you will see in this video below, he’s not holding back what he thinks. He makes videos to keep us all updated on YouTube.

Among some of my favorite Jim Inhofe quotes are:

“I have offered compelling evidence that catastrophic global warming is a hoax. That conclusion is supported by the painstaking work of the nation’s top climate scientists.” (July, 2003)

“It kind of reminds…I could use the Third Reich, the Big Lie…You say something over and over and over again and people will believe it, and that’s their (the environmentalists’) strategy. (2006)

“I believe very strongly that we ought to support Israel; that it has a right to the land. This is the most important reason: Because God said so. As I said a minute ago, look it up in the Book of Genesis. It  is right up there on the desk.”

Like I said: he’s not flashy. He’s not well known. And one thing for sure: He’s Nobody’s Fool. Listen….

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  1. I am beholding to you, Joyanna for keeping me more abreast of the lesser-known hard-working politicians in your country.

    This chap seems to be worth his salt, keeping on top of the EPA shennanigans. Good for him.

    One small matter about your post though alarms me. This reference to what God says about supporting Israel. I am personally in favour of supporting Israel but I have never seen or heard God say a darn thing about any 21C obligation s by Americans in that regard. Nor for anyone else for that matter. Indeed, I have never heard God say a thing about anything other than ‘This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased’. And even that was hearsay.

    It disturbs me – a Christian – that politicians, no matter how sound in mind and limb and intent on keeping bastards honest, resort to invoking God and putting words in His mouth.

    Genisis is not a reference book that serves any sound purpose other than to explain the actions and attitudes of people several+ thousands of years ago. And a very small number of self-selected, desert-dwelling people at that. It is not even an explanation that underpins Christianity. Indeed the NEW Testament says (more hearsay) that Christ came to overthrow the old ways, including the thinking and traditions, the Laws and exhortations. Christ’s only command, as far as I can see is to love one’s neighbour and to love God.

    I am not an atheists in the slightest, but neither am I deaf to the falsity of even reasonably good people.

    If this particular politician, who I can see is working hard and with heart and brain, finds it necessary to make such appeals, then it says more about the American people than about God.


    Comment by Amfortas | April 27, 2012 | Reply

    • Ah…I didn’t take that comment as literally. Here in the Congress, you are not suppose to even “evoke” your faith. So when some Senator does it, it’s always funny. What I thought was funny was that, being as most people accept the old testament as having some records of historical fact, as to the record of a people (if you have ever read the old testament, halfof it is a genealogical record of Ebeneezer begot Zeb and Zackeria..etc.) so as to that, it is certain that the Jewish people claimed Israel because they “said” in many passages that “God” gave them that land. Of course “God” also gave them the right many times to go in and slaughter whatever town “god” deemed they should have. Much the same as “Americans” slaughtered the Indians. You are right…to say you deserve some claim to land because “god” gave it to you is ridiculous, (Allah has given the earth to the Muslims you know) and yet throughtout hisotry, men all over the world in the name of whatever “god” they could invoke, have used that very excuse. Still…as an historical record…I think Jim was right to say…”it says so in the Bible” because…it does! LOL.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | April 27, 2012 | Reply

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