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–If I don’t talk about politics today, do they? I just went to Walgreens, and they have enough Valentine Candy on their shelves to feed a whole village in Mali…and they WONDER why America’s fat.teddy bear

I don’t know about you, but most girls are suckers for Teddy Bears ( in my case…Gorellias) for Valentine’s day. I guess it’s a hint that you like to “cuddle” and who doesn’t? If you haven’t found the perfect gift for that new girl you can’t live without, for $30,000, you can get this giant Teddy Bear and it comes with a diamond ring! And then it hops into your bed and you never get close to her again! Teddy bear two

But really…love is all you need to give on Valentine’s Day, right? (Wrong.) Nobody Thinks: can forget birthdays, wedding anversaries, and even movie dates, but you’d better not forget Valentine’s least for the first ten years. You’re welcome. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

teddy bear three

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