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Nobody Remembers

It’s said, Sam Adams started the Revolution, and he did it with the mighty pen. And since he really didn’t want his name on all his ranting against the crown…he made up all kinds of names for his penname:

Philo Patriae and Paces, Vindex the Avenger, Determinatus, Decant Ara Togae, (weapons are under my cloak!) Principiis Obsta: (principle obstacle) , Valerius Poplicola, Candidus, and Populus. He was also:  An American, A Tory, Alfred, A Son of Liberty, A Puritan, and A Religious Politician– among many.Sam Adams 2

And Sam wasn’t the only one who wanted to remain anonymous.

Alexander Hamilton pens names included Publius, Pacificus, Catallus, Americanus, Metellus, Horatius, Philo Camillus, Tully, Monitor, Phocion, The Continentalist, and H.G.Alexandar Hamiton

Benjamin Franklin was Silence Dogood, and Polly Baker and Richard Saunders and Anthony Afterwit, Martha Careful, Alice Addertongue, Celia Shortface, Harry Meanwell, Fanny Mournful, Obadiah Plainman, Busy Body, and Sidi Mehemt Ibrahim.

John Adams was Sui Juris, U, Davila, and Humphrey Ploughjogger…and my personal favorite: Novanglus. (which means New England.)

James Madison was Helvidius and  Cato…

After Thomas Paine wrote an anonymous pamphlet criticizing President George Washington‘s policies, John Quincy Adams (John’s son) wrote a series of anonymous articles called “Publicola”, defending the president. They were so well done people assumed his father wrote them.Ben franklin 2

And I even write under a pen name…Joyanna is a combination of my first name and my grandmother’s name…and Adams is not my married name, but I picked it out of respect to the founding Adams, as I am a direct descendant of that family on my mother’s side. JQA 2

I really didn’t want anyone to know my married name.

In this country, writing under a pen name, thus remaining anonymous,  has been protected by the Supreme Court.

In its 1960 decision in Talley v. California, the Supreme Court ruled that a law forbidding individuals from distributing handbills without identifying their identity unconstitutionally infringed on the First Amendment’s guarantee to free speech. The Court declared:

Anonymous pamphlets, leaflets, brochures and even books have played an important role in the progress of mankind. Persecuted groups and sects from time to time throughout history have been able to criticize oppressive practices and laws either anonymously or not at all. . . . Before the Revolutionary War colonial patriots frequently had to conceal their authorship or distribution of literature that easily could have brought down on them prosecutions by English-controlled courts. . . . It is plain that anonymity has sometimes been assumed for the most constructive purposes.

SO…what in the world is this new bill being proposed in the Illinois Senate all about?

A new bill proposed in the Illinois State Senate looks to completely wipe out any form of anonymity on the internet by requiring that the operators of basically any website on the entire internet take down any comment that isn’t attached to an IP, address, and real name-verified poster.

It’s called the Internet Posting Removal Act and was introduced on February 13th by Illinois General Assembly veteran Ira I. Silverstein [D]. Not wanting to leave any bases uncovered, Silverstein includes that an “Anonymous Poster” means “any individual who posts a message on a web site including social networks, blogs, forums, message boards, or any other discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.”

If James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay were alive and publishing under the false name “Publius” today, they would be prime candidates for prosecution under Virginia’s anti-spam law, and the Internet Posting Removal Act. They would most likely be using the Internet to get their message out to as many fellow citizens as possible. They could be arrested for speaking their minds on important issues of the day.John Adams 2 James Madison

Clearly, Obama’s government wants to know WHO is writing the essays and blogs against them. Sure, there are some bad people out there spamming, but making it a crime to not sign your real name is not how are country was founded.

It is a right, given to us by our founders. If not for them, we wouldn’t be here.

And I’m sure Alice Addertongue would agree with me 100 percent!





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Nobody’s Fool: Charlton Heston

Nobody’s Fool

I remember driving one afternoon during the years when Bill Clinton was President…and as usual, I had the radio station tuned to Rush Limbaugh. He was talking to Charlton Heston who was telling Rush how shocked he was at how Hollywood, and so many of his friends there, had succumbed to this tyranny called political correctness. I also remember thinking “You’d better pull off the road woman” because tears were flowing so hard down my face, I was having a hard time seeing. FINALLYfinally I thought, a man has spoken out against this insanity that is happening to our country.

That night, I wrote Charlton Heston a four page letter, pouring out my heart about his thoughts on the radio, and how deeply I was moved. About 3 weeks later, I received this letter, one that my family said was just a form letter, get over yourself…(notice the stamped name) but in my heart, I have never believed that. I think, since he was just getting sick, his wife probably read it to him. This letter is in my office, framed and on my wall where I see it every day.Hestons' 001

As I listened to the above speech by Heston, given at Brandels University, I can’t help but imagine what our country would have been if Heston had run for the Presidency. We would have had another Ronald Reagan.

That generation is gone: But Mr. Heston planted the seeds…even back then, that we all must think for ourselves and speak out. (at the end of the speech he gets into it.) And boy did I take his advice. I started writing a daily blog and haven’t stopped since, and so have millions of others. The people’s voice in on the internet.

Wayne La Pierre is still being attacked, and Charlton is not here anymore to protect him…but we CAN post his words, his voice and his ideas, because they are truly American. The Clinton’s tried very hard to get universal health care passed. Obama did it. The Clinton’s wanted desperately to disarm the American people. Now, Obama is going to try to get that done too. He has put up a website inviting gun victims to tell their story. They have all their best minds working around the clock trying to get it done…state by state. And if the day comes when they threatened to confiscate our guns, we should remember the man who gave us the words to say, should that day come;

From Our Cold Dead Hands.”

(And I have to laugh because I’ve only shot a real gun at a practice range a few times…but I’ll be ready to learn!)

I thank God he graced us with such a great man, —as Charlton Heston.

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