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Nobody Takes Notes on Obama’s State of HIS Union

Nobody Took Notes on Obama’s Big “State of the Union Speech.: Titled MORE MONEY

The rock star arrives…

Black Congress women gaggling as he passes…the Rock Star:..takes his time walking to the podium…Sheila Jackson in royal purple.obama grin

Scalia not there.

Applauds  goes on for 20 minutes.

Starts out quoting  Kennedy…the Constitution partners for progress. (puts in secret communist word)

Men are coming home from Afghanistan?  Our business are going strong.

The state of our union is stronger. (LOL) Corporate profits are high.

Middle class is stronger…(LOL!)

We should put nations interest before party. (LOL)  Boehner did not stand, in fact Boehner looks..sick.

We raised the taxes on the 1 percent of Americans (I’m in the 1 percent????)

We need to finish the job…They (they?) want to cut SS and Medicare and that’s worse than cutting the military! (Spoken like a true liberal)

Rising cost of health care…our retirement programs will cut into our kids! The Wealthy must pay. (We need to sift that money from those old people and give it to the young kids.)

We can’t CUT our way out of everything…we need revenue. ( MORE MONEY)  Ask more from wealthiest seniors. (Remember,…the 1 percent is now everyone who is not on food stamps. That means..YOU.)

I am open for closing loopholes. (except for his friends.) Job creation. Tax reform. We must pay our bills on time ( LOL–we bring in 30 million and spend 86 millions…)

We must uphold our credit. ( LOL! …the new speechwriter added some Romney in for good measure)Spending one

A growing economy. We need manufacturers. Ford is coming back, and Apple. (Whoa, Nobody says…where?)

We are launching energy government high tech jobs…(Obama is SPENDING MONEY!!)  

MORE MONEY FOR INVESTMENTS!!American energy! We must do more to combat climate change.

(Translations: Carbon taxes! Taxes on everything! MORE MONEY!)

Super Sandy, wildfires, global warming are caused by climate change.  If Congress won’t act..I will executive action. for climate change. (I am King) China is all in on clean must we.spending three

(China..right…where the air is so polluted the people wear masks. LOL!)

We need new oil and gas permits. We use energy CEO’s to tax. (MORE MONEY) Let’s cut in half the energy wasted in our homes and businesses. (OMG…It’s Jimmy Carter all over again. Get ready for the government to cut your energy for you with the smart meters…it’s coming…no laugh here. )

Obama got new program…”Fix it first”program…fix the bridges” (MORE MONEY) He has been saying this for five years. ( He wants MONEY!)To make sure taxpayers don’t fund it, modern schools and make the business pay for them. (He running out of places for money…more taxes on business!)

Lower everybody house payment. (Freddie and Fannie, BACK in business–MORE MONEY.)

We need to fund education earliest possible age…the sooner he begins learning…preschool…(Communist dream..get the kids as young as possible and raised BY THE STATE. It was Hillary’s theme in It takes a Village.)

Working with states to make preschool available to everyone. ( MORE MONEY)

If kids start school at 3, it will reduce teen pregnancy. (LOL! That’s a new one.)

Immigration! Reform…we reduced illegal reforms…learning English…cut waiting periods. (LoL!)

Women…violence against women’s act! Paycheck fairness act! (MORE MONEY) spending two

Oh boy.  Nine dollars an hour minimum wage.

Raise incomes of millions of families. (He wants those poor Mexicans to make more money.)

We need to start rebuilding vacant homes (MORE MONEY) We will pay for businesses to do it. (MORE MONEY)  

WAIT..he’s going back to fatherhood and stronger America middle class…stronger families salute the troops. (Throws a deceitful bone to the conservatives)

We will just send other countries money to train their forces and use drones. (MORE MONEY) Al Qaeda is a shadow of its former self. (LOL) We need to ‘help’ others to fight. (MUCH MORE MONE)

We’ve keep congress fully informed (laughter) our efforts transparent to the world. (LOL–unless he wants to personally kill somebody.)

Stand to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon? (Oh right–LOL)

We will get rid of nuclear arsenal. We have to do it first. (Not funny.)

Cyber attacks. (give me your internet) I signed a National Security Internet …(No clue what that meant and he isn’t going to let anyone know what’s in it….but when we find out we will ALL be pissed.)

We will merge with EU…(Been expecting that) The Unites States will join to eradicate poverty all over the world and help them to feed and have schools…etc..(MORE MONEY!!!)

We stand with Syria and Israel? (LOL! )I’m Commander in Chief, (Obama NEVER forgets to mention that at least once a week.) We will maintain the best military.(What a bunch of hooey.)

Gays are going to get a lot of benefits in the military. (MORE MONEY)

Woman are ready for combat…world class care ?( LOL) Thanks Michelle for serving military families.(How MUCH did that dress cost?)Obama Stick

Defending freedoms are protected…that includes the right to vote. They can’t afford to wait in line to cast vote. Improve voting experience. (LOL!) Shows 102 black women who went to vote for Obama.

(We are all touched deeply because she obviously has no clue where she was.)

We need to protect our children. (Here comes the big ending.)  Two months since Newtown. This time it’s different. Overwhelmingly Americans want reform..

Nadia was lost. She was here performing at my inauguration—shot in Chicago mile from my house. Two dozen lives taken…they deserve a vote. They deserve a vote. He named all the shootings etc..

But they deserve a vote. (Okay, vote no) We were sent here to look out for Americans. (Jesus) Someone opened fire on a temple.  Police being paid to do his job got hit with 12 bullets.

(Cole Younger had that beat with 26.)

We are citizens! It describes what we believe.

We accept certain obligations. as citizens to be…(Citizens UNIT! AND GIVE ME MORE MONEY!)

And in honor of tonights speech, I’d like to dedicate this number to all the liberals out there…in the 1 percent, who might remember this song, (Which even Nobody liked) which was used to raise money to give to the poor in Africa, and ask yourself…did it help? Maybe if all the rich people in this video would give THEIR money….

And so ends another boring ‘Progressive” Obama speech.


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Canada Sends a Dire Warning to Americans….

Nobody Reports

In a few hours, we are going to see the biggest show put on by the Democrats of the need for gun registration, that has ever happened in our history. Obama will bluntly lie, and say that he believes in the right for everyone to be able to protect themselves.

BUT…I hope you watch this warning from our good neighbors, the Canadians. They want you to register your gun, so they can come and collect them in the near future.

Today, Obama just met with his state propaganda machines, so he can be sure they give just the right spin to how great this “gun” control speech will change America and make us all safer:

President Barack Obama had lunch today with members of the press. But we likely won’t find out what was discussed: The entire luncheon was off the record.

“The anchors of all three broadcast evening newscasts — NBC’s Brian Williams, ABC’s Diane Sawyer and CBS’s Scott Pelley — will be in attendance,” Huffington Post reported today.

Former aides to Democratic politicians who are now working as journalists were scheduled to be in attendance, too. “Some cable hosts will also be on hand, including MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. George Stephanopoulos, co-host of ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ is attending.”

The lunch is an annual affair. “The annual lunch, which is off-the-record, allows the president to frame his upcoming speech before influential figures in TV news, all of whom will be leading or part of their networks’ coverage later on.

And as we watch a nut-case liberal right now…on the news, shooting up anyone who comes near…all the news anchors are making him out to be extra evil because he is TRYING to kill police.

We can’t help but wonder just how propitiously this will play into Obama’s hands to disarm the nation.

Obama has put the old on death panels…now he will put us all in danger.

He is already out with grand words of “decade of war” …the man is an abomination…mad cat

God help us all..I don’t even have to listen to the speech…already his minions are out in droves pushing his tyranical agenda’s…

Nobody hopes the American people rise up in sheer outrage and shout at anyone who is near. “You can NOT have my gun. It’s my American right given to me by all the men that died for this right. And YOU cannot have it.”

We must stand now. NOW.


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