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If Obama Were Emperor, He Would NEVER Have to Answer Another Phone Call…

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Last week I posted about Obama lamenting that he wasn’t an emperor. Well, for a pittance of what he spends on himself at our expense, next time he goes to China, he could buy himself an imperial bath, and PRETEND. Why not? Send Michelle to Spain again. Better yet, send her and the kids to Russia to look at that big hole. I don’t know about you, but I think Obama could get used to this kind of thing. In fact, if he IS going to become our emperor, we should insist he takes a spa bath everyday for at least 6 hours. Then he will always have a good excuse for not answering the phone, should any Americans be attacked ever again.

The Springs Hotel, at the Lushan Mountain County in central Henan province, China offers an imperial bath service, where one is treated like an Emperor. Recently, an unknown man from Shanxi spent over 100,000 Chinese Yuan ($16,000), for this imperial head soup service. The man was dressed up as one of China’s emperors from the country’s pre-Communist past. A group of women dressed as imperial concubines, waited on him, fed him bananas, and wine, while he bathed.

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