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Nobody’s Fool: Charlton Heston

Nobody’s Fool

I remember driving one afternoon during the years when Bill Clinton was President…and as usual, I had the radio station tuned to Rush Limbaugh. He was talking to Charlton Heston who was telling Rush how shocked he was at how Hollywood, and so many of his friends there, had succumbed to this tyranny called political correctness. I also remember thinking “You’d better pull off the road woman” because tears were flowing so hard down my face, I was having a hard time seeing. FINALLYfinally I thought, a man has spoken out against this insanity that is happening to our country.

That night, I wrote Charlton Heston a four page letter, pouring out my heart about his thoughts on the radio, and how deeply I was moved. About 3 weeks later, I received this letter, one that my family said was just a form letter, get over yourself…(notice the stamped name) but in my heart, I have never believed that. I think, since he was just getting sick, his wife probably read it to him. This letter is in my office, framed and on my wall where I see it every day.Hestons' 001

As I listened to the above speech by Heston, given at Brandels University, I can’t help but imagine what our country would have been if Heston had run for the Presidency. We would have had another Ronald Reagan.

That generation is gone: But Mr. Heston planted the seeds…even back then, that we all must think for ourselves and speak out. (at the end of the speech he gets into it.) And boy did I take his advice. I started writing a daily blog and haven’t stopped since, and so have millions of others. The people’s voice in on the internet.

Wayne La Pierre is still being attacked, and Charlton is not here anymore to protect him…but we CAN post his words, his voice and his ideas, because they are truly American. The Clinton’s tried very hard to get universal health care passed. Obama did it. The Clinton’s wanted desperately to disarm the American people. Now, Obama is going to try to get that done too. He has put up a website inviting gun victims to tell their story. They have all their best minds working around the clock trying to get it done…state by state. And if the day comes when they threatened to confiscate our guns, we should remember the man who gave us the words to say, should that day come;

From Our Cold Dead Hands.”

(And I have to laugh because I’ve only shot a real gun at a practice range a few times…but I’ll be ready to learn!)

I thank God he graced us with such a great man, —as Charlton Heston.

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  1. Here, here…..GREAT MAN!


    Comment by Pattie | February 21, 2013 | Reply

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