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Nobody’s Perfect: Patrick Brown VS Cameron D’Ambrosio

Nobody’s Perfect”

This week, we have two very special young men who forgot, that they no longer can say what they think. It’s now becoming almost an epidemic among the young and old, this speaking out against our government, and is causing our benevolent government, who only wish to protect and defend us, quite a headache.

We saw in my last post that a young soldier talked against the military on FACEBOOK, and got put into a mental institution. Last month, Larry Conners, a veteran news reporter  in St. Louis, was fired because he posted on his FACEBOOK page the fact that he was audited after he interviewed Obama.

So you see, people are really getting sloppy about speaking their mind about their government on social media outlets, and while our astute government can’t keep their eye on every terrorist, it does catch some of them.

Yes, FACEBOOK users beware; If you have to be a moron and speak against the government, better keep it off of FACEBOOK. (Write an obscure blog like me!)

Let’s examine these culprits of impropriety:patrick_Brown2-275x275

First: Patrick Brown, was using his intellect and his social media skills to invoke conversation among his fellow students as to how to solve the spending problems in their schools:  And for that crime, he was suspended for three days.

From WND:

A high-school student in upstate New York has been suspended and accused of trying to incite “a social media riot” after he suggested budget cuts for his public school – beginning with elimination of his principal’s job. Then Brown said, “I was called down to the office and told I was being suspended for harassment of teachers, [while] no harassment was ever committed.”

Students and Twitter users posted ideas for to save money, including the following:

  • “Cinema, I’m sorry, but really, you pay a teacher to have kids watch movies?”
  • “Anime club”
  • “Cheerleading”

The Supreme Court ruled in 1969 that students have a right to self-expression, as long as that expression doesn’t disrupt class work or school activities or invade the rights of others.

Yes, Patrick was disrupting class work, he took precious time away from the classes. Students and teachers were actually starting to THINK about something other than Porky’s Three. And this was in clear violation of the right of the principal to get paid more than most of the property tax payers in his district, for doing nothing more than showing up and monitoring the young student girl’s skirts on camera. That is really hard and demanding work, and he deserves every dollar he makes.

Second: Cameron D’Ambrosio, a rapper who wants to be famous but lacks in frontal lobe development, (see video below) made the mistake of bragging how much damage he would do to…well just about everybody.

From Godfather:

A wannabe, self-publishing rapper was arrested after publishing lyrics on his facebook profile that contained the line, “a boston bombinb wait till u see the sh– I do.” (I deleted the expletive). The loathsome 18-year-old Cameron D’Ambrosio has been held in jail since his arrest on May 1. Bail was initially set at $1 million, which was effectively the same as denying bail altogether.

As the author points out:

Funny, I can’t remember any real terrorists posting threats on the web in their own names when anyone could look up and visit their residences. Dangerous people don’t let you know they’re coming. I’m old enough to remember 2 Live Crew and their graphic lyrics about assaulting women. Not only were they never convicted of threatening anyone—despite the fact that rape culture in Hip Hop is a far more common reality in the US than terrorist attacks—but their rap “music” was legally sold in stores and no state was allowed to restrain it on First Amendment grounds. There few legal troubles only served to publicize their album.

So, the ignorant young rapper, was just being a rapper, and talking shit. This guy couldn’t hurt a turtle on a roadway. We have heard stronger statements coming out of famous liberals, like: “All tea party people should die! Rush Limbaugh should die! Glenn Beck should die! etc., etc., ” I’m sure you remember all the nasty comments about Sarah Palin.  Liberals can threatened anyone, and nobody is arrested.Nineteen 84 two

Frankly, this stoned out kid, who obviously is very scared of someone in his high school, made the mistake of mentioning the Boston Bombing. If he had threaten to bomb Fox News Headquarters, he be a free man. He’s be the next star on American Idol.

The man who posted a video against Islam was arrested. But as far as we know, the many artists who portray Jesus as a turd…are having cappuccino’s in the Hampton’s with Barbara Walters.

You would THINK people would learn: You cannot just say anything anymore, unless you’re Joe Biden.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?

Isn’t it obvious? Our current Nazi Obama government, who have thrown away our 1st amendment rights. In Obama’s America, you are guilty until proven innocent, unless of course, you work for the government.

And now, for you entertainment: Here’s some of Cam’s video’s. Try not to laugh…remember— Thank Obama for taking this dangerous man off the streets.

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  1. It appears Cam’s video won’t appear. ! There’s effective censorship for you 🙂

    The reaction of ‘authorities’ even the petty ones at school seem to be hysterical. And it ain’t just Amerika where it happens. Orwell’s 1884 was perhaps a little early to the mark but mainly it got the big Brother part wrong. It is little bothers acting like big loony sisters that is plaguing us.

    In the UK last week it took 20 mins for cops to arrive to take down a murderer who had stayed around chatting to people after butchering a young soldier. The MUSLIM chap (self identified) spouting Suras and Islamic whatnottery over the body was not reported by the BBC as mulsim at all. Indeed, great editorial effort was expended to phrase things just so any religious mentions were excised, even the butcher’s own words captured on a recording. The BBC is fondly referred to as ‘Aunty’ in the UK, not uncle.

    A little old lady of 85 was instantly arrested by a bunch of coppers for speaking the truth about the muslim murderer’s devotional directions. The BBC didn’t report that at all. Whilst that was happening yet another lady who had spent several decades making cheeses used by rollicking ordinary folk who enjoyed rolling those cheeses down a hill and chasing them, was ‘visited’ by THREE cops who threatened her with arrest if anyone got hurt falling over. Uncle would not do such a thing. Big Brother would have likely made it a National Sport, but substituting someone’s head for the cheese

    In Oz, that bastion of macho maleness, has succumbed to Aunties and big sisters to such an extent that testosterone is forbidden. An Aboriginal footy player had his heart broken by a 13 year old girl in a sort of reverse paedophilia where a mere shout of a word is enough to traumatise and get a horde of infantile cops and private security guards descending on heads, even small heads, and whisking them off for hours of interrogation without even an adult present.

    Big brother was uber-manly, albeit the sort of manly we have always urged to be restrained. No-one is restraining Big Sister, Nanny, Aunty or any uber-womanly trait in our Mistresses above. Heck, even suggesting that would be misogyny. Big Sister JuLiar Gillard says so.


    Comment by Amfortas | May 27, 2013 | Reply

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