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Bezos Wants Millions To Leave the Planet

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The stock market reached another historical high today,elephant in room

So what you might say?

Well, rich people who HAVE millions in stock just got richer, and so, you may ask, why are private investors like Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos of Amazon investing in SPACE projects, when they are already very rich men?

AMAZON CEO: ‘I Want To See Millions Of People Living And Working In Space’

Bezos’ private spaceflight company Blue Origin is currently working with the United Launch Alliance to build a new liquid rocket engine called the BE-4. The United Launch Alliance is said to be one of the biggest rivals to Musk’s commercial spaceflight company SpaceX. 

The vehicle Bezos’ company is working on uses a modern booster engine, which is said to be more efficient than those made 20-30 years ago, reports The Washington Post. Bezos also said the vehicle is autonomous, so there’s no need to send test pilots when they’re running trials with it.

Do these men really want to be the future inventors and explorers of the universe?

I’m sure…it will look wonderful in the history books if they can pull it off, not to mention, it will look even MORE fabulous in their stock portfolios’.

And besides….one day, if they make it cheap enough, they can just transfer all the little nobodies out into space and save the planet for themselves.

It’s a noble cause.

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