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Nobody Remembers Levi Coffin

Nobody Remembers

Since the democrats are taking us back daily to rehash ‘slavery’ and the black man’s seemingly endless march to nowhere…I thought its about time we remember some of the white people who sacrificed to end slavery.Levi Coffin

So, I’m reprinting the memories of Levi Coffin who was one of the leaders of the Underground Railroad. He worked both in Indiana and in Ohio to help slaves escape: Here’s a few selections from his Reminiscences describing his experiences and how he did it:

I was personally acquainted with all the active and reliable workers on the Underground Railroad in the city, both colored and white. There were a few wise and careful managers among the colored people, but i was not safe to trust all of them with the affairs of our work. Most of them were too careless, and a few were unworthy–they could be bribed by the slave hunters to betray the hiding places of the fugitives. We soon found it to be the best policy to confine our affairs to a few persons and to let the whereabouts so the slaves be known to as few people as possible.

When slave hunters were prowling around the city we found it necessary to use every precaution. We were soon fully initiated into the management of the Underground Railroads matters in Cincinnati, and did not lack for work. Our willingness to aid the slaves was soon known and hardly a fugitive came to the city without applying to us for assistance. There seemed to be a continual increased of runaways and such was the vigilance of the pursuers that I was obliged to devote a large share of time from my business to making arrangements for their concealment and safe conveyance of the fugitives.

They sometimes came to our door frightened and panting and in a destitute condition having fled is such haste and fear that they had no time to bring any clothing except what they had on, and that was often very scant. The expense of providing suitable clothing for them when it was necessary for them to go on immediately, or of feeding them when they were obliged to be concealed for days or weeks, was very heavy.

Added to this was the cost of hiring teams when a party of fugitives had to be conveyed out of the city by night to some underground Railroad depot, from twenty to thirty miles distance. The price for a two-horse team on such occasions was generally ten dollars, and sometimes two or three teams were required. We generally hired these teams from a certain German livery stable, sending some irresponsible though honest colored man to procure them, and always sending the money to pay for them in advance. The people of the livery stable seemed to understand what the teams were wanted for, and asked no questions.Levin Coffin's house

It was necessary to use every precaution and I thought it wise to act, as the monkey did, take the cat’s-paw to draw the chestnut from the fire, and not burn my own fingers. I generally gave the money to a second person to hand to the colored man. We had several trusty colored men who owned no property and who could lose nothing in a prosecution, who understood Underground Railroad matters: And we generally got them to act as drivers but in some instances white men volunteered to drive, generally young and able-bodied. Sometimes the depot to which the fugitives were consigned was not reached until several hours after daylight, and it required a person of pluck and nerve to conduct them to their stopping place. If the party of fugitives were large they were soon scattered among the Abolitionist in the neighborhood, and remained in safe concealment until the next night….

Our house was large and well adapted for secreting fugitives. Very often slaves would lie concealed in upper chambers for weeks without the boarders or frequent visitors at the house knowing anything about it. My wife had a quiet unconcerned way of going about her work as if nothing unusual was on hand, which was calculated to lull every suspicion of those who might be watching, and who would have been at once aroused by any sign of secrecy or mystery. Even the intimate friend of the family did no know when there were slaves hidden in the house unless they were directly informed…

The story goes on…and it’s too long to reprint here, but he did have a devil of a time figuring out how to get a large party of 28, one with women and young babies, across to Canada, so he staged a fake funeral.

It worked.

Today–as you listen to the blacks and their slurs and often obscene shouting’, it occurred to me that I have NEVER heard one single black man OR woman, thank the good white people who gave their lives, and still do, to keep them free, so that slavery never happens again.

But…hope is there. A few black men protected a white man’s store in Ferguson. They stood outside and guarded it. And today, x-military men (white) have volunteered their services to guard the businesses’ of Ferguson. (sitting on the rooftops)  All they need is the permission of the property owner. They are still there.

You are NOT seeing these white heroes on CNN.

The day I hear a black man praise and actually THANK…all the whites who gave their lives to free the slaves..(from the democratic slave plantations) that will be the day I that we should ALL mark down in history as the day the black man was on his way finally, to getting off the liberal plantation forever.



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Nobody’s Fool: Steve Jobs

Nobody’s Fool

I was going to post Charles Barkley this week, but hey, I’m sick of all this “racial” stuff…so I choose this instead.

Last week, my husband and I were in a Mall, and as we looked across the upper level of the mall, seeing a few people here and there—-we stopped in our tracks when we looked across the top level into a small store, we saw at least a hundred people packed into one little space…the Apple Store.

“What’s wrong with this picture?” said my husband.

The people could barely move. Since I can’t afford an Apple product, I am certainly glad I don’t know what I’m missing.

Evidently, those people did.

Steve Jobs was Nobody’s Fool, and whatever has been left to history about him, he was, as we all know: passionate.

Steve Jobs wins the award for building the most popular brand on the planet.

And here, he tells two very important things you must have for success.


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