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Steve Jobs: Wisdom for the Ages

Nobody Flashes

As the year, 2019, comes to an end, I think the words here uttered by Steve Jobs is a philosophy that we can all grab onto.

If you have never took the time to listen to this speech, now is a good time. He died of pancreatic cancer about 6 years later.

I was thinking as I watched this about ALL the nasty books written about Steve Jobs and what a tyrant he was, and yet here…he comes off as a nice guy. I especially agreed with him about college. I was the same way when I went: angry that I HAD to take certain courses, courses I would never use and didn’t care to even waste my time on.

After two years I HAD to declare a major. Period. Well, I quit. My parents couldn’t really afford it back then either. Nevertheless, I certainly didn’t become another Steve Jobs. Very few do.

I thought: Hey, it’s my money…why can’t I just learn? Steve found a way to do just that.

And now, his legacy goes on forever.

I’ve never been able to afford any Apple product, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to have at least an IPHONE, or any Apple product for that matter.

And if I had to pick between Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs: hands down, Jobs would win every time.

Jobs was THE inventor. Jeff and Bill…GREAT.. .salesmen.

Anyway, as the saying goes: “Only the good die young.”

Who wants to talk about Pelosi all day?

Well, not me. Enjoy.

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Nobody’s Fool: Steve Jobs

Nobody’s Fool

I was going to post Charles Barkley this week, but hey, I’m sick of all this “racial” stuff…so I choose this instead.

Last week, my husband and I were in a Mall, and as we looked across the upper level of the mall, seeing a few people here and there—-we stopped in our tracks when we looked across the top level into a small store, we saw at least a hundred people packed into one little space…the Apple Store.

“What’s wrong with this picture?” said my husband.

The people could barely move. Since I can’t afford an Apple product, I am certainly glad I don’t know what I’m missing.

Evidently, those people did.

Steve Jobs was Nobody’s Fool, and whatever has been left to history about him, he was, as we all know: passionate.

Steve Jobs wins the award for building the most popular brand on the planet.

And here, he tells two very important things you must have for success.


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Nobody’s Fool: Steve Jobs

Nobody’s Fool

Like most baby boomers I am fascinated by the life of Steve Jobs. I actually remember typing on a typewriter…and having to white out mistakes, and getting ink on my hands from the carbon papers. The advancement of computers in our lifetime, while not as life changing as the car and the electric light in my grandmother’s lifetime, has certainly opened up new worlds for everyone. So the masters, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, have always been hero’s to my generation.

The new hit biography about Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson, left no punches. In most cases he was a spoiled, absolute brat, with no social grace whatsoever. Still genius is forgiven when it comes to changing the world, and while the book makes you feel sorry for his family, and anyone who worked with him, they all said, without Steve, none of that fun stuff like the Mac, the I-Pod, the I-Phone, the I-Tunes…none of it would have existed.

He was arrogant, egotistical, mean, but right most of the time. In other words, he believed in himself and for that, he had his dad and mom to thank. Not the real ones, but the ones who adopted him.

While American’ s worship Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs, neither one of these men made the really cool computers we use today. What they did do was find the right engineers, and push the right ideas until they came into being. The real credit behind computers,  men like Steve Wozniak, Jobs’ early partner, fade into the background. But— it’s one thing to have the vision, it’s quite another to make the visions happen and that’s where Gates and Jobs are attached at the hip.

The difference is that Gates licensed his software out to everyone, and Jobs kept all is ideas in the family of Apple. Two different business models. Two different men. Jobs was an artist. Gates, more the businessman.

Steve was a Bob Dylan fan. He was a Beatles fan. He was the hippie of the sixties who dropped acid, and went into a veggie diet that deprived him of the protein he needed in the end of his life when he was fighting cancer. I knew so many of these people growing up…the wild and crazy “peace, and free love” kids, who were, yes..children. When they got out into the real world..most all of them grew up and became conservatives.

But what happened to the baby boomers who didn’t grow up? The ones who stayed in that hippie stage forever? Like, Hillary Clinton?

The answer: They had rich parents to begin with. Hillary and Steve Jobs had upper middle class parents. So did Bill Gates. They never left the “free and open” leftist propaganda of the sixties, or even questioned it.  They were ‘sensitive’ and were out to change the world. And they had the connections to do it.

You can read the biography about all the clever things Steve Jobs did to make his visions come to life, it’s a good book …but I’m going to talk about something else that bothers me: Why do so many of these people…ones who make money the good old capitalistic way, feel so connected to Karl Marx?

The two biggest capitalists of our generations…were die hard liberals. Both Gates and Jobs were Democrats. Al Gore was on the board of Apple. Bill Clinton was a good friend. While Steve Jobs told Obama that he needed to get the government regulations off businesses back, he still wanted to help Obama get reelected by making a great commercial for his reelection campaign.

Here’s a funny story from his book: Steve Jobs had the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, on his board of Directors at Apple, probably due to Al Gore’s insistence because Al Gore is on the board of Google and Apple.  Google literally stole the I Pad idea and came out with the Android. Steve was so mad at getting ribbed off by his own board member he said:

“Google, you fucking ripped off the iPhone, wholesale ripped us off. Grand Theft. I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go to thermonuclear war on this. Outside of Search, Google’s products. Android, Google Docs, are shit. “

Did Al Gore have anything to do with this theft? Al Gore is on Google’s board too, and Al Gore and Google would think nothing of “redistributing” Steve Jobs hard earned ideas to the world for free, if they both could get rich off of it themselves.

That’s the liberals for you. Rape, rob, and redistribute. You won’t find a bad word about Al Gore in this book, and I find that funny in itself.
Another thing I admire about the Steve Jobs was that he kept porn off the IPhone, and got a lot of slack about that from his liberal friends. Good for him.

There’s something about Bill Gates that creeps me out. He puts on that “face” of innocent and it’s no doubt that you would be “gotten.” Steve Jobs at least was honest. If he didn’t like something, he told you. At least you knew.

I’ve never owned an Apple, but, there is no doubt, I would love it. Steve Job was an artist first, and then he became the best CEO in the world. Everyone wants the Apple now. Steve Jobs made sure that the brand meant quality, and that used to be the American way. Steve Jobs wanted the very best, and demanded it.  We are all the richer for it.

And now, I go back to my HP Windows7 computer because I can’t afford a Mac. Thank goodness there is still room in the world for both.

Read the book, it’s an amazing story.

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Three Lengendary American Making “jobs”

Nobody Gets Email

Sometime…just a few words puts the points across…. Three legendary Americans.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe)

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Steve Jobs: Bleeding in Six Colors for Us

Nobody Flashes

After hearing about Steve Jobs death tonight, I was watching this video and couldn’t help but think of Thomas Edison. Thomas invented the motion picture camera so that school children could learn from watching movies. He thought the books were too boring. Learning was the goal. Help kids to learn.

Steve had the same goals…to improve learning, and whatever else happens in between is a bonus.

Like every other genius that ever walked the planet, the seeds that Steve Jobs sowed in his lifetime will flourish just like Edison’s. Other geniuses will build on the technology that he developed. Someday, some one will be holding a fifth generation of IPOD”s, and thinking the same thing as I am right now about Steve Jobs.

If you can’t listen to this all, listen to the first few minutes, where he talks about his employees. They told him they didn’t leave the company because, “I bleed in six colors.”

Steve said that was code for the loyalty to Apple.

So…someone running for President should take an example from the man and say, “I bleed in three colors …red, white, and blue.” We should remember that America is and always has been a great country.  Our ancestors have spilled their blood on every shore …for freedom. For America.

I loved that comment. Steve was proud of what he had achieved. He was loyal to Apple, which became the biggest company in the world before he die.

We should take a lesson from Steve…we need to go back to our history, back to being proud. Look at the inventions we have given the world!  Look what Steve Jobs gave the world. Thomas lit up the world, and Steve stood on his shoulders.

Nobody can believe he was only 56, but fortunately, we can all pull him up on our computers (Macs or not) and learn from him anytime.

Steve…may your soul rest in peace…and bleed no more. It’s somebody else turn now. Right?




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Nobody’s Perfect No. One: Steve Jobs Gives Good Advice

Nobody’s Perfect

Although, it’s the Nobody’s Perfect day and I have already picked my candidate for tonight, I couldn’t help but put this up. It’s got some real common sense lessons about life. I have received many really good video’s lately in the mail, and I know time is precious to most of us, so I’ll only post the long ones I think are worth watching.


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