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Steve Jobs: Wisdom for the Ages

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As the year, 2019, comes to an end, I think the words here uttered by Steve Jobs is a philosophy that we can all grab onto.

If you have never took the time to listen to this speech, now is a good time. He died of pancreatic cancer about 6 years later.

I was thinking as I watched this about ALL the nasty books written about Steve Jobs and what a tyrant he was, and yet here…he comes off as a nice guy. I especially agreed with him about college. I was the same way when I went: angry that I HAD to take certain courses, courses I would never use and didn’t care to even waste my time on.

After two years I HAD to declare a major. Period. Well, I quit. My parents couldn’t really afford it back then either. Nevertheless, I certainly didn’t become another Steve Jobs. Very few do.

I thought: Hey, it’s my money…why can’t I just learn? Steve found a way to do just that.

And now, his legacy goes on forever.

I’ve never been able to afford any Apple product, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to have at least an IPHONE, or any Apple product for that matter.

And if I had to pick between Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs: hands down, Jobs would win every time.

Jobs was THE inventor. Jeff and Bill…GREAT.. .salesmen.

Anyway, as the saying goes: “Only the good die young.”

Who wants to talk about Pelosi all day?

Well, not me. Enjoy.

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