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Nobody Wins With Democratic Mayors

Nobody Wins

If you haven’t seen the NEW race riot video, where in July, a black man who didn’t do what the police wanted, was ‘killed’ see it below.

Now, I don’t know about you, but there are literally thousands of video’s showing cops (if you watch COPS on TV you can see this every night) trying to arrest a black man, and the black person always knows there’s a camera and they ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS are screaming discrimination.

Or, “You’re hurting meeee! Oh!!! OH!!! OH!!…stop it!”

It’s so common we are all used to it, as I’m sure the cops are.

Nevertheless, the black guy had a heart attack, due to the ordeal. And the cop was just found innocent.

It was perfect timing— this verdict coming out now. After all, after black Friday, the black rioters sort of disappeared. New York Christmas shopping is coming up!

Whatever you many think about who did what wrong here….nobody was hitting this man. We have seen cops being ruthless in some tapes, and remember, that’s VERY rare.

This seemed more like a big mistake.

BUT…when the Mayor of New York insinuates that white people are at fault “going back decades” you can be rest assured the democratic party have marching orders…

RALLY THAT WAR! White people are to blame!

Nobody Wins.. when politicians try to incite riots…..especially the black people who are trying hard to abide by the law.

I might live near Ferguson, but I’m damn sure glad I don’t live in New York.


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“Let Mikey Put the Final Nail in the Coffin!”

Nobody Wonders

As predicted, right after Obama took his monumental and un-constitutional executive order to give amnesty to 5 million illegal’s, another story of race took our minds off what just happened.Obama wizard

If you watch the news as much as I do, it’s always happens. They force what they don’t want on the television off, by manufacturing another big story.

And it’s always filled with fear, suspense, and emotion.

Even the black people felt that Obama had picked another ‘race’ of people over them when he announced his grand amnesty plan. And now, it’s clear that John Boehner, still the leader of the House, is going to go ahead with an immigration amnesty that will not be even close to what the American people want.

But, can we blame the amnesty only on Obama? Nope.

Remember NAFTA? Remember the Bush’s relentless promoting of the Hispanic people? Globalization has destroyed our jobs, and that’s because our politicians have been taking OUR money and spreading it around to their rich benefactors and other countries.

If the average person could even grasp the Mafia-like corruption of our own Congressmen, most of us would never believe such people could exist.  We can go all the way back to the Rockefeller arm of the Republican Party, which forced Ronald Reagan to accept George Bush as his running mate.(Even though the concept went back to the Fabian society in England.)

Ronald Reagan was the last President who was for the American people. When George H.W. Bush took over, the globalist’s big corporations, NEW WORLD ORDER, was put into full gear.

The few at the top of both parties made big deals with men like Bill Gates, in return, they would get lower taxes and be allowed to amass fortunes, but only on the promise to use their fortunes for the good of the world…always good PR.New World Order 5

Our government helped get the big companies into China and India, and a quid pro quo was established. The American people were pretty much forgotten. Our market, is just not big enough. Watch any of them and when they hear that the Americans have lost jobs, they are quick to say, “YES! But the Chinese middle class has grown! The rest of the world is coming up!”

You’d have to have the IQ of a kumquat to not realized what the end game is here.

That’s how our government works. Not for the average Joe, but for the crony capitalist. Remember, the bailout of Wall Street was done by both Bush AND Obama. It was Bush who pushed for houses for the poor, and Barney Frank who forced the banks to lend, and Bill Clinton who changed the law so the banks could gamble it all away.

The “good” of the world to them, is not what is good for us. Like Obamacare. Frankly, many of them have expressed that they would like to see many of us dead, and have even said so. democracy

I know. I know, you have heard that this is a nutcase scenario, and on Fox news they would call you a conspiracy nut.  Even democrats would ostracize you.

There is nothing wrong with giant corporations, but look around: The big Wal-Marts and the mergers are so big, the little guy really doesn’t have much of a chance anymore.

And while Rush Limbaugh keeps trying to tell us, that you can MAKE it in America if only you try, he did it when the country was so much different then when he rose up.

The dirty little secret in the halls of Congress is that they all know that the population is old, and simple math tells them they HAVE to have more young people in the country to prop it up. And because of globalization, Americans can’t compete with the rest of the world because of other countries lower wages.

Was there a planned event to downsize the America economy so that a New World Order would emerge? We’re not sure. But, it seems every single thing they do, whether democrat or republican, the results are the same. America IS being downsized.  And this nobody thinks: By design.

The politician, the CEO’s are no longer “Americans”—- they are…global citizens. They don’t think they work for the America people at all. If they did, they would actually promote America, but they don’t. They are all egomaniacs thinking about “Saving the world!” but— just not on our dime, not theirs.  And that dream is making them all very, very rich.

We are being programmed to expect the already chosen runners for 2016: Hillary VS Bush.

It really doesn’t matter which one wins. If they put both of their faces on our TV long enough, we will all just accept it.

In the meantime, Obama is stoking race riots….and he’s doing it on purpose….to take us all away from what is just about to happen: The flooding of our country with new arrivals.RR wisdom

Just tonight I heard the Mayor of St. Louis say they are going to need over 160 new cops in the city or else businesses will leave because of what happened in Ferguson.

Nobody Knows who’s going to pay for this, but it will be the taxpayers. And many of them, will move. We will be the new Detroit.

The police state is already being slowly put in place, and the office of the Presidency will continue to grow stronger and stronger.

And so…Nobody Wonders…is there anyone that’s going to stand up and say: HEY! YOU guys work for us!…?

The revolution in this country, should not be black against white, but the people against this insane, corporate, tyrannical government. But that won’t happen.

We have…too many uneducated people, and too many in emotional and financial pain.

As long as they keep us divided, and scared, suffering, (stoned) and hopeless…they can continue. It seems to the plan, and they’re sticking to it. Joe Biden New World Order


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Nobody Knows: Shouldn’t We Rename Obamacare— Soylent Black?

 Nobody Knows

 “The trouble we’ve seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnn!Santa

Wait. Nobody is coming to you tonight from an undisclosed location, not far from the deep cesspool bowels of Ferguson, Missouri. I can see the fires from my house. And the question tonight is: Will my blow-up Santa Teddy Bear sitting on my front lawn be there in the morning? Will I wake up tomorrow morning, put my feet on the floor, and in the words of Dustin Hoffman say: “Is it safe?”

Nobody Knows.

***********Hunger Games

And speaking of great mysteries: Tonight the family watched the second Hunger Game movie. Okay. So I’m a bit behind the populous, but Nobody really wants to know: The heroine “CAT” goes into the game with no water, no food, no coat, and YET, she ALWAYS has a full load of arrows in her arrow case. It’s simply magic..she shoots monkeys, people, birds, and somehow NEVER runs out of arrows. Nobody Knows if the scriptwriters even care about this rather unenlightened attention to detail, but since the story is all about the rich against the poor, nobody really cares about this little detail…until some teenage girl goes out with her bow and arrows and runs out of arrows, and then starves in the woods because of it.

And speaking of rich people who “care.”

On The FIVE today, (FOX) everyone was so excited…because, who knew? Jeb Bush says he might, or probably will, it’s fairly certain, and it’s already in the bag— that he will be the nomination for the GOP in 2016. Although he admits it’s going to be a real job trying to convince most of the nation that we should step aside and let the Bush’s take control again. Nobody also knows that when Jeb started twisting his head to the right, the VERY same way that George W. did— OMG, I wanted to scream! It’s like THE MUMMY RETURNS!

I didn’t.

Wait. That’s not the worst of it: Dana Perino was overjoyed with the fact that Jeb might run. Well…who knew? She said with great profuseness that Jeb would be better than Hillary—and he’s so …humble.

Humble is not exactly the word I have for Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush is about as appealing as a cold cup of coffee, sitting on top of a pile of dirty dishes, on a cold winter morning. Just the fact that he’s even running means, that like Hillary, he feels entitled to carry the mantle. Hardly humble.

And speaking of humble…

Nobody Knows that some of the black Rams Football players came out and held up their hands…to show that they are humble to be there in front of the crowd and to thank them all…the fans, for attending the game…because very soon, nobody is going to be coming to the games anymore.Hands up 2

And speaking of people not coming to the games anymore, It’s started to come out why Chuck Hagel was fired, uh…or resigned, or whatever happened, he’s not coming to the “war games” anymore. What was the problem? It seems, Obama kept micromanaging everything from the Oval Office.

From The Washington Post:

“There is teeth-gnashing over micromanagement,” a senior defense official said. “Relations have not been great.”

Under Obama, the National Security Council has delved into the nitty-gritty of shaping war policy in the Middle East and Afghanistan, sometimes subjecting senior officials to hours of meetings to reach incremental decisions.

Earlier this year, the decision on how many U.S. troops would remain in Afghanistan in 2015 was the subject of 14 meetings of NSC deputies, four gatherings involving Cabinet secretaries and other NSC “principals,” and two NSC sessions with the president, according to a former senior administration official.

The consequence of those meetings was to pare back the military’s request by just 700 troops — from 10,500 to 9,800.Chuck Hagel

White House officials regularly call commanders in Afghanistan to gauge their thinking on the progress of the war and their future troop needs. Those calls were a particular source of irritation to Gates, who said he tried to squelch them during the first two years of Obama’s presidency. In a speech this month at the Ronald Reagan presidential library, he recalled being shocked to discover that a direct telephone line to the White House had been installed in the Afghanistan headquarters of the elite Joint Special Operations Command. I had them tear it out while I was standing there,” Gates said. “And I told the commanders, ‘You get a call from the White House, you tell them to go to hell and call me.’ 

Nobody knows why we even have a Secretary of Defense when the “President” wants the last say on everything…after all, he IS the Commander-in-Chief, and he never misses an opportunity to say so…

Which leads me to the last mystery:

A Dutch woman is driving a big farm plough truck to the South Pole. She just wants to. She wants to “inspire” others to do things, and that’s why she’s’ doing it.

She has 3,000 miles to go.South Pole

Personally, I think she should run for President. Why take snow dogs, when you can ride in a nice warm cabin on big wheels? I’d say the woman has more sense than the men.

I’d go with her, but I have to watch my blow-up Teddy…just in case.

Next week, we will ask the age-old questions: Why can’t we just push Stephan Hawking down a big black hole?

The answer is too depressing, so I’ll save it for next week, and I’m signing off tonight from my undisclosed black hole of mysteries.

Don’t bother me. I’m enjoying this hunger game.


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